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  1. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------- Post added at 01:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:30 AM ---------- Sure she would be proud you hide behind a keyboard calling people d1ckhead on the intraweb.
  2. These days 8====D + 8=====D and (|) + (|) are systems and only in Utah can you have 8===D + (|) + (|) + (|) be a system Montana: 8===D +
  3. I like that. If I am a 8===D and a (|) then I am totally self sufficient. That is awesome.
  4. what is a golfclap? Guess I am too old for the new intraw3b slang
  5. First, you can call Nelson Gonzales, CEO of Alienware, and ask is he knows of DarthBeavis. Second, have you heard of VooDoo PC and Mr Rahul Sood who started it? http://www.thenextbench.com/hpg/board/message?board.id=Desktops&thread.id=473&view=by_date_ascending&page=1 Bud I am sponsored and do builds for Nvidia, Intel, AMD/ATI, etc. My list of sponsors is an arm long as is my list of builds with have been displayed at CES, Nvision, and I even have a couple builds in a science museum now.
  6. That painted Alienware is . . . mine. Anyways, I will be the first person to say DO NOT do water-cooling unless 1. You are willing to assume the risk (which is pretty low once you do step number 2) 3. You have taken the time to adequately educate yourself/get experienced help/get good equipment. The post I took issue with said do not do it at all. The hotter your components run the more wear and tear they take. My 295s run in the low 40 c range. I can OC my proc easily to 4.6 ghz and be in the 50 C range (maybe 55). Now I agree, back to topic.
  7. DarthBeavis

    Best cpu for this game

    I saw firsthand a Phenom II over-clocked to 6.3 ghz on liquid helium with NO cold bug . . .broke a world record that night (3dmark05 I think). That was at the Xtremesytems party at CES 2009. That proc is very capable.
  8. DarthBeavis

    Best cpu for this game

    What proc do you have in that sweet Alienware? It is over-clocked?
  9. LOL . . .you are so clueless. Comparing water-cooling a computer to heart surgery is quite pathetic as a metaphor. Do some research about who you are talking to. Google is your friend. I agree expertise should be heeded. In this case, I am the one with that qualification. Funny to have an Alienware owner acting like they are an expert. That really is building systems . . .
  10. The post in question contains an insane amount of spelling errors. I would not mention it if it were a word or two. Water-cooling is not heart surgery. The post in question made assertions about water-cooling based on one bad situation which likely was caused by user error (could have been a faulty product as well but then expert advice before going the water-cooling route would drastically reduce the chances of a problem). Since you said he was right about water-cooling please tell me how you are qualified to speak about it? How many systems have you built?
  11. I disagree with both of your points. How many water-cooled systems have you and he built? His point was about water-cooling of which I happen to have a decent level of expertise in. If you do not like what I have posted then get a moderator or administrator to deal with it.
  12. If you use a browser like Firefox you will find the built-in spellchecker very useful. It is not perfect but it will at least make your posts better. You are right in being able to effectively cool a CPU with a decent air-cooler but GPUS such as 295s and 280s really benefit from water-cooling. I am pretty much a pro-modder and do more builds in one year than many people will do in a lifetime so I surely have a little more experience than you and all of your friends combined. If you doubt me . . .use Google. Search term: DarthBeavis. You made a public post about water-cooling being BS so I am replying in a public post. If you do not want replies do not post in the first place.
  13. BS . . . .know what you are doing and you will be fine. Also, please use a spell-checker. 'mailfunction' is what Outlook is for.
  14. i7 965 D0 stepping, 12 gigs of Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3, Quad SLI 295s, Asus Rampage 2 Extreme Mobo, all water-cooled http://hardocp.com/news.html?news=NDAwMTAsLCxoZW50aHVzaWFzdCwsLDE= have a second rig with same specs but one 295, Rampage II Gene mobo, 6 gigs DDR 3 that are not triple channel My old tri-sli rig (still have the three 280s but in other projects): http://hardocp.com/news.html?news=MzcwMjEsLCxoZW50aHVzaWFzdCwsLDE= I posted specs in another thread but I do not want to be accused of lying. All of my GPUs came from sponsors so it is not like I am made of money . . . just lucky ;)