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  1. Drakkhen

    BWMod EC-135 released

    No problem then. The problem is you aren't the first and won't be the last. I lately had to make a new parachute from scratch since I was unable to remember who the one I used was from, it got me rid of this credit problem.
  2. Drakkhen

    BWMod EC-135 released

    Great addon... ...but it would have been polite to credit everybody. I recognize my: DrKk_Dust.p3d DrKk_Embr.p3d embrums.paa dust.paa dust.sqs You only had to put "Drakkhen" or "OFrP" (the team I work with) in the read_me. Drak... a disappointed 2D/3D/scripter.
  3. Some penguin can. Anyway... why respawn?
  4. Drakkhen

    new survey

    Up to BIS to decide if they want to come to another Clancy/RedStorm redneck stuff or bring their initial idea to its climax.
  5. Drakkhen

    new survey

    It seemed to me the "normal" evolution of OFP would have been the modelisation of Central Europe, with accurate maps to simulate the "so feared" WWIII as it was "expected" to be in the 80's by some. The engine would have allowed managing battalions and supports, with a finer aircraft dynamics and some more specialised troops including NBC features. There would be so much to do with that...
  6. Drakkhen

    new survey

    Looks great but... anything about OFP2?
  7. Drakkhen

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    Recognition of a vehicle side don't rely on it's crew side... put an east unit in a west plane and put him in front of a normal west plane+crew... the normal west plane won't attack before the other attacks him. Playing with sides is an uncertain behavioral trick.
  8. Drakkhen

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    RESCO (CSAR) is an Armée de l'Air specialists mission consisting, after a cautious briefing and an air support, in picking ejected pilots behind enemy lines. IMEX is an ALAT (Aviation LégÄre de l'Armée de Terre) mission delonging to PRB (Peloton de Reconnaissance et de Balisage, a recon squad) consisting in picking a full helicopter crew, downed behind enemy lines, in an up to 15mn delay. Thanx to SPQR for initial explanation.
  9. Drakkhen

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    There is no difference between two jags, it's even the very same P3D for the 9 versions... but the gyro bars of the HUD display are submitted to an OFP engine bug making the gyro rotated after some reloads, crashes, etc... On a small two colors sphere, it's barely noticeable, on these bars, it's an evidence. Couldn't correct it for more than a year now I started making this HUD. About the compass... simply the fact that the Jag has one on his HUD and one on the dash, so why have three compasses in the same view?
  10. Drakkhen

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    In objects...
  11. Drakkhen

    next Operation Frenchpoint release

    There's some. Maybe for a later pack. We're short on time on this one.
  12. Drakkhen

    Turret angular speed

    Hi again, Â I've been said on another forum that Apache turret rotation speed was different from others. Was this player fooled by his own deffective senses or is it some cpp trick hidden in the binarized part?
  13. Hi, just wondered if there was any way to change the angular speed of armored vehicle turrets, and if there is one, how? Thanx.
  14. Drakkhen

    How to make verical angle?

    Why not simply (in the class) set the gunner view to possible angles like Ymax 80, Ymin 10 and Ymed 30 (which would be used as default angle) instead of using scripting?
  15. Drakkhen

    Turn edge