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  1. I dono about ya'll, but for me the zombies seem to be a little to psychic for my tastes... Of course the AI in all zombie mods in this game seem to be that way. Still is an awesome mod, thank you for your time into creating this for us bobtom/craig.
  2. This mod sounds fantastic and that code you posted Rommel, should it be placed on the vehicle init line? So far I'm not understanding what else to do from the *.pdf file that comes with this module. I start form the beginning and get to the 3.2 Making HOT zone section, from here the instructions say to put the player outside of the trigger... I don't know how this is possible with already having the player inside the safe zone.
  3. CrazyAce

    Better infantry death animation

    I agree that idea would give it a little comical relief and realism.
  4. CrazyAce

    Better infantry death animation

    Yeah this game is sick with that, I shot an enemy in his left shoulder as he was walking away from me in an ally way from about 400m and he did a 45 degree turn; face first into a wall. I couldn’t stop laughing for a few minutes afterwards.
  5. CrazyAce

    Better infantry death animation

    Oh that’s right the reaction time, I completely forgot about that. I haven’t looked into this games animation system yet, but I wonder if it’s possible to change or add to death animations. If at all possible I would delete a few frames from the beginning of some animations, and then it would at least look a little better. Now on special and rare occasions I would find the enemy dead inside an MG nest; I don't know how it happens, but it should happen more often.
  6. CrazyAce

    Better infantry death animation

    Most of the time when the enemies are running towards me and I shoot them they just fall on their backs with a slight twist forward. That I know wouldn’t happen pending on the angle and caliber of the bullet.
  7. CrazyAce

    Better infantry death animation

    Oh hey, yeah +1. Sorry I’m a natural blonde and I don't know crap about programming, where are you getting at with this?
  8. CrazyAce

    Better infantry death animation

    Google is your best friend. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphoria_(software)
  9. CrazyAce

    Better infantry death animation

    ^^^Yeah ok that is eaxcly what I'm talking about.^^^ I should also mention that 7 out of 10 times I see the enemy use the same animation on every angled hit. Now in the preview video that Janowich gave us the link for, the first hit is inaccurate, the bullet has enough force to make the dude follow the bullet until it exits out, (that had to be an exit wound for sure). Now when I say every death animation is the same, I’m not mentioning that for every kill the same animation is used, but every angled kill the animation is the same. If I shoot the dude in a back, about 80% of the time they will fall face first, but using the same animation again. If I shoot the dude in the shoulder he should fall opposite of the angle of the bullet that hit.
  10. For years it has been the same thing, you shoot the enemy they fall backwards. Each and every single death animation is the same when the enemy dies while standing up or in the crouch position. On rare occasions will I happen to see a dramatic death. Now when they are in prone and die, that is how they are supposed to die.
  11. CrazyAce

    "Receiving" screen then nothing

    Yeah sux doesn't it... And they think this is not an issue, come on... This is a game breaking issue period and is a high priority. Now I’m not trying to incite a riot here, but this has to be taken care of immediately. After seeing my ticket cancelled (obviously my mistake to begin with) and viewing the current in progress ticket float into a black hole past 220 days :eek: makes me wonder how much longer it’s going to take to get this fixed. After re-reading the temp solution to FLUSH the system, it has to be done every 5 or 10 minutes, (I thought once and it’s done) depending on how much is going on. Why not have insert commands to have this done automatically? Like say –VRAMFLUSH 5 in the target line of the shortcut, flushing the system every 5 minutes or to the given value, this will suffice for a while I think until they come up with a permanent solution. Lets face it when in the heat of battle, I'm not thinking about is my game going to crash...
  12. CrazyAce

    "Receiving" screen then nothing

    I guess I spoke to soon and have come to the conclusion that it may have to do with higher end video cards, regardless of ArmA2 patches. After 2 hours of playing I got this problem again while running ArmA2 patch 1.1… :banghead:
  13. CrazyAce

    "Receiving" screen then nothing

    I put in a ticket for this issue to get resolved, please vote on it here: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/8699 .
  14. CrazyAce

    "Receiving" screen then nothing

    I will have this problem on 5 different computers that have 5 different hardware configurations with ArmA2 1.5 patch, and with different settings. I never had this issue before 1.3, so whatever the developers did from 1.3 onwards screwed everything up. My Primary machine is: Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit Intel Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz 2812MB RAM 2x GeForce GTS 250 @ 2160 MB I’ve tried the flush trick, but it doesn’t help, at first I thought it was a heating issue and it’s not. Reverted back and forth from WHQL driver 191.07 (default driver) to 196.21 (latest driver), with of course still the receiving... problem. I know for a fact it’s not anyone’s system, it’s whatever the developers did from 1.3 patch onwards. Proof is that I decided to take one last measure and uninstalled and revert back to 1.1, I don’t have this issue.
  15. Will the team please pack the userconfigs properly... Or is it that the server doesn’t unpack multiple folders?