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    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    ha! i bought the original Flashpoint in Germany too i cherished my OFP copy in it's DVD box until i learned the detriment of DVD boxes, it cracked the CD ! ( probably just rough handling ) well, 5 years later i still have the original manual (EDIT) wow i can't believe i've been registered to this forum since Oct 2001 long live Flashpoint!
  2. Denwad

    Cone of fire

    duly noted
  3. Denwad

    Cone of fire

    yeah, in ideal conditions the rifle would fire straight as an arrow but sand in the muzzle because you dropped your rifle, couple shots off target quality control messed up in the ammunition factory, bullets aren't perfectly shaped you dove into cover and landed on your rifle, bending it ever so slightly you haven't alinged your sights correctly and don't notice. etc. as you can imagine, there's lots of conditions on a battlefield that could affect the accuracy of the weapon so that it isn't going to shoot exactly where the sights ( not the barrel, the sights could also get knocked around... ) are pointed at.
  4. BMP2 is much smaller than the bradely a shilka, gepard etc. would have a field day with helicopters, turn off the search radar and use the 30mm cannons to swat the helos away like flies.
  5. Denwad

    Prisoners ?

    your squad takes prisoners, prisoners go back to batt. HQ, who then send them back to div. HQ for interrogation and processing. this would make for some interesting gameplay say, in a dynamic campaign, you attack enemy div. HQ in a suprise raid ( breakthrough? who knows... ) and knock out comms
  6. Denwad

    Modern Tank Combat

    it'd be nice to have a full simulator aspect for each 'branch' ( infantry, aircraft, vehicles and ships )
  7. Denwad

    We have a Sukhoi on OFP2!!

    i don't think it would make for much of a video game, as the insurgents don't follow any normal order of battle. They are unorganized and they rely on sniper attacks, mortar attacks, ambushes and suicide bombers to create casualties. that would make for a terrible video game.
  8. Denwad


    64bit support is like MMX was a few years back, long transitional period, but eventually everything will use it. So i say upgrade to 64 bit.
  9. Denwad

    New VBS1 videos

    people might be suprised by the fact that the guy in the back was able to shoot his AUG with 100% accuracy, but guess what, the door gunner on a Mi-8 is able to do the same in OFP. pintle mount doesn't absorb much recoil, i'd imagine the gun would bounce around alot, inaddition to the whole aircraft stuttering from the rotors.
  10. Denwad

    If D-Day was today

    If Iraq was fought for oil <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>WHY IS GAS BECOMING MORE EXPENSIVE?</span>
  11. Denwad

    Liberation 1941-1945: Barbarossa

    Lots of misinformation in this thread Panzershreck was first used in February 1943 Panzerfaust 30 was first used in August 1943, the later subsequent models Panzerfaust 60 and 100 were deployed in September 1944 The first T-34/85 appeared in late 1943
  12. Denwad

    Sell ARAS online

    only bad experience I had with Steam buying HL2 online was it took forever to finish downloading it.
  13. Denwad

    Negative topography and water

    yeah OFP:R demonstrated a system of terrain resolution change ( very low to very high )
  14. Denwad

    Amazon Forest De-Forestation

    measly dollars? i bet you if your family were starving you'd go to any length to subsist. that's exactly what those people are doing. until Brazil gives them an incentive to stop their ways ( like giving them food ) they'll continue.
  15. Denwad

    New title for FLASHPOINT2

    Persian Gulf Escalation
  16. Denwad

    What can we do with JIP?

    lol RTS3 might have some bigger games , longer ones too.
  17. Denwad

    Does this mean the end of OFP1?

    HOLY SHIT! AA has join in progress so screw OFP1 dammit
  18. Denwad

    OFP2 player animations

    uh, if you fire a SAW like that, it would just be really hard to control. it fires 5.56, weighs more than an M16 so by your logic an M16 should send a soldier through a wall.
  19. Denwad

    New title for FLASHPOINT2

    Armed Assault 2?
  20. Denwad

    New title for FLASHPOINT2

    how about BIS calls it OFP2 just OFP2, only those four letters
  21. Denwad

    Poseidon II , the ultimate engine?

    headshots IRL don't end up in instant death because of all the variables involved but of course everyone must realise the people who have survived were incapacitated and in game terms that's just as good as dead.
  22. Denwad

    New Engine

    it decreases the immediate load on your GPU your CPU must, however, track every change on the island ( X building was blown up by Y helicopter ) and the positions of each unit. i think at least.
  23. Denwad

    Armed Assault Pictures

    join in progress multiplayer!