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  1. Catch22

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Just got my TIR5 today. I can tell the resolution's much better compared to my TIR4. Looking forward to trying it online this Saturday. :)
  2. Catch22

    CO 60 - Operation Mongoose

    Flashlight signals, paper maps, halo drops, and drag-able boats are all incredibly awesome features of this mission. I would love to see more missions incorporate these features. Â
  3. Catch22

    Arma beta patch 1.09 - released

    AHAHAHAHAHA You're just too much.
  4. Catch22

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    It requires QG to play, so I imagine if you tried to load the map using the original ArmA shortcut, you would have problems.
  5. Catch22

    virtual transceiver for IVC

    Integrated Voice Chat
  6. Catch22

    How the hell do I select ASSIGNED TEAMS?

    Hold space bar, use middle mouse to select team.
  7. Catch22

    FLIR in Armed Assault?

    There isn't any AH64 Apache in ArmA (yet). Those clips look like they are from OFP, not ArmA. As for FLIR, there was none in OFP by default. This clip could have possibly been created with a mod, but I think it's more likely clever editing.
  8. Catch22

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    Ok I think I found a few more bugs in the last few Evolution games I played in. M203 grenades don't seem to be resupplying correctly to the ammo crates. I first noticed this while practicing with them on the targets at base, and I ran completely out. Much later on in the mission, it resupplied back to 40, some time after I had been using the other crate near the hangars. I remember a few versions back, I had a similar bug with the G36's not resupplying. A few of the higher up vehicles seem to have problems rearming at base. I believe the vehicles effected are the AH-1, UH-60MG, Striker Mk19, and possibly a few others. The issue with the Mk19 IIRC, was that it would not reload more than one "magazine" of ammo. I had quite a bit of trouble with the UH-60MG since when I landed to rearm it, it seemed to reload the miniguns, then remove the ammo in a brief split second. I was not able to use the ammo trucks at base to rearm either because when I got back in the heli, it would service and remove the ammo again. The only workaround for this was to fly out to a nearby FARP to rearm. Similar issue with the AH-1 Cobra too, except it seems the cobra's mg turret was actually being rearmed while FFARs and missles weren't.
  9. Fixed... I misunderstood the readme that was zipped with the installation .exe file. I added the -mod=beta line to the shortcut, but wasn't using the arma.exe in the beta folder.
  10. I can't load the 1.07 beta because this error message comes up. I've uninstalled > Deleted Profiles > reinstalled > 1.05 patch > 1.07 patch > same error I never installed the previous 1.05 beta. I never had any problems until I loaded this beta and I don't have any problems when I load ArmA without running the beta folder. System Specs: MB: Striker Extreme CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Memory: 2GB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX Sound: Sound Blaster X-FI OS: XP Professional
  11. Catch22

    Armed Assault videos

    Courtesy of Landros Radick and the ShackTactical group. Video features an air assault on Cayo. TS audio has been altered. Special Thanks to KillJoy for his Evolution mission and TZW for the use of their server. http://ofp.umbr.net/videos/May1stEvolutionBoka.wmv
  12. Catch22

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    Dual Core E6600 8800 GTX 2GB RAM XP Pro My computer runs beautifly on Armed Assault. I haven't clocked the framerate on it, but it runs very smoothly at 5km view distance with settings turned up. I wouldn't go SLI with the GTXs... I've read using SLI only tipically adds 10% to your framerate. Also I've heard SLI with two GTXs can actually LOSE performance.
  13. Catch22

    Change FOV?

    First of all, diddo what dwinger said. Secondly, I don't think I was being clear because I don't actually enable trackIR zoom. I'm constantly leaning forward and back so that wouldn't work out for me. What I meant to say is the normal field of view (not zoomed at all) seems not zoomed out enough. It seems more apparent with TrackIR because of all the head movement. With no peripheral vision it's like fighting with blinders on.
  14. Catch22

    TrackIR4 pro profiles

    All aggressive... no zoom axis