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    How to use bags in OA? Other questions.

    It looks like the 1.57 patch has broken both of these lines of code. has anyone been able to get these to work again?
  2. Awesome Coffeecat! That works! Thank you so much!
  3. How to set up a trigger that once we're (BLUFOR) detected (by OPFOR) we have 60 secounds to eliminate targets (Each OPFOR) before the alarm is triggered. If we eliminate the targets before 60 seconds, then the alarm is not triggered. You would think this was easy to do since it's a basica combat tactic to eliminate the guards before they alert anyone else.
  4. Crimson_Raptor

    Stop Trigger Activation on Timeout

    Awesome! Thank you F2k Sel, those lines of code worked! This opens up all kinds of new operations to be created, what we have been needing since the very first flashpoint.
  5. The best way i've figured out how to lower their "chatter" is to remove the following: 1. Radio 2. Watch 3. GPS Unfortunately they still call out "man..." or "far..." "right..." "left..." but nothiner else other than those 4 words, which is good, but when you're in "stealth mode" and they whisper this stuff, while your character itself yells out all his orders, it kinda makes stealth mode useless. :(
  6. Crimson_Raptor

    Stop Trigger Activation on Timeout

    This did not work, the trigger still activates even if all the OPFOR are shot within the timeout period. We've even tried killing them all without them seeing/detecting us and the trigger still activates, meaning that when they fall under attack they "detect" enemy even though they didn't see who fired upon them.
  7. I've been trying to find all of the weapons used in the game using a simple ammo filler script and this website: http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_weapons/classlist?=A2+with+OA%3A+1.56&version=37&commit=Change&options%5Bgroup_by%5D=weap_type&options%5Bcustom_type%5D=&options%5Bfaction%5D= Let me know if anything is missing or is repeated more than once. I have yet to figure out how to make a backpack selectable in an ammo crate or backpack heap though.
  8. Crimson_Raptor

    Amm Filler Script Complete List

    Did you miss my post and thread topic? :annoy: All you need to do is put this in your script: _this addWeaponCargo ["BAF_L7A2_GPMG",100] Not "amountWeapon." Have you found any missing from my script?
  9. Celery, you're the best! :cool:
  10. Why do you need the function browser and a radio trigger if when you enter the trigger area, it spawns the enemy troops at the location of the marker?
  11. What if it didn't work because your host doesn't "really" have a 100mbit connection? Unless you host your own, I've found that many server hosts out there usually have two or 3 different games on one PC, but they're all sharing not only system resources, but the 100mbps connection as well. Some are very shifty...
  12. Crimson_Raptor

    Operation Eagles-Talon (Sp/Coop)

    Lol, I got your PMs! Yeah, well I can't get past the first part of taking out both anti-air tanks, I keep dying, lol! If it's not the guys patroling in the truck, it's some patrol in the trees next to the 2nd anti-air tank. I got really far last night, by disabling the ai so it was just me using the DMR Marksman rifle, two smaw Anti-armor rockets and a satchel charge and I got up to that point then got ambushed before I get past the entrance to the base. One thing I have noticed is the that when it first starts out, every 3rd or so time I restart the mission, about 1 to 2 bots, and sometimes myself get killed or are heavily injured when our parachutes hits the trees or something like that. Have you had this happen? I know it;s basically a luck of the draw, especially in a real combat situation, but I'm wondering if the C130 is too low tot he trees we parachute over, but then again having the C130 up too high would be too long of a parachute ride down. Oh and Soldier #6 usually ends up within the chainlink fence of the enemy airbase. The rest are scattered along until we regroup. Which is awesome because it's so cool to have me and my friends all end up in different places when we get out of the plane then have rendezvous together. I really like that! I really enjoy this mission and hope to win it soon, lol. My friend, Dave and I are are about ready to get in and play right now! Hoorah!
  13. Crimson_Raptor

    Operation Eagles-Talon (Sp/Coop)

    Awesome! It's playing really great!
  14. Crimson_Raptor

    Operation Eagles-Talon (Sp/Coop)

    Hey I found out it had something to do with the ommision of the Ace No Stamina lines of code. I got a semi-vanilla version working in the editor and is playable ingame. [EDIT] Removed Link since Jeza made a vanilla version below [EDIT] I've only run into a few issues such as: Ace No Stamina not being found, but that's obvious since I don't have Ace. Ace Parachute not found, ditto. There are no markers on the map or triggers to let you know when to eject, and where to go after you do. I'm not for sure if this is due to the lack of having Ace (I'm not for sure if Ace has its own specific marker images) which would cause them not to show up. Now this one is a little odd, it says the OPFOR cannot patrol a building due to game bug. Unfortunately it doesn't tell you where this building is or which soldier is having the issue. :( I hope this helps, Jeza.
  15. Crimson_Raptor

    [Resolved] No PMC ammo box?

    Only new weapon is the following: Weapon ClassName Ammo AA-12 AA12_PMC 20Rnd_B_AA12_74Slug 20Rnd_B_AA12_HE 20Rnd_B_AA12_Pellets Here's your ammo box filler code to use: _this addWeaponCargo ["AA12_PMC",20]; _this addMagazineCargo ["20Rnd_B_AA12_74Slug",100]; _this addMagazineCargo ["20Rnd_B_AA12_HE",100]; _this addMagazineCargo ["20Rnd_B_AA12_Pellets",100];
  16. That's the answer I was looking for! Thanks Galzohar!
  17. How are we able to add custom sounds we can play over the comm-links to other players in a mp or lan game? If i remember correctly we could do this in the original ARMA, people would play little snippets of "Ride of the Valkyries" when we were fling into an Evolution OPFOR area or play soundsbars of "Get to da Chappa!" of Arnold fame. Is there a size limit like 15kb or something similar to that?
  18. Crimson_Raptor

    Squad XML Images - Quick Question

    How are we able to add custom pictures for ourself when we play on mp servers or lan servers? I've been seeing more and more people adding emails and remarks and quotes but they seem very "unhelpful" in letting others know how to do this for us ourselves.
  19. Crimson_Raptor

    Enable Backpack?

    Do you have to place a trigger for each "playable" player or just one trigger that has a radius all around the "playable" units?
  20. Crimson_Raptor

    Which respawn method do you like?

    There were not enough choices in this poll...
  21. What does this mean? Should it be put in the init field of the player? Or maybe in the mission.sqm? I don't understand, Bon.
  22. This script works great! And works great in multiplayer! My only complaint is that we can't load up a rifle on magazines, then put the rifle and all of its mags in the invisible "backpack" and then grab a M249 saw with plenty of mags, then switch weapon to the rifle and still have all of it's mags while the M249 and its mags go into the "backpack." Basically, the sharing of the inventory space. Is there a work around for this script to include this? I've seen it on some Domination servers that have the action labeled i.e., "switch M16 to backpack" and etc., etc.
  23. Because of this "connecting failed" issue when joining servers, the constant loading of the menus is becoming troublesome. How am I able to start up the game from a shortcut on the desktop to bring up the menu that has your Game version, Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Options, Player Profile, Expansions, Exit, without having to sit thru 32 seconds of: Bohemia Interactive Presents Operation Arma II Arrowhead Arma2.com Copyright 2010 Meridian 4 I mean, my operation system loads faster than 36 seconds?! Come one, we bought the game, the Czechs should know we're not going to realistically load up their game once and never restart, patch, or boot up the game other than leaving it one for 365 days a year and hoping form server to server, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm suprised this issue is not stickied in the forums. :(
  24. Crimson_Raptor

    How to Start Game without Loading Videos

    Oh hell yeah! Thanks Max! Down to 6 seconds load up! All I got now is is the following: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2oa.exe" -nosplash -world=empty Thanks guys this helps and should be stickied!