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    Acting like a complete idiot in public, going out, having fun with friends, party once in a while, girls, skating, foot/basketball, doing naughty stuff hehe, guitar, bassguitar<br>Love music, it's one of the best things on this planet... I like every kind of music, new and old, all kinds!

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  1. DarkLight

    Real Life Photography/Photo Editing II - NO IMAGES >100kb

    Killagee, on the previous page, there's a picture of a lizard (above the pic with those statues that look like heads). Is this a wild animal or did you see it in some sort of zoo? I'm pretty sure it's a Pogona vitticeps, however, as far as i know, these animals are only found in australia So uhm... did you see it in the wild?
  2. DarkLight

    Military Humor

    m000 m0000 to you too! (These smilies didn't exist back in the days )
  3. DarkLight

    Military Humor

    Oh my god, can't believe this thread still exists Anyone remember me?
  4. DarkLight

    Amazon Forest De-Forestation

    Sorry but some of you people really make me sick... I can understand that poor farmers cut down trees so they can plant some crops to be able to feed their family but it pisses me off when companies like Mcdonalds cut down whole footballfields just to earn more cash. They're such assholes... I hate our western world with it's stupid mcdonalds. It's unbelievable that they cut down such important things just to make some greasy burgers that'll get shoved down the fat throat of some junk food addicts. I wouldn't even cut down one tree of the rain forest for 50 bigmacs... I don't understand how any of you can say, it's just a forest blah blah planting crops = more money and more food for our generation, etc What's up with you people? Do you even know what a rain forest is? Do you care about what our world will be like in 200 years? A rain forest isn't just a forest (duuh), rare species of animals and plants grow there. Some that you can find only there and no where else on this planet. Lots of these plants and animals haven't even been studied yet, who knows what secrets they might have? It wouldn't be the first time that scientists discover a way to extract a new medicin from some of those plants or animals. The rain forest might have the solution to a lot of cancers and other diseases... And what are we doing? We are destroying the beautiful animals and plants that live there, hooraay even less fresh air for us to breath! Hooray even less species of animals! Hooray even less place for our wildlife to live! Hooray even less chance for us to find natural medicins! Hooray hooray hooray let's fuck up our nice planet! Bunch of sickos... If you don't see what's wrong with cutting down the rain forest then you have some serious mental problems if you ask me. Sure you might simply not give a fuck about nature and animals, well then think about your children, and their children! Grrrrreeeeaaaat, they'll live in a world with barely no fresh air, with barely no nature at all, full of fat morons eating BigMacs "because there's SOOOOO much space for our cows now that we cut down all those dumb trees". Pfff right whatever...
  5. DarkLight

    new americas army is out

    You can't see through fog, however it is easier to see things in the dark or in foggy weather if you focus your eyes on one point and concentrate on another point (without moving your eyes ofcourse). There's a little blind spot in your eyes, that's why you sometimes don't see stars when you look directly at them but when you look a bit to the side of them they suddenly appear... Try it, i often sit outside at night and sometimes it's pretty foggy, looking next to the place that you actually want to look at will make it easier to see movement or the shape of a human body Sure it'll be a bit blurry but still...
  6. DarkLight

    NASA budget would kill Hubble(in future)

    Sweet flash movie, gonna save that one Thanks. Yeah it's beautiful... I love stuff like that shows that the universe still is full of mysteries. And that there's more to it than just some stars and planets I think it's impressing... pictures like that really make me think for a while...
  7. DarkLight

    ID this tank quick!

    On closer inspection they look a little bit like newspaper hats.
  8. DarkLight

    ID this tank quick!

  9. DarkLight

    Which guns do you own

    Search for marckets where only militairy stuff is being sold... a lot of (european) countries have marckets like this once in a while. You can find all sorts of stuff over there for a reasonable price... I dunno if it's easy to find such guns in your country, but it isn't that hard at all here...
  10. DarkLight

    Which guns do you own

    Well sad enough, our world isn't full of people like you who can use their guns in a smart way. Â That's why we need all this gun control and stuff like that. Â That's why we have laws for drugs and weapons. Â Because some people just can't handle all the responsibility...
  11. DarkLight

    Scanner/radio users new candy :)

    WOW!!! a RT-524 !!! AWSOME!!   you are a lucky guy you know that? i have MANY frequenties for you to listen   <<Pm me!>> Edit: The police in netherland has a new Tekst system called P2000/C2000    , = no  normal police radio transmissions!  . Now i need to sit hours trying to decode it  ... well, i still recive many transmissions becuse the p2000/c2000 isnt fully operational yet. There's this link on the internet that gives you acces to some kind of dutch police radio. It's funny to listen to, especially because it's all live and strange things seem to happen in the netherlands once in a while Oh and it's also very funny to hear you guys use those crazy dutch words that flemish ppl never use... If i find the link i'll post it... Hmmm i wouldn't really listen to real phone conversations or phone sex or anything like that That's not really what i'm interested in
  12. DarkLight

    Scanner/radio users new candy :)

    Here is my explenation for you my friend. Those things you hear are called in dutch: ''BOXES'' with those boxes peapole communicate over air for free, they pick one frequentie,( evry thing in the whole wide world haves frequenties.)and they talk for hours... where you live? i wanna know what the standart is in youre country  I live in Belgium
  13. DarkLight

    Scanner/radio users new candy :)

    I play the bass/acoustic guitar. I have an amplifier for my bassguitar (duuuh), i've already had some rather strange experiences with it. It happens once in a while that i hear voices coming out of my amplifier. It are german voices and they seem to be having some kinda conversation. Not one like on the phone, it sounds more like something militairy or from an airport or something like that. Funny I sit there in my room playing the guitar, and suddenly i hear german voices in my room. It's pretty strange to hear voices coming out of your amplifier, you know...
  14. DarkLight


    Isn't it a bit silly to think of our universe as everything there is? The biggest thing out there? Maybe we are just an atom of an incredibly huuuuuuuge molecule... Maybe we are what other life forms study under their microscopes, maybe they try to discover what our universe is made of just like we do with atoms. There must be more to the universe than just a huge space with some trash flying all over the place... Just think about it, just look up at the sky and imagine that you're looking into infinity... Well no... don't imagine it... Just realize it... I love that feeling i really do But is it really infinity? I don't believe so... We humans are way too stupid too understand what our universe is all about. And we are used to our planet, our nature, our gravity, our theories, etc. We just don't understand stuff like infinity. It's impossible for us humans, i guess... Where we live, everything ends, even our planet will one day get destroyed just like that. So i guess infinity is a possibility... But i don't really believe it... If you ask me, what we call the universe is part of something else. Something bigger, something we don't know, something we've never heard of yet. If you ask me there's more to the universe... It's part of something bigger or there are dimensions that we cannot see. I think according to string theory there can be 11 dimensions (yes 11). I saw this very interesting documentary once in which they explained that if the string theory is true, there are about 8 more dimensions out there than our 3 dimensions. Who knows what we are missing... Whole worlds might be right next to us... Oh well i dunno... I just think this "god" thing (aka religion) is a bit primitive. I don't see any proof at all that there is a god. Some people say that they can 'feeeeel' god inside them... Well that's just pure chemistry baby, just some nerves sending happy happy joy joy signals to your brains. No love from god if you ask me. Maybe the big bang created us... but then what was before the big bang? We don't really know very well... Maybe god created us, but what was before god? oh right, he created everything. So one day he just came out of nowhere and started making the universe... riiiiiiiight... Then some ppl say that god has always been here... That's like a billion times less credible than the big bang theory as far as i'm concerned... And why the hell does god create such a huge universe if we seem to be all he cares about? baaaaaah so many questions and there's only one damn answer. None of us will live long enough to know the truth hmmmm maybe no man will ever live long enough to discover the truth. I don't really care that much. I like talking about the universe and religions and stuff like that with friends but in the end, does it matter? Hell as far as i'm concerned you can believe that the world was created by a pink hedgehog with mental issues. As long as you are happy and you don't bother me, i don't care. Just believe what you want, as long as you don't start blowing eachother up for what you believe in, it's ok. And even if one day we would discover what our universe is all about. Imagine that we discover that we are just a molecule of much greater things. That our universe is of no importance in the whole structure. Would we want to know all that? Who would have the balls to start such a theory? I think a lot of people would be really offended by this truth (assuming that we discover something similiar to what i said). Now we seem to think that we are the most advanced creatures in the universe, we seem to think that we rock da univeeeeerse... more or less... Would it be published if someone'd discover a very shocking truth? Would you want it to be published? I dunno... but it'd be a pretty damn hard kick in the balls for mankind.
  15. DarkLight

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Holy shit this guy's amazing. First afghanistan, then iraq and now ppl are talking about iran? What the fuck is that guy's problem? Pffff i get so pissed off when i see someone making such unbelievably stupid decisions. Did he actually get some education at all? Sheeeesh bunch of morons go ahead and blow up the whole damn world pfffffff and yeah the my way or the highway comment is pretty damn right. Shows how much respect some people have for the rest of the world.