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  1. cobra5000

    TV-Series fan credits

    Hello there. I owned the past OFP by CD and now i have the arma:cwc. I want to make a "TV-Series" end credits about ARMA:Resistance and i want to use the last seconds of "Darken" by 7th. If anyone can give me suggestions about the creators names for the TV-series fan credits?
  2. i built a example mission for myself about slingload: https://www.mediafire.com/?5lgy888wwyoc45p i put modules where they needed to be in but they didn't worked :( what wrong on my mission?
  3. When i played the showcase of sling load, i could enable to attach the container to the chopper. but i tried on my own mission, the container i place in the editor didn't attached to the helicopter (like ch-67). 1. How i make any object to be attachable via sling load? 2. What objects and vehicles can be attach by any helicopters?
  4. cobra5000

    Arma 3 FanArt

    this is my fan-calender i made on indesign: http://cobra5000.deviantart.com/art/Arma3-Calender-483540787
  5. 1. How i make an unit to chase the player unit on foot and i get far from it, the unit enter his vehicle and chase the player unit and if the unit close to the player, he get-out from vehicle (just like gta games) 2. How i use the patrol module in the full version of arma3 (not alpha) and the skirmish module (not from alpha version)? 3. How i make underwater missions with AI Divers in the deep of the ocean (not floating)? - n.b: the same with the submarines
  6. i wish that the mv-22, f-35 ,c-130j and more new vehicles which we saw on arma3 preview screenshots will return in arma3 helicopter and also i want to see campaign and missions.
  7. hi How i make some tasks (with modules ofcourse) to completed: 1. My regular rifleman unit dress pilot uniforms plus pilot weapons. 2. After i put satchels if i have more, i will post it.
  8. Do you know i make my amoobox with Virtual Arsenal with only faction weapons like Virtual Arsenal with Nato (or CSAT/AAF/FIA/Civil) weapons only
  9. cobra5000

    Names in radiocalls

    thank you :)
  10. In arma3, in some missions this game and the campaign, you hear the unit's name in the radiocalls How i do this in my own missions?
  11. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4536378,00.html http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-28097164 this is the sadest evening in my country after 2 weeks and half to find them. we hoped they will find them alive but the hope is broken today. R.I.P
  12. cobra5000

    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    please make the IAF version of T-6 Texan 2
  13. cobra5000

    Videos on ARMA3 and more

    i confused about "Earthquacks" - it's earthquakes 4. how i end the mission when the player died?
  14. Hi, do you know how i do those things: 1. adding video just like the 2. UAV View when i start my mission. 3. Earthquacks.
  15. cobra5000

    youtube code

    i am on the dev mod and steam overlay is on