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    Stryker Overhaul

    Ryujin... :/ I miss you. Life has a stupid way of creeping up and destroying all of your free time sometimes. I pretty much died, only to re-arise this summer. What has it been? A year? 2 years? I really like your work and what you were able to do with it, I'm so glad you were able to get the MGS working. It's wonderful man.
  2. MadRussian, I have checked this very post for four days in a row now, sometimes as much as twice a day for this very reply. Thank you so very much, it is GREATLY appreciated! :D Edit: lol, It appears that the file has actually been uploaded with nothing inside of it :p "You have requested the file Rellikki_Urban_1.2.rar (0 KB)." Haha, can you reupload? Thanks again!! Edit 2: After VIGOROUS searching knowing the actual file name I was looking for now I found perhaps the ONLY upload of the original units on this german site: Download Link (Right Click Save As)
  3. Chip360

    Seize zones AFGHAN '08 (SP)

    I love you! :) (Just playing around but really I appreciate it, this is great!)
  4. Can someone upload the Old versions of the Urban SLA men? I have the latest version and am getting a major error saying I don't have the units or something about rel men sol. Now I read the post that mentions this towards the beggining but I am confident that the solution posed fixed another issue to my own. So can anyone that can currently play this and can confirm that they can play this mission upload the urban sla units? :(
  5. Chip360

    Seize zones AFGHAN '08 (SP)

    Yay! Thanks for the reply Stiff =] Can't wait, I haven't been able to try this yet, and it's exactly the kind of mission I was looking for
  6. Chip360

    Seize zones AFGHAN '08 (SP)

    I second this post and I am becomming massively depressed and sad : (
  7. Chip360


    Idk how many of you guys caught this, But the harpoon says "BOING" Did you mean Boeing? I love it though, nice work! hehehehe XD (BEAUTIFUL Beta Release! )
  8. Chip360


    I was reading stupid Wikipedia and just realized it says that all details of the mid-80s operational history were not correctly filled in. And you sir are amazing, that must have been a complete thrill- Well then, *so may we possibly see them as a later project '85 release?* *or expect them later from someone else perhaps*
  9. Chip360


    oh58 is military version of Bell-206, isn't it ? what about a closer shot ? I wonder if there's any campaign story being developed for this mod ? Yes, that is correct. But unfortunately I believe this is the civilian Bell-206 released in the SAP Air Addon-Pack by Brilliant mr. Sgt.Ace Seeing as the Famazing *Military* *With several Military Loadouts and Variations* Kiowas served at least a limited amount of time in the late 80s (Obviously not counting Vietnam) might we be seeing perhaps a few in the Project '85 mod? =p and sorry for my one tracked mind, I love this bird haha
  10. Chip360


    Well.... Actually it's a Bell-206 by Sgt.Ace Awwwwww. SAP Air, I completely forgot about that. Bummer! We need some Hydra 70's or Hellfire Armaments :P Someday *Dreams* Nonetheless fantabulous Update
  11. Chip360


    As posted on the Armaholic Forums:
  12. ((Excuse me for really late reply, just got to reading thrue the VERY interesting post people are making on this subject. )) And Im not attacking you, you just had good arguements! But because the whole wounded thing isnt there yet, there is no need for a proper working mash unit. And THAT Imho is a bit strange. Since EVERY war has had casualties, and missions that got just a tad more difficult because of casualties, for instance behind enemy lines, or having half of your squad give cover and perform other tasks then the mission at hand to get the medivac going. Giving the commander in the mission obstacles to overcome, having to quickly decide on what todo, besides that medical training could be implemented. Besides that, a limb that gets blown off would be 100% damage, offcourse less damage would also be ok. Having seperate parts of the body that you can inflict damage upon would be better said. Instead of the I shoot AI in the foot and he dies type stuff. And injuries from accidents like falling, gunshot, car crash, etc can be implemented more accuratly. Ive got this mission in which you just drive in 4 humvee convoy. Your supposed to go and raid a suspected safehouse. Allong the way the convoy gets ambushed in hostile zone of the city by IED and failed VBIED attack. Imediatly afterwards insurgents also attack with small arms. I would like to have it like this that I need to get the wounded soldiers out of the humvee, perform medical duties, while under fire and while the other soldiers establish a perimeter. ASAP. Max chaos in as less possible time, too bad two soldiers die, and then the other two just crawl all over the place, while they should be able to move at all. I want the stress of having to get a dude to hospital or well medivac'ed out of there asap. But not with reoccuring injuries each time. Or well, not with just crawling soldiers. Or ones that have been shot in the arm, and are still running arround fine. I think just calling it Limb dismemberment mod is a bit wrong. Medical mod would be mucho better. And therefor you should have the option of NOT downloading this. I can understand where your coming from with this comment. For sure I wouldnt like to have such things as baaaad memories being recalled while playing a game. But dont forget there are many here that dont know this, dont have the memories of terrible things. (Ive seen somebody who got REALLY f***ed up right infront of me during a serious car crash involving a truck while I was standing at the traffic light.) I had a bit of counceling for that, because the guy died. But that is REALITY, and we should atleast have the option of having as much reality as possible in this game. There are enough game allready without the proper reality. As you mentioned with shrapness from frags not blowing legs off. And that is allready possible, but if a man is shot in the head he will bleed badly. I dont need exploding heads, allthough with stuff like 50cal and bigger that is possible, but atleast a bigger pool of blood. Or arriveing at a suicide attack mission, dead people, burnings, blood, limbs... It will shock people for sure, but to ignore it, is just as bad as the whole war itself! And for some of us this game is entertainment yes, and its a game, a simulation of war. I really think leaving this out would be bad. BUT We dont have vehicles that go up into parts, buildings cannot be partly destroyed. So I guess this sort of stuff is just too much for the computers of today. But when this sort of thing becomes possible, I say add it. Â For realism sake, for training purposes > vbs etc, but mostly so people dont forget that war is shit. And to be completly honest, what is the difference between slapping the F*** out of an insect which would give a big splat mark and having completly NO feelings about that what so ever, but we do have feelings if we do the same thing in a virtual < Fake world. (longest post ever, in a very interesting topic, with very good arguements by many I must say. +1 xD xD
  13. Chip360

    Stryker Overhaul

    @Plaintiff and all of them Yeah, I think one of you were referring to the LAV-25 lol, but we are making a Stryker MGS (Mobile Gun System):
  14. Chip360

    Stryker Remake

    Heh, Idk, we are putting 150% into these bastards, trust me, the strykers are in good hands. Modkid, your 50% through? You should get in contact with Ryujin here on the forums, hes the project lead for the strykers, perhaps you two could work together?
  15. Chip360

    cheyenne moutain complex

    Oooohhhh..... this is stargate related??? I was thinking of the military complex irl.