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    I too am against jumping in a simulation game like OFP. I can tolerate it in a more arcade-y game like BF2 (and even then, just barely; bunny hoppers in that game bug the hell out of me), but OFP should definitely not have a jump option. I'm sure BIS thinks this as well, and will not implement that feature. Having said that, however, it would be nice to have a way to get by small obstacles without having to walk around them. I'm all for climbing; that would be great for urban battles and stuff like that. Also, maybe a "hop forward" option could be good, where the character just hops a small distance forward? This could be useful for hopping over holes in the ground (like gutters and ditches), and jumping from rooftop to rooftop (if the distance is reeeeeealllly small). And after you hop, you can't go prone, crouch, or sprint for a couple seconds? Swimming could be good too, but only for certain classes of soldier, like Black Op. I'm tired of being just stopped cold by water that goes barely above my character's head. This could also open up new mission opportunities, like raiding a ship or swimming across a river to flank an enemy position.
  2. CherokeeJack

    What will do to your OFP when you have ArmA

    Yeahhhhhh...good luck with that. As for me, I will give my discs a place of honor in my "Hall of Fame" collection of games that were boss, but have gone past their prime. It shall join the distinguished ranks of Terra Nova, Heretic, C&C 1, Red Alert 1, and many other wonderful titles.
  3. CherokeeJack


    I think BIS didn't implement complete reloading animations for the sake of flexibility. This made it so that they didn't have to create separate reloading animations for each individual weapon. Also, since they probably thought from the start that OFP would be very mod friendly, they probably left them out to decrease the amount of work that modders needed to do in order to create new weapons. I'm sure we wouldn't have weapon packs with 20-30 individual weapons in them if the authors had to make reloading animations for each different weapon. That said, I would really like to see complicated weapon animations as well, but I don't think BIS would be able to without reworking their point of view, animation and weapon systems. However, there are some animations that I think could be included easily: - Reload animations for bullpup weapons. - Reload animations for regular shotguns (putting a few shells in it). - Pumping animations for shotguns. - Holding animations for weapons with foregrips.
  4. CherokeeJack

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    God must hate me. Here's why: Earlier this evening, I was downloading the Woodland pack. Everything was going great. It was downloading fine until the 60% mark, at which point our phone rang and my mom picked it up, disrupting the internet connection and the download, which I could not recover after she was done on the phone. Tough break, but not something that's wholly unexpected. I began it again, and left. I returned a bit afterward to find that my download was almost done! I was really happy and ready to start OFP-ing it up with the new content. I was shaking in my chair with anticipation as it reached the 99% mark. Then the phone began to ring. Cursing under my breath, I yelled to my mom downstairs to not answer the phone. Unfortunately, it was not in time. My mom picked it up, again disrupting the connection and download, which had only .4 of a megabyte left to go. ARRRGGH!!! And here's the kicker: It was the WRONG NUMBER!!! I must have angered the OFP Gods somehow, so I will make an offering of lamb's blood and 5.56mm rounds on the next full moon. Here's a screenshot of my defeat at the hands of Earthlink DSL: http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/7844/dammit5xk.png
  5. CherokeeJack

    Detonator 81.85

    I had that same problem with the 81.84 drivers. I reverted too.
  6. CherokeeJack

    Secondary weapons

    Cool idea. I'd really like to be able to carry an additional weapon for CQB and stuff like that, for when anti-armor stuff isn't needed. Something besides a sidearm. My only problem with this would be balance--what would stop a player from carrying two ultra-powerful weapons at once? Maybe a weight system could be implemented or something, so players can't carry two heavy weapons at once. I'd like to see that in Game 2.
  7. CherokeeJack

    FFUR Incoming HUGE RELEASE !!!

    Full pack for me. Want to see FFUR working in snow and desert terrain!
  8. CherokeeJack

    Operation Flashpoint: secrets and oddities

    When I went through this cutscene recently, during the part of the missions where the Resistance soldiers are supposed to come in, kill the Russians and rescue you, the Russians actually killed all the Resistance troopers and I just sat there in the tent while I waited for the mission to end!
  9. CherokeeJack

    Music Recommendations

    For me: UNKLE DJ Shadow DJ Krush RJD2 Massive Attack Roykskopp Kruder & Dorfmeister Hendrix Cream Placebo Occasionally break out Weird Al's "Poodle Hat." Love "Angry White Boy Polka."
  10. CherokeeJack

    Strategic decisions

    Maybe strategic-level decisions will be carried out by the AI based on a Radiant AI (Oblivion)-esque system where the AI "Generals," or whoever is leading the armies, is only given general goals and objectives, but goes about accomplishing those in a nearly unscripted way?
  11. CherokeeJack

    FFUR Incoming HUGE RELEASE !!!

    I doubt that any international relationships will be harmed or affected in any way by the release of this pack. Maybe by this discussion, but not by a mod for a videogame. EDIT: Pack looks great, by the way. It'll be interesting to see the hardware of these two nations. Awesome job, and keep it up!
  12. CherokeeJack

    Gameplay Improvements

    Since it's last minute, like Placebo said, I don't think that we'll see AI soldiers leaning around corners in OFP:E, but that would be something cool to do for ArmA. Hopefully that's implemented.
  13. CherokeeJack

    Flashpoint Community Hardware Specs.

    3.4 Ghz P4 1024 MBs DDR RAM 256 MB GeForce 6800 Ultra 160 GB HD SB Live! 24-Bit
  14. CherokeeJack

    wind and other environmental things affecting play

    I'd really like the environment to affect how players go about their business. Wind affecting flight would be quite cool. As for the mud idea, I think it could be fun, but only if mud appeared in likely places (i.e. not randomly) after a rainstorm. Likely places might be certain locations at the bottoms of hills, along well-traveled dirt roads, or maybe in craters (imagine dynamically-created craters like in Far Cry turning to mud during a storm--very cool). Also the mud should dry up after a day or so (depending upon weather) and should only SLOW certain vehicles down, not stop them outright. Adjusting windage for rifles would be quite cool as well, though only if it's done right. In addition to the afformentioned benefits to the sniping community, it would make long-distance shooting a bit harder, and sort of put more emphasis on maneuvering into place and finding a good firing position. Maybe on lower difficulties a little 3D arrow could appear in the corner of the screen, showing the direction of the wind relative to the player character? Realism/Difficulty fiends could turn it off and target enemies the old-fashioned way.
  15. CherokeeJack

    Strategic decisions

    Well, we know that Game 2 is going to contain RPG elements (in fact, the preview posted on ArmA.dk describes the environment in Game 2 to be sort of Morrowind-like), though exactly which ones it will have are anybody's guess. Myself, I wouldn't mind it at all, though it would be really cool if it were optional. Now I'm really curious to see exactly how RPG-like BIS is willing to make Game 2.