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    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive!

    I have to say since playing OFP in 2001, this engine they have now is there best in the series. Not because it only looks good, it's also optimized well. Good foundation for them in this Alpha build. I got maxed graphics and things are running smooth right now. Thanks again for another sweet game!
  2. CzingerX

    No friend system?

    I was hoping so. Have to wait and see what happens, these 2 things might get overhauled sooner or later.
  3. Overall it feels a lot smoother. Everything maxed and good performance. Great start for a Alpha Build.
  4. Actually it's a pretty cool bug.
  5. Go into the filter options and under "Expansions" select hide all, and DayZ servers will not come up.
  6. Every single game that has come out by BIS, I own. Will continue to do so too.
  7. CzingerX

    You can't Play this game Multiplayer.

    I agree with this. I stopped playing for the last few months. I just returned this week and found that most servers if not all are running the ACE mod. Which is good, but the player count even on the weekends is next to none now. I'm really bumbed out. I don't have time for a clan or squad right now. Which makes it worse. It's a good thing that this game is heavily modifyable, but at the same time a bad thing. Because the player count on MP was kinda low at it's peek, but now people have who are new have no idea about what they need to play, because they are casual gamers for the most part.
  8. CzingerX

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Well, I think it is two things. Most people have the Steam version and do not know about the new patch. If they don't check up on there games regulary. The second is, the ACE mod is required for about every server online. It is a great mod, but the less inclined PC user will have a hard time installing it due to the number of steps involved.
  9. CzingerX

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Well, here's my opinion of it. Being a hardcore Arma 2 fan. OFP doesn't compare to the scope and depth of Arma 2. It doesn't really even come close. In OFP the best part of it are the sounds and weapon effects. As a matter of fact, there easily the best I've ever heard or seen in a video game. Really amazing. Plus this game is highly optimized. The frame rate is silky smooth even for low end pc's. For those not trying to compare this to the Arma series, it is a high quility game that is very good, but it won't last due to the fact people have to host for multiplayer and there will be little or no mods for it. It is a mix between Arma 2 and COD. Not like BF2 though. Tactics need to be used most of the time to accomplish your goal. Overall I think it is a very good game.
  10. CzingerX

    Thank you, B.I.S.; Sign if you agree.

    Arma 2 owns. signed
  11. CzingerX

    Thank you, B.I.S.; Sign if you agree.

    Signed. (Game owns hard.)
  12. CzingerX

    XML logo

    My XML logo does not show up for my clan in game. All the information is displayed as far as my role is concerned. Nobody else in the clan has had this problem. But, I also cannot see any other clan logos in game now. Just there information. No logos on the car or badge area. I've seen them all before, but they haven't even shown up once since the week of the new patch I think.