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  1. DracoPaladore

    Fond farewell

    Know I havn't been the most active member of this community; being a lurking king of lurkers and all. I might not be the most popular figure around; but I certainly try (Ya'll probobly going "Who's that?") But I start my basic training for the Canadian Forces (RegForce) in a few days; so I'd figure I'd say goodbye to a well put together community. I am saddened by my lack of ability to have another round of Combat Mission with Hellfish, or join Balschow and the crew in another OFP COOP match. Oh, and thanks to Ralph for that "special stuff" he sent in the mail. So, I bid ya'll a fond farewell; and here's to the best of the OFP future. Hopefully Armed Assault is everything it promises to be; and hopefull I can be there in the future to share it all with ya. Of course, this is where most people would start a long sappy post of farewells with names and groups being mentioned; but there's far too many of ya OFP folks to list off here. Great group of people we have in the community. Anyways, here's a pint for the entire community. And another pint, for drinkings sake. And Mods; keep doing what ya folks do best Oh well; it's been fun you goons. Thanks for the ride, thanks for the fun, and thanks for the community. Hopefully not goodbye, but "see you later". Private (Recruit) Dan Anderson, out
  2. DracoPaladore

    Canadian Forces Training Starts Soon

    Hopefully my employment into the Canadian Forces will be entirely opposite of that. And from what I hear, it is. If I wanted to do that, I'd join Microsoft.
  3. DracoPaladore

    Canadian Forces Training Starts Soon

    Still gonna have to kick you in the rear one day Hellfish in CM. One day, some day, I just might. But thanks. Donnervogel, When you sign up for the Canadian military you give them three choices for which trades you want. Mine was Combat Engineer, Signals Operations, or Land Communications and Information Systems Technologist. LCIS came early, told them I wanted my Sigs choice instead so I waited a tad bit longer. Sigs is a lot of things. From satellite uplinks, mobile radio vehicles, man-packs, recce, field work, head quarters, logistics, etc. I could be attached to a mechanized unit, to an infantry unit, either in deployment or stationed at home. Sigs, from what I hear, usually get higher chances of deployments than most trades. Funny thing is, I get to go back to Kingston. I lived there for about seven years of my life (long story, I moved a lot) and that's where my father graduated from the Royal Military College.
  4. DracoPaladore

    Canadian Forces Training Starts Soon

    Just noting that after August 7th I will no longer be lurking in the dark corners of this forum anymore. On July 19th I have my enrollment ceremony (oath and swearing in) and on August 7 I start my basic military qualification (basic training). I'll be going in for Signal Operations, so I'll be the man running around with the radio on my back or rollin' in my pimpin' radio truck. Just wondering how many forumers here are actually serving or have served.
  5. DracoPaladore

    The Art thread

    Open Canvas
  6. DracoPaladore

    FOR WH40K fan

    So what's the status of the mod?
  7. DracoPaladore

    Music Recommendations

    Ever since that OFP video, I've been upsessed with Muse. Music is awsome. Time Is Running Out Stockholm Syndrom Butterflies and Hurricanes Just burrowed my friends copy. I want to buy it now. Just gotta find a place that sells it.
  8. DracoPaladore

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Actually, they explain this. I went back to the Imperial City to ask for reinforcements, and the council guy explained it all. The Imperial Legion is spread out over other provinces, meaning that they're all over the place. There's more happening out of Oblivion. I don't remember much, but the legion is spread out all over the continent and don't have enough to send back to Cyrodill.
  9. DracoPaladore

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Too bad I don't have any comp modding skills. I would so make a Warhammer Fantasy mod for this. Big arse Orcs and goblins, with stone giants stomping around. Chaos bandits and chaos knights, slaneesh, nurgle, the likes. Elves that kick ass, Dwarves, etc. Be so awsome. I wish they made the weapon designs in this game a bit more interesting. The hammers are kinda boring (personally, I'd like a warhammer that Adrian Smith gave these guys.) and the axes are dull. The swords too. Hopefully some mods come out that spice things up a bit.
  10. DracoPaladore

    E3 2006

    The new Dawn of War game is more or less at the top of my list with the ArmA.
  11. DracoPaladore

    FOR WH40K fan

    What's cool is that you could pretty much use any of these addons in any sort of enviornment, from an massive battle all over Everon to a small engagment in Ghostland(Unsung Island). Can't wait to see a Hellhound crunching forward with Cadians or Legion firing at its side.
  12. DracoPaladore

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    You can only really sell stolen goods to your 'fencer' if you're a theif. What I like doing is stealing from their room when they're still sleeping in it. It's actually safter than doing it while they're up and about down stairs. Thieving is fun. Being sneaky is fun. But you gotta be careful when doing quests that involve combat (which should be avoided!. My blade skills are suck, while my marksman and sneaking is excellent. In any case, as a theif myself I like to keep things distant. Gotta be careful though. Picking pockets is risky, but rewarding. Get quite a few keys to rather rich homes when I pick pocket.
  13. DracoPaladore

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Game is all fixed and runs great. Awsome. First game that I've ever lost sleep over.
  14. DracoPaladore

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Game runs like cold molasses down a tree for me. So freaking slow despite my system. Pentium 4 2.6Ghz Geforce 6600GT 1GB of Ram Things runs like crap. But, strangly, my brother has a slower CPU but the game runs perfectly. I'm going to see wat I can do to make it faster. I put all options off at 640x480 res, and it still runs like shite.
  15. DracoPaladore

    Travel to Mars in 3 hours!

    Well, A computer like the one your using seemed stupid to even computer scientists a few decades ago (before Moore's Law) What would a Victorian think of the notion of a modern computer? Balderdash and piffle methinks. It's not really the concept, more or less the timeframe. They can barely decide on a new replacement rifle, let alone arm every soldier like a Warhammer Space Marine by 2012.