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  1. What I found out yesterday that's pretty handy is with the Bootcamp update. With the Virtual Arsenal section of the Bootcamp you can set up your character with any available weapons, attachments, items, clothing, etc. even with external addons and try them out. But I also noticed that if you click the "Export" button at the bottom you will have your current loadout copied into your memory cache (clipboard). Just Alt+Tab out and paste into a text editor like Notepad and presto, you now have all the code with class names for that loadout that you can use in your mission. Very handy. :)
  2. cid_gen_bondorf

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Thanks Kinch for the awesome mission. We use it often on our private server for some great battles against the bots. I have a couple of questions that should be quick and easy to answer. Maybe someone else can pitch in here too if they know. 1. What version of EOS are you using in your version b0.59? Is it EOS v1.9? 2. If it is EOS v1.9, is there plans to go to the current version which is I think v1.98? There are many new features in the new version that would really enhance the quantity and placements of the bots in the zones. Thanks again for the mission and hope to see more missions and/or updates in the future. :-)
  3. cid_gen_bondorf

    ArmA III - Nuke Script - Port from ArmA II

    What I think would be cool is to have this script be attached to some sort of object (fuel drum or something) and have it as a bomb in a town. It would randomly spawn in a town and activate when you are attacking. For example in a Domination style mission. When you would have only a few bots left, the device would randomly spawn somewhere in town and give you so much time to disable it before it detonates. Or maybe have it in a side mission that if you don't find a briefcase within a certain time frame, it would bomb your base. Very cool script with a ton of possibilities... Unfortunately I am not much of a scripter to code the above...lol ;-)
  4. cid_gen_bondorf

    =BTC= Revive

    Is it working after this last fix for the patch? I tried the current version and when I try the test mission and toss a grenade at my feet. I don't get the option to spawn at base or mobile. I just get the main menu that appears at the bottom left giving the option to restart, switch or end. I left everything at default and didn't change any of the options within the revive script. Is it not working since the last patch yesterday, or is it something on my end? Is it working ok for anyone else? I see Meatball seems to be having a little more extreme issue than me. I'm guessing it's patch related? Thanks :-)
  5. cid_gen_bondorf

    =BTC= Revive

    Awesome, thank-you. That fixed up some of the issues I was having with error pop-ups. Was having them in a few scripts that used scrollbars and dropdown lists. Got them almost all fixed. I didn't find any into the .sqf files, only the .hpp files. Thanks again
  6. cid_gen_bondorf

    =BTC= Revive

    Hi Jman, So I'm guessing every script that is using this "ScrollBar" code has to be changed to the new "ComboScrollBar"? Ouch... Why would BI do that? That kinda breaks a lot of scripts that already exist with this code in it. Thanks for the heads up. At least now I know with these scrollbar errors that I've been getting can be fixed. It'll require a lot of searching, but fixable at least. :-)
  7. I'm getting the similar problem. Some times my buddies and I can't be revived and have to spawn back at base. Then other times it will instantly spawn us back to base when we get killed. I did notice that before we use to get the black screen and would have to disconnect and reconnect to fix the black screen issue. Now it seems that instead of a black screen, we get the "can't be revived" issue. I guess it is better than the black screen. But I could be wrong. I only got to play it once since I got the patch. I am using SVIS, VAS, ALive, Norrin's Revive, Drongos Artillery.
  8. Ok, I am officially a moron... I haven't played it in about a week and forgot that I have to use the radio in the gear menu to activate it. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer...lol So I can confirm too that it still works. Sorry for the confusion... :-)
  9. Hi, Just wondering if the mod is broken with the latest patch (1.10)? It doesn't seem to be working in my mission anymore. :( Thanks ;)
  10. cid_gen_bondorf

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    You da man eggbeast... Thanks for making this happen. :cheers:
  11. cid_gen_bondorf

    Zombie mission

    Quarantine wasn't really like L4D. It was more sandbox type. It wasn't a start at point A and survive to point B type of mission like L4D. It was more of a open concept style mission. Sort of like Evolution. Except the towns had a few survivors in them and tons of zombies. Another cool thing was af first you had little money and no vehicles. So you had to go out and kill zombies to make monet to upgrade. But if you died out in the field, your weapon you were holding stayed on your dead body. You could always run or fight your way back to get your gun. There was also a base that was constantly under attack by zombies. If you did not help the soldiers defend that base, they were sure to get over-run after a while. So you could go in there when they were in trouble and help them until all the soldiers had respawned and had their defences up again. You can probably use that mission to port scripts from. A lot of stuff from ARMA works in ARMA2 if I am not mistaken.
  12. cid_gen_bondorf

    Zombie mission

    I was hoping that someone would of ported that good ole zombie mission from ARMA. I think it was called Quarantine or something like that. Was great. it had a money/budget system, rescue side missions and a ton of zombies... :D I see it was a discussion that didn't get very far a long time ago. Maybe someone can pick up the ball and run with it. :j: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=95427
  13. cid_gen_bondorf


    It WILL work. But you won't be happy. I tried running it on my second computer which I use for my ARMA2 server and it has an Athlon 64 X2 4200. The computer also has an old Geforce video card something like a 6200. The game starts and plays. But with everything on LOW, it still lags like hell. Being that this game benefits from a strong CPU and utilizes Multi-Core technology. I'd strongly recommend going to a higher level CPU. If you can't afford a higher end CPU. I would suggest going with the original ARMA. Same great game with tons of addons. But with a lower system requirement. And with a tight budget. You're better off banking that money and adding to it until you get enough for a larger CPU and possibly system upgrade. but that time, the game will be a lot more stable and you'll have yourself a better rig to enjoy the game with all it's glory. ;)
  14. cid_gen_bondorf

    ARMA II Community Update

    I love the idea of having regular updates to fix peoples issues with the game. But I probably speak on behalf of many Steam users when I say that I hope that patches aren't too regular. Unless Bohemia Interactive and Steam can somehow tune the patching system with ARMA2 over Steam. The last 134MB patch cost us Steam users around 4.5GB. I would not want to see this happen too often. My monthly internet bandwidth is 20GB (Shared upload/download). :banghead: p.s. Thanks for the update by the way Placebo. Always nice to hear news on what we can expect with the game. :ok:
  15. cid_gen_bondorf

    Is 1.03 worth downloading?

    And if you are lucky enough like me and got the game off Steam. Then you got to download this 134MB patch at the size of 4.5GB. Yes, on Steam the patch is not 134MB but 4.5GB. And best of all You don't have a choice but to download/install the patch. If you disable the option to automatically download the patch. Then the game refuses to start. So my suggestion to you would be to give it a shot. If you don't like what the patch did for you. Then just reinstall the game. As for myself. I would expect that I'll be downloading another 4.5GB patch again in the near future when they update the game again... grrrrr...