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  1. Connors

    WW1 Mod Release

    Wonderful work
  2. Connors

    The Rifles Armed Assault Regiment.

    That does indeed help Daniel, I may well check it out when I get my mic working. Thank you.
  3. Connors

    The Rifles Armed Assault Regiment.

    Looks like an interesting organisation. Tell me, besides the obvious job of Rifleman, are there are other specialisations that you have (jobs, that is)?
  4. The SBS are basically the Naval Special Forces as far as I know. I think they orginated as the Special Boat Section of the SAS in World War II.
  5. Connors

    ArmA 1943

    I havn't been able to check the rest of the thread but are you planning on adding the Commonwealth forces as well? (equipment is much the same within the commonwealth)
  6. Connors

    Make it a MMOFPS

    That said mxbean just look at WWIIOL or Planetside.
  7. Connors

    Napoleonic Wars Mod Third Pack Release

    Campaign is nice, I like the way you start before hostilities break out, nice atmosphere. On the rescue mission there does need to be an indicator as to where we go though.
  8. Connors

    Make it a MMOFPS

    Promlem with this is that a MMOFPS requires a lot of developer maintainence and additions over time which limits the scope for more advanced different game. That said it is a nice idea, WWIIOL got it right to a certain extent, althought balance between sides is always going to be hard as in real life sides are rarely balenced.
  9. Connors

    Napoleonic Wars Mod Third Pack Release

    I love you!!!! (not to be taken literally for legal reasons) Seriously though, thanks particuarly for your perseverence as far as I know you've been working on your own for a while, I know a lot of people who said this wouldn't work/get completed.
  10. Connors

    PMC Baltic Command released!

    This is wonderful, really it is. It ranks alongside The Uprising in terms of (re)playabillity in my prized collections of mission and campaigns (dosn't beat Abandoned Armies, but then again nothing does). Well done guys.
  11. Connors

    Napoleonic Wars Mod Addon Pack Release

    Very nice. It'll be nice to see that one of the most unique mods for OFP is done.
  12. Connors

    OFP - Birthday - 6 Years

    Happy Birthday to OFP. Pretty much the best and the most complete all-arms milsim. Its come a long way in six years.
  13. Connors

    Felish mod: Released

    Cheers mate.
  14. Connors

    Felish mod: Released

    Sorry to bump this but does anyone have a copy of the mission they can upload, all the links i've tried for it are dead.
  15. Connors

    SAS Afgahn Dynamic mission

    maybe he put it in the campaigns folder?