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    ANG C-130H Hercules

    Anyone else got that starting problem? I tried to let the Plane start from the big airfield in Chernarus, but always short time after gettin up it turns right and brakes in the woods :( Allready tried the "NAME flyinheight 120" line but did not solve the prob. Sumone´s got a tip?
  2. cyclone83

    ARMA 2 Adult content

    Hey, now this sounds quite interesting, IceBreakr! :)
  3. cyclone83

    GTR R34 addon released

    Now we´re only in need of a racetrack *hint for islandmodders* :D
  4. Well, you just have to make good missions which in the Terminators´ waypoints are set to careless behavior / search n destroy / slow, hehe ^^
  5. Well Marccom, your T800 model looks just great. I hardly can await to see those beauties as opponents ingame :cool: One little complaint though: Somehow I´m missin this typical Terminator bad grinning (maybe just strech up the outer parts of the eyeholes to get that bad grin effect?). Also the chin looks like it should be streched down a little bit and be wider imho (to reflect that masculinum look) ;) Just my suggestion though.