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  1. In the changelog for patch 1.63 it said that dayz servers will only show if the mod is enabled, but this isn't the case.
  2. I have this error in the middle of my screen and it really kills the immersion. Error in expression <itwith { _group = _x; true }; } foreach RMM_Reducer_Groups> Error position: <RMM_Reducer_Groups> Error Undefined variable in expression: rmm_reducer_groups I also get this error about the briefing sqf. File missions\Heeble2.CSJ_SEA\briefing.sqf, line 2 Error in expression <r name='VC3'>here</marker> and" <marker name='VC4'>here</marker> and <marker nam> Error position: <name='VC4'>here</marker> and <marker nam> Error Missing ]
  3. Hi, I'm not certain, but weren't these values made useless in patch 1.61, or did I misunderstand? As Orcinus recommends, I also use ASR_AI.
  4. These are the best SP missions I've played for Arma2.
  5. ATI HD5750 . I have lowered resolution to 1280x1024, turned off all unnecessary crap simply because that's how I have it in A2 and I like it.
  6. One of my friends bought ArmA2 just after I did, but never plays it. I convinced two others to buy Combined Ops but they also never play it. One uses the excuse "it's not installed" every time I suggest we play. But when it comes to CoD or Dragon Rising, they can't install it fast enough :j:
  7. Bomber_c

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    In my experience, games have magically enabled automatic updates even after I had disabled them.
  8. Bomber_c


    Before riding a bicycle, always check the brakes.
  9. Bomber_c

    Airfield Support Package

    This is useful, thanks, keep up the good work.
  10. I always turn it off in every game I own.
  11. Bomber_c

    Where did you buy Arma 2?

    I first got it from Steam, then realised how shit it is so got the disc versions from ebay.
  12. Bomber_c

    Anyone try the Android version?

    oh..... ok :pet5:
  13. Bomber_c

    Anyone try the Android version?

    Apparently its incompatible with Samsung Galaxy S ?