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  1. Die Alive

    The Middle East part 2

    Link removed due to explicit picture content
  2. Die Alive

    Temperature control,bugs and global warming

    I find smoking cigars help keep most flying pests away from you. As for keeping cool, stick a puppy or a kitten in the freezer for a few days, and when it's hot, take out the puppy or kitten and cradle it in your arms, and the frozen puppy or kitten will cool your body. -=Die Alive=-
  3. Die Alive

    External harddrives

    Any PC can have two CDROM drives and two hard drives without using any extra controllers like raid. Simply setup the two Hard drives as Master and Slave on one IDE channel, and the two CDROMS as Master and Slave on the other IDE channel. Job done. BIS should sell a CD ROM drive that has no eject button but has OFP2 sealed inside it. I'd buy one. -=Die Alive=-
  4. Die Alive

    The Iraq Thread 2

    *sigh* Another one... Please don't turn this horrific event into a joke!  You are lowering yourself to the level of Acecombat... What joke, I just thought that Acecombat would like that cartoon, that's all. And if you think that cartoon was bad, take a look at some of the artist's other work in his gallery  Latuff Gallery -=Die Alive=-
  5. Die Alive

    The Iraq Thread 2

    A cartoon that Acecombat will probably print out and carry in his wallet or something like that: -=Die Alive=-
  6. Die Alive

    The Iraq Thread 2

    Well according to leftist news wire: Did the US try to kill De Mello in todays bomb attack in Iraq? You judge: Who would want de Mello dead? USA Bombs UN In Baghdad Who needs to speculate, the <s>answers</s> truth is all there. -=Die Alive=-
  7. Die Alive

    Idi amin dies

    http://www.news24.com/News24/Africa/News/0,,2-11-1447_1403476,00.html -=Die Alive=-
  8. Die Alive

    The Iraq Thread 2

    In Vietnam, on average 17.5 troops died per day. This aint no Vietnam. -=Die Alive=-
  9. Die Alive

    The Iraq Thread 2

    US company plans Iraq war footage game Reuters: No Pay Cut for Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan-Pentagon -=Die Alive=-
  10. Die Alive

    Ask a mod

    If Freddy vs Jason thread gets reopened, then I'm starting a Gigli thread. Maybe T3/Hulk/Matrix/other Hollywood ejaculaction blockbusters are worth talking about while this FvJ will probably be a flop. -=Die Alive=-
  11. Die Alive

    New york, toronto, ottawa blackout

    Nah nah nah nah nah, I still got power and AC! But my favorite OFP server is down. I hope there isn't the looting in NY like happened back in 1977. High heat + blackout = Christmas in summer -=Die Alive=-
  12. Die Alive

    Freddy v jason

    Yawn, this movie should of been done when the 2 movie franchises were popular, not now. 3 good movies coming out within a month or so.... Cabin Fever Bubba Ho-Tep... with Bruce Campbell as Elivs!!! Jeepers Creepers 2 -=Die Alive=-
  13. Die Alive

    Temperature control,bugs and global warming

    It got chilly here last night, I had to close my window :P In India this year, the temp went up to 49c (120f) Over 1400 people died. -=Die Alive=-
  14. Die Alive

    The Iraq Thread 2

    U.S. Fines Woman for Being 'Human Shield' -=Die Alive=-
  15. Die Alive

    Temperature control,bugs and global warming

    24 here today, and it goes down to 18 at night, perfect sleeping weather. -=Die Alive=-