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    Dedicated Server Beta available

    Okay, this is what I got to that problem: http://over-ri.de/sir_hC/zeuch/ArmA/Docs/DedicatedServer/index.htm If it's good, spread it to all who have that problem. If you dont like it, tell me by eMail or PM. Dark
  2. Dark Soldier

    AA Specs?

    As it's only a remake of OFP, I guess it wont need more than an average 2Ghz computer... But Memory Management has become an enemy of OFP (with all the 1000 addons, see -nomap mode, for example :-) ). Guess it should be at least 512MB And I hope BI finds the right way to the topic graphics: You can actually play with a Voodo3 if the game is properly coded and not too much useless shit is used... (okay, look at the OFP2 trees, trash the Voodo3, but GeForce4 + is/should be okay) Mostly low FPS are a result of buggy graphics programming, like in the first versions of FarCry (have they fixed that shader/detai shit yet?) or Hitman 3 for example. Look at this here and see what REAL 3D programming means : Farbrausch
  3. Dark Soldier

    what would you play ?

    Strange.... Wonder how this shall work... A&D is no coop anymore... Strange... I see thousands (...) of votes for coop, but if I look up the Servers in OFP (central Europe), there's 60% DM/TDM, 20% CTI, 15% Coop and 5% RPG....
  4. Dark Soldier

    Integrated RT MP Voice-over-IP

    Why did they change at all?
  5. Dark Soldier

    Squad Control

    Hehe... looks like someone watched too many Delta Force or SEAL movies :-) Na, what I mean is that regular army squads usually consist of 5 to 10 people, only special forces use 4 man squads (guess where they copied it from... nazi germany). So Ceros idea looks pretty nice to me. One could use F1-F8 for direct assignment and then F9-F12 as multipliers. In the right combination, u can adress up to 8*16=128 units (platoon/company size ?). Or you make that 'limit' between F8 / F9 dynamic, eg. you have only 11 soldiers, you can use F1-F11 for assignment, if you have 24 soldiers, use F1-F10 etc...
  6. Dark Soldier

    Won't be buying AA or OFP2 Until......

    BF1942 Addons There are some MODs, but you can count them on one and a half hands :-) Compared to OFP where you have Gigabytes of Addons, MODs etc. Good: OFP is really good to use for addon-makers, though it could be a bit better concerning file formats for tool makers etc. But the great thing is : you have ALL possibilities in OFP (any1 ever seen a script in BF1942 ?). And here we come to the problem I see: In OFP there are thousands of files, no one has a real idea of how to get them all, some of those files are shit-buggy, there no real tool to organize your addons, neither can OFP use a real database (just put 'too many' files into one addon folder, they wont work), a lot of files exist 2/3/4 times on the harddisk because every fucker just renames them. There's no standard in naming addons, neither shows the editor all the possible addons (just units, not weapons or equipment) => the editor has to look up everything somewhere. (if there's any info on that) So what I want / suggest : Each original file / Addon needs info on: - Authors Name - Unique, precise Name - Version Info - Compatibilities (OFP version, for example) - download source / unique donwload ID And OFP should then be able to detect installed files, needed files etc and install them (=> like f.e. OFPWatch, but better). Hope someone hears my pleas.