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  1. You might find this useful then: https://www.instagram.com/syndicatesecurity/
  2. Brilliant work gentlemen!! I would like to thank you once again for this wonderfull release. I have used Play withSix to convert IF to Arma2 CO and almonst everything works well, however I have noticed that my infantry seems to be almonst entirely mute (both Soviet and German). Tankers do talk, even when dismounted, but not the grunts... Has anyone else encountered this issue? Peace, DreDay
  3. dreday

    The VSS Vintorez is overpowered

    I'll be the first one to admit that I am not an expert on balistics, not do I have any first hand experince with VSS and AS. However, from what I've read - the SP5 munitions are much heavier compared to the regular 7.62 rounds and they tend to do a lot more demage due to this (altought they are obviously not in the same league as .50 cal/12.7mm ). I think that another issue here is that VSS is a very specialized weapon and its realistic effective range is something like 250-300 meteres, while it is much longer in vanila ARMA 2 from what I remember; this and the high hit point value tend to make it into a super weapon... Then again, I only play with ACE and the VSS/AS seem to be much more balanced there. Peace, DreDay
  4. That is absolutely correct. Russian armed forces had started mass-introducing the new digital pattern in 2011 when all the new recruits were issued it upon being called up for service. Eventually (within 6 months or so) all the officers and contract soldiers had been issued these uniforms as well. You can still occasionally see Russian servicemen wearing flora (or even VSR), but it is very rare and almost always due to their preference (i.e. contract soldiers show off that they are "old school"). The only exception to this are the reservists who would still mostly be issued the older uniforms from the existing stocks. I absolutely love what RHS has done with this addon and would love it even more if they could consider making the "digital" uniforms when they get a chance. Peace, DreDay
  5. I believe that BIS has previously stated that this was already planned for OA, but unfortunately they were not able to make it work in time for the release. It's a great suggestion though, and I definitely hope that they have not given up on making it work in the future versions. I love ASR AI and never play without it. However, when it comes to this particular feature, I find that they still have a long way to go. I was never able to get the RPG assistant to make good use of himself in my test scenarios... come to think of it - I hope that they have not given up on this feature either... Peace, DreDay
  6. dreday

    Stagler's FSB Packs

    That's wasup! Looking very good so far!! Peace, DreDay
  7. dreday

    Stagler's FSB Packs

    Great work as always Colonel Stagler! Looking forward to your future realeases!! Any plans to release the "heavy" version of these with the full balistic vests? I think that I've might have sent you a link to the FORT vest that the FSB guys are using... Also, any interest in making the units in the kevlar suits that the FSB assault teams seem to be fielding lately? Thanks again for your hard work! Peace, DreDay
  8. Excellence work Colonel! Love your changes to the sniper and the spotter. On top of that, the machinegunner is a very welcomed addition!! Peace, DreDay
  9. YES, YES, ad YES!!!! I've been saying this for years. You'd think that there would be nothing simpler than disabling the driver AI when a human player is a commander, or a gunner. Can anyone think of a reason why it doesn't work like that? Peace, DreDay
  10. Brilliant! Very much appreciate you listening to my input!! Tanks again colonel. Peace, DreDay
  11. I don't appreciate your tone and I completely disagree with the premise of your message. I have a ton of respect and appreciation for Colonel Stagler's work - I think that I have made that pretty clear in my earlier posts. I was (and still am)operating under the assumption that he cares about making realistic addons and I had offered my (respectful) opinion on where his addon diverges from reality. It's his choice whether to consider it or not, but it's certainly my right as a long-standing member of our community to voice that opinion. It's a simple exchange of perceptions and view points that goes on in this thread. That's how adults communicate. There is no whining (I believe that's what you had meant) going on here. Please don't put the words in my mouth and please don't tell me what to do; I take certain amount of pride in a way that I carry myself on this forum and your comment is completely off the mark. DreDay ---------- Post added at 02:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:33 PM ---------- Well it's your addon, and it's your call. But if you care for my opinion on this - Karden is a member of MVD Spetsnaz their gear and kit are very different from what GRU would typically use. Moreover, all of his blog pictures are posed or training montages. None of them show the actual combat deployments. Now for the Peltors and similar devices. I have no first hand experience with them, but from what I've read they are used in training for hearing protection and occasionally in vehicles/buildings during the actual combat missions. However they would not be used in the field because they terribly distort the audio perception of the battle and make it extremely difficult to identify the direction of the incoming fire. I think that the complete lack of pictures of Russians using them during the combat deployments backs that up... Again, since a lot of people here apparently can't distinguish between offering an opinion and bashing someone - this is just my opinion/suggestion, you are free to do as you please with your addon... Peace, DreDay
  12. As far as I know, 45th ORP was never subordinated to the GRU. In the august of 2008 they were operating in interest of the VDV group of force in Abkhazia (under the command of Lt Gen Shamanov, who is now the commander of the VDV). It might have changed as of late, as the whole Russian SOF structure is undergoing reform, but I seriously doubt that VDV would give up control over them. If you find any information to the contrary pls PM me with it. Peace, DreDay
  13. Ok. I give up. You've convinced me. SARMAT are experts on all things Russian military and GRU snipers run around in combat conditions with Peltor headsets. I've tried to point out an obvious inaccuracy, but life's too short to argue over this. Cheers gents! DreDay ---------- Post added at 06:08 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:57 AM ---------- There are a lot of outfits that would fit the GRU look. I certainly agree on that point... The "GRU look" was just my subjective concept of what a typical GRU operator would look like, and hence what an addon maker should try to portray. The 45th ORP has absolutely nothing to do with the GRU. It is subordinated to the Reconnaissance Directorate of the VDV and answers directly to the chief of the VDV. I didn't look through all the 10 minutes of your video, but I've browsed through it and I am not sure what exactly you want me to notice... Your English is good, I can understand you quite well. Peace, DreDay
  14. Technically speaking they are Ukrainian... Do you expect the US addon makers to make no mistakes in their addons? Probably not... Then why do you have more faith in the Russians? Peace, Dreday
  15. Apparently colonel had re-edited his post after I had already replied to it, hence the confusion... I used to love those units as well. I guess their author was going for the old radio headphone look (like the one that comes with R-159 radios). That would sort of make sense, if the unit in question is actually wearing a platoon/company radio on his back. It doesn't make much sense for the individual soldiers and their portable communications equipment though. Either way, the R-159 headphones are small and flat, the bulky look of the headgear that is depicted by the colonel can only be associated with an ear muff... or a gaming headphone ;) Peace, DreDay
  16. Yeah, I don't particularly mind the hat, it just doesn't look GRU (to me); but again who's to say that they wouldn't wear it? You gotta agree though - the ear muffs (seen in your first picture of a sniper competition) have got to go... Peace, DreDay
  17. I am a big fan of the Colonel's work, but unfortunately I have to pitch in with some criticism here. It looks like the Colonel was inspired by the pictures from some FSB CzSN competition when he made the spotter and the sniper. There's nothing "GRU" about them... For one thing those hats are worn by the Alpha/Vympel Teams and other FSB Spetsnaz units in the urban environment, but not by the GRU in the field. Not a huge deal, but it just doesn't look GRU... A much bigger issue is that they are wearing the suppressed ear muffs. These are used in training and in shooting competitions, but never in the field. Peace, DreDay
  18. My experience of way too many hours with OFP, ArmA 1, and ArmA 2 goes against what your are saying. It is EXTREMELY difficult to command AI to drive straight anywhere other than a flat desert (even then it's still difficult). It is next to impossible to employ any sort of a tactical maneuver when commanding an AI driver. That is a problem... plain and simple. I really don't understand why it is so difficult to pragmatically disable the AI driver's "intelligence" when a human is in command of his vehicle, and just have the driver blindly follow the human commander's orders. You'd think that nothing would be easier to implement, but alas... With all due respect, I feel that you are the only one talking about the tactical employment of tanks here. It has nothing to do with a subject at hand. If the tank crews require a lot of support and caution in cities; it is certainly not because their drivers turn into retards when driving down a straight stretch of road... Peace, DreDay
  19. Excellent addon! Kudos to Colonel Strangler for the research and the artwork that went into this. Based on the quality of his work, the good colonel should be promoted to the rank of the general ;) I just have two small suggestions. First - it would be great to see a dedicated machinegunner unit with appropriate PKM/PKP ammo pouches. The spetsnaz groups rely on the machinegunners for their fire support and it's hard to imagine a situation when they would not have one as an integral part of the group. Second - if possible, it would be nice to see the "heavy" version of these operators with the ballistic vests and helmets. The GRU Spetsnaz units normally go "light" when operating on foot, but they would wear ballistic protection when operating on vehicles (i.e. as part of a convoy, or being deployed for a quick raid). Other than that - very, very good and welcomed addon!! Peace, DreDay
  20. dreday

    Better MG animations??

    That's an excellent suggestion! It is virtually impossible for an average mortal to fire the GPMG/PK/PKP from the shoulder for more than a couple of controlled rounds due to the heavy recoil. One should be restricted to firing from the hip while standing-up or crouching, and then switch to the aimed mode when laying down. I am now keeping my fingers crossed to see this implemented, but it would add a lot to the realism if it was. Peace, DreDay
  21. dreday

    Suppression Effects

    Luckily I have no first hand experience with this, but I would think that plenty of soldiers "shake" before, during, and after the action. It's not just the adrenaline that's at play; it's also the plethora of other neurotransmitters. Peace, DreDay
  22. dreday

    Suppression Effects

    Exactly! I think that most ArmA players would be able to lay and aim perfectly still if they have only 25% of dying from the return fire. I doubt that there are too many people that would be willing (or able) to do the same in the real life... Peace, DreDay
  23. dreday

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I am not so sure about this. If the Arab nations and Iran were to overrun Israel, as I am guessing the ArmA3 storyline implies, I don't see why they wouldn't use advanced Israeli military technology... It would be silly not to! It has already been pointed out that the Iranian armed and security forces are using the IMI Uzi and they have also continued to improve/modernize the American equipment that had been sold to them prior to the revolution. This I completely agree with. In addition, my personal wish is for a better simulation of the entrenched/fortified position where the AI actually knows how to use them properly - that can have a huge impact on the gameplay! Peace, DreDay
  24. I am sorry, but I have to call you out on this. I know for a fact that the AI's RPG max range in ACE 2 is capped at 300m, which, I believe, is fine for the effective range of PG-7VL/VR, but too short for the earlier munitions and particularly OG-7 which has an excellent ballistic shape ... Peace, DreDay
  25. Unfortunately I have to agree. ArmA continues to be an infantry-centric game and other air and land assets are modeled in a very abstract way. You might want to get the latest patch and to try out some mods (ACE is my personal suggestion for someone who wants more realism), but the core engine makes it very difficult to fight in the land and air vehicles. While it's easy to blame the BIS for this, I think that it is also a matter of the limited development resources that they poses. I believe that it was their conscious choice to focus on the infantry aspect of the game and I have to say that I agree with that choice. Hopefully they would have more resources to dedicate to the tank and air warfare in the ArmA 3... Peace, DreDay