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  1. ColSniperRecon

    Building Pths L.O.D

    here is a cpl of screen shots of how the first 2 lvls re set up. as you can see I set up normally for the base. for the second lvl I made an entry path and  stairwell up to the second lvl and then completed the rest normally. while the first lvl seems to work normally the ai will enter the building when told to  go to the second model but hangs on the pos 2 which is at ground lvl and no other points in the second lvl will dispay when you try to tell it to go esle where. placing paths in just one of the lvls to cover everything doesnt work either since depending on where you aim it doesnt detect any path at all. sorry about the large pics but it was the only way you could see it clearly.
  2. ColSniperRecon

    Building Pths L.O.D

    ok tried that and it all works for first level but not for the stacked parts on top of it. so the building base has all working pos the 2nd level will not show any past the pos2 and ai will not follow me up the stairs past the base lvls.
  3. Hello all. I am sure you have seen the tall building I made out of the hotel. The issue I am having is with the Paths the ai is to follow to get around the building. I have never used this so have no idea how to set it up. anyone one with tips, ideas, or what ever to help me out, I would like to hear from you.                -Thx                 Col.Sniper[Recon]
  4. ColSniperRecon

    Log file cryptic to me.

    st errors seem to be related to textures that are "facing wrong way", or something like that. like maybe you picked multiple faces pointing in different directions and applied texture to it. In o2 click on structures then check faces, it will find these for you, then just click on the window that matches the direction the little red lines point in and reapply the texture. Sometimes this doesnt always work, maybe face is pointing in an odd direction, eg not truely forward, up, or to a side. Just let those go. When you binarize the model it will hide/ignore these an it will not show up in arma.rpt or cause problems. Sometimes it also seems to point at things that havent been textured at all. hope this helps
  5. ColSniperRecon

    Delta's Fire Department needs your opinion!

    Delta, Contact me plz, im ts or email. if you need the information again let me know thru here.
  6. ColSniperRecon

    Config Problem

    try adding class turrets {}; befroe you getin line, it should look like passThrough = true; }; Class Turrets {}; getInAction = "GetInMedium"; getOutAction = "GetOutMedium"; supplyRadius = 1.2; driverAction = "ManActTestDriver"; i believe, it fixed it on mine.
  7. ColSniperRecon

    ArmA 1.12 Linux Dedicated Server Public Beta

    does anyone have an actual working 1.12 linux server up and running? I have gone thru the forums and found each and every problem i have had and used the info to fix them, except now the maps don't load. I get to to select a slot, click ok, and wait forever for something to happen, the little radar thingy spins and spins, but loading bar never moves. I check the log and find a huge list of errors related to the map, the problem is, it is every map, basic bi maps as well as user made. I end up having to shutdown server because while it is doing whatever it is doing it disappears from mp server list. Can anyone give me a hand?
  8. ColSniperRecon

    Sahrani Life

    there is a way to make building indestructable: 1. create game logic within 50m of building 2. create trigger with nobody non and repeatedly as settings condition= object id# getdammage (position gamelogic nearest object +object id#)>0; on Activation= object id# (position gamelogic nearestobject id#) setdammage 0; or something like that anyway. currently working on being able to have buildings reset to zero after a period of time passing. so it seems like city is rebuilding/repairing instead of staying destroyed, maybe have npc civs doing animations while waiting on timer to reset damage to zero
  9. ColSniperRecon

    Sahrani Life

    I agree, take your time people are happy with it so far, and so should be willing to wait for a great release instead of minor updates with non-functional scripts. As for 1.02 on the server, its there. Everyone just seems to like playing the 1.01 (R.E) because it has 30 slots, even with some of the mistakes I made in adjusting the scripts. Which goes back to my first statement in this post. In response to Gaffa, thats why we have forums m8, someone gets a idea, someone else improves on it. I like your suggestions. Tho an ambulance just driving around is likely to be where its not needed. As well as ending up like the buses and jammed on someones road block. The idea on having to get a degree is great tho, do you suppose its possible to have a mobile work space? As long as someone is in a certain type of / or specific vehilce they get paid? Admins of servers, how about getting a list of known trouble makers started, with name and id# for a community ban list? This wont stop them all, but will cut down on the casual abuser. -Col.Sniper[Recon]
  10. ColSniperRecon

    Sahrani Life

    Im liking the taxi idea and farming. here is a cple more, ability to call for repair truck, fuel truck, and some type of medic with cost deducted from the callers bank account. some type of "tow truck" for removal of dead vehicles or abandoned, police impound maybe. make a yard for impound by police and a delete for blown up vehicles as salvage with reward to civ that does the salvage increase the cost of the gun liscense so they dont rob the bank 2 mins after map starts o and stop trying to disable the cops -Col.Sniper[Recon]
  11. ColSniperRecon

    Sahrani Life

    I like the election idea. Tho to be honest the admin is governor/president/god. This might work for the election, if the sys op/clan member isnt present, use vote admin to elect your gov/pres. Tho I dont know if you can change admins this way. Might have to test this. If all play fair you can call for election, who ever is admin can logout for the voting. Still not keen on non lethal weapons, but I can see the potential, using flares with a script to make it like a stun grenade freezing everyone near x radius for x time. Or maybe adjusting some of the weapons hit strength so it takes more than 1-2 rds for kill, I noticed that most rifle shots seem to kill in one shot to the leg. As for Jack-UK Seems to me some play as civs just to shoot cops. Still it comes back to everyone has agree to play fair. Running from the cops can get you killed, I hear lotsa I didnt know you were chasing me. as a note civ vehicles need to be moved from police buy to civs, and military vehicles from the civ menu, this way you know if its cops behind you. And civs in police vehicles can be punished. The locking option seems to be alot of work can it be made like in c.c in ofp as a addaction instead of a long process thru inventory? Also I have heard that cops can aceess locked vehicles, dont know if true or not. -Col.Sniper[Recon]
  12. ColSniperRecon

    Sahrani Life

    I did change the scripts, lotsa of work. I cant imagine the time it took you guys to do it from scratch. like I said the only problems seem to be in the stat display for police, still looking for the missed item there. I noticed someone saying I have never seen it say I disarmed anyone who didnt have a weapon, I usually get you cannot afford to do this message on un armed civs.             ==cops== As for complaints about the cops shooting people, seems most games I have been in cops are targets for civs who wanna b#$%h and whine, when they dont want to stop or point weapons at the cops. Thats not saying that there are not cops who need to be kicked from servers for abuse. Just that everyone needs to see all thats going on not jut that cops are shooting people. Civs that run around shooting people without cause sometimes create the problem.         ===   Bug  ==== A bug I noticed is police shoot a criminal and have a fine against them for shooting an a civ who isnt wanted?           ===Admin===   A compentent admin is someone who looks at every thing and makes a choice based on his observations. Not because you are whining he abused me, shot me, etc. Sometimes things have to happen more than once, so the admin can see a pattern of behavior.  Just last night I had one guy complain about half the people on server in rotation. Excessive complaints make it hard for an Admin to track actual problems. So maybe people should cut back on general complaints and point out actual problems.         ==Tickets== Would it be possible to have a hint or general statement appear to all or just police that "cop1 gave a ticket to civ1" so that multiple tickets are not issued at the same time?        == communication== most servers have a teamspeak, players should use it. this would cut down on mistakes and its alot faster than typing. In game voice comms are crappy and hard to hear and cannot be controlled against abuse, such as people jamming comms by playing music over the in game comms.        ==non lethal weapons== you are joking right? why put the police at a bigger disadvantage then they all ready have? you want the cops to not shoot first, now you want non lethal weapons?  Why dont we just take away their guns completely? maybe put a big bullseye on them while we are at it? Anyway just some opinions, may not be correct but their mine :P                 -Col.Sniper[Recon]
  13. ColSniperRecon

    Sahrani Life

    since you put out 1.02 I unpboed 1.01 and added slots, map now has a total of 30 slots. 10 police and 20 civs. people seem to like the larger # of players. I have a few bugs to fix, mostly in the stats hint for police, also notice that the map doesnt seem to reset completely, sometimes leaves the crates for police even after the server crashed. anyway all the credits stayed as they are i took no credit for work, just wanted to let you know it was out there. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â -Col.Sniper[Recon]
  14. ColSniperRecon

    Linux server & Evolution

    Hello, Is anyone else running a linux based arma server, that is having trouble with the Evolution maps running correctly? I am having trouble with a few items: When map starts Paraiso is always empty of troops and the radio tower will not blow up. Some missions fail to start, dispaly location, or spawn troops to defend mission objective. spawn time on reinforcements seems faster than on windows server. If anyone else is having or had this problem and knows a solution. I would be interested in finding out. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â -Thx Col.Sniper[Recon]
  15. ColSniperRecon

    dedicated server latest Beta

    We have had this problem as well, seems the answer is to have the pilot get out of helo so that the manual fire switches back to the gunner position