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  1. DarkMarksman

    Visiontek geforce3 ti200 for sale cheap!

  2. DarkMarksman

    Visiontek geforce3 ti200 for sale cheap!

    I'm buying a LeadTek GeForce4 ti4600, but unfortunately those are expensive little buggers, so the gf3 has to go. This card can hit and run completely consistent at classic gf3 speeds, but if you want a rock solid performer at stock speeds,than this is your card too. Please help out a poor guy short on cash
  3. DarkMarksman

    Kreed demo?

  4. DarkMarksman

    Kreed demo?

    Does anyone have it or know where i might get it, or where i could learn where to get it? Help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  5. DarkMarksman

    BAD Performance, but why ???

    gee i figure with 1000 ghz (1 million mhz) you should have no probs...
  6. DarkMarksman

    World War II Online Subscription Key

    come on guys im sure one of you bought it and isnt using your code...
  7. DarkMarksman

    World War II Online Subscription Key

    I, like many people bought this game when it came out and was appalled at the bugs.Now that its been several months and they've patched it, it looks pretty cool. But i've lost my subscription key, does anyone have one that they could let me use? thanks guys!
  8. I just upgraded and im a little dissapointed in my 3DMark scores...please help guys! My 3DMark Score
  9. i cant make the d*amn thing work...could someone who has walk an idiot through it? (Edited by DarkMarksman at 6:16 am on Dec. 31, 2001)
  10. DarkMarksman

    Cant Play On Internet?

    I played OFP at my friends house online, and when the game is launched it says "the countdown begins" then "wait for server" and then goes right into the side selection screen. On my machine it never makes it past the "wait for server" screen, why is that? Here are my system specs if it helps- 1.1 ghz t-bird 512 mb pc133 TnT2 m64 32 mb (with latest drivers) 20 gid hd OpFlash with 1.10 patch and official upgrade Now i now in the games i join i have the same version as the host, so what could be the deal? Please help!
  11. DarkMarksman

    Having Problems joining servers

    hey guys, i just got the european version of OFP and when i try to join a server on gamespy, on only some of them does the "join game" button light up. COuld someone walk me through how to actually join a multiplayer game? (once again, sorry im a stupid yank)