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  1. it's in the addon read me file. I've added the addon to the game and it shows up in the empty section of the editer. in the read me file there is a list of weapons and ammo in the creat. I've phiscaly typed the weapon name and ammo in to the arma edit wizard alond with the corasponding ammo. I can add the weapons if I use the "this addweapon and magazine" script in the init line of a unit. I just can't figure out what I might have done wrong with the arma edit tool
  2. hey all I'm in need of some help with Arma Edit Custom Unit Wizard. I've down loaded the 6th sence weapons pack and I've been trying to put the M14 and colt 45 in to the unit wizard. I've found the corect ammo for them and added then to the unit wizard and yet every time I try run the script in Arma I keep getting a messege saying that the magazine.cfg can't be found. can any one give a hint as to what I might be doing wrong?
  3. Craig

    addon down grade

    right ok well thanks for your help
  4. hello all I'm in need of some help. I've been in contact with the auther of an addon after finding an addon for arma2 and trying to down grade it to work in arma1. I've tried running the addon in arma1 and every tme I try test it in the editer it closes the game with a error messege say. bad version 48 in p3d file "file name" is it posible to down grade an addon?
  5. every things ok now. I've worked out how to get chopper to drop a vehicle when it's on a rope. thanks for your help I really appreciate it
  6. Yeah I've got it working now sort of. I looked at the sample mission and I was missing some bites from the scripting command. I was following the readme instructions. I've bin playing around with it and I've got it working I just carn't figer out how to make a chopper drop a vehicle. I've tryied the drop cargo as both a radio, trigger and a waypoint. I'm gonna keep playing around but if you have any tis I'd be greatfull
  7. ok I've done that and I'm still getting no joy. when I type this command in the waypoint on act [heli1, 10, "hawk_1c", "pickup", tank1] execVM "ht\rope.sqf"; i get a messege in the waypoint menu saying type Script exspect nothing. I've to change the execVM to exec. then in game I get a messege at the top left of my screen saying '/#/ sleep 0.001 Erorr Generic Erorr in exspretion. So I guess it's trying to read the script. does this make sence to you?
  8. emmm I don't know. I extracted the @HT folder and put that in the same place as my PBO folders and I placed the mission file in the misssion folder on my C drive. was I ment to put that in my saved mission folder in my mydocs?
  9. hello I'm having some bother with handy Rope tools. I downloaded the addon from this site http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4049 I've folowed the instructions that came with it and I've been testing it and every time I right the script command in the way point config and run the game. the chopper reaches the waypoint and I get an on screen messege saying script "ht_rope.sqs" not found. have I installed it wrong?
  10. ok dokey thanks for that I didn't know about the weapons bit. I'll try it with out the weapons
  11. yeah thats the comand I've been using along with the switch command it deos say in my list that theres a time delay command (~10) but I don't know how I'm to use it. have you any idea how to use this command?
  12. I'm having problems getting animation commands working I've got a list of commands and so far only a small hand full work. I've tryed both the Name playMove "": Name switchMove ""; comands and most of thes animations don't seem to work. is there another list of animations I should you becasue I have seen a load of these working in youtube vidieos and there the animations I can't get working. please help
  13. Craig

    rvmat ID'ing

    yeah I've been using notpad++ but where do I find the file name? I've opened the PBO with PBO veiwer and then opend the file in notepad and notepad++ and I'm no luck in finding the file name witch is were I'm having the hang up I think I know what I'm doing once I can find it
  14. I'm in the prosses of learning how to use visiter 3 with this tutoral http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=77;t=68535 I've got up to masking and I need help IDing rvmat files. It would when I try to find the file I want it's written in this form "P_000-000_102.rvmat" and I need to find "pisekplaz.rvmat" and when I try open it in paintshop pro or texveiw 2 it says it's not a surported file. How do I find the info I need to?
  15. hello I've been looking round and need help with oltering a PBO file I'm folowing a tutoral for map editing it it wants me to extract RVMAT fils and some texture files and it wants me to change the path rout. were do I find the path?