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    Google earth height?

    thx for your tips. I have mapped a 3km x 3km area in europe and it works perfect. I have taken the pictures from 1.21 km height, so my Grid in GE Matches the Grid size in Photoshop. cu chriz
  2. hi! I wonder from which height do you recommend to take pictures from Google Earth? Is one pixel from GE 1m in Visitor3/ArmA? thx chriz
  3. Chriz6662

    Mod Manager

    hi! ArmA Launcher v1.11 http://www.kegetys.net/dl.php/armalauncher111.zip http://www.kegetys.net/arma/img/launcher.png cu chriz
  4. Chriz6662

    Maya ---> O2

    hi! Is it possible to export my Maya Models to O2 without Problems? Which Format should i use for the export? Is it recommended to use Maya for Modeling for ArmA or should I stick to O2 only? cu chriz
  5. Chriz6662

    NATO Map Symbols Pack 2

    very nice symbols. thx for the good work cu chriz
  6. Chriz6662

    Units 3Ds Max

    yeah there is a menu, but is real life inch the same as in ArmA? i dont think so. for example: In Unreal 16 3Ds Max Units is one Inch. cu chriz
  7. hi! How many Units in 3Ds Max is one inch in ArmA? I need it for measuring issues. To model a House or a weapon at accurate dimensions. cu chriz