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  1. CsonkaPityu

    US weapons

    By that I meant that he's not on the ground... Not that flying choppers is a worthless thing. I'm not blaming them, they're out there for months in the dusty sun and not a single brothel in sight, crappy KBR food and 99$ for washing clothes, Haliburton not cleaning their water, asshats like me telling them on the internet, hairy arabs that have no access to water. I'd be pissed too. But lets stop acting like US soldiers are modern day Saints.
  2. CsonkaPityu

    US weapons

    Hey I'm sure monty himself is a great guy, i mean he just flies choppers but lets face it nice US footsoldiers are the exception not the rule...
  3. CsonkaPityu

    US weapons

    ... ok? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3UrVRCojJs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1zrss0fwmM&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy_BSksdvAM And that's just stuff that doesn't get deleted off youtube... aww i keep finding more nuggets... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v....search=
  4. CsonkaPityu

    I think it was a mistake to even mention Game2..

    In all honesty i think armed assault and its 6 year old engine just suck now... They should just turn their attention fully to G2 after releasing the mod tools. If the AI, graphics and physics in G2 are as bad as in ArmA or if they even remind me of it it's gonna be one bad game... i ordered a T-72 and a BMP into a village and it was like watching pinball. The vehicles in arma are far from simulation level, tanks do not have SUO (or well they always have it turned on), range finders, different optics. The cars driving model is also just terrible, not realistic but it's a pain to drive for sure. The setting is also just amateur stuff, the buildings are badly textured and there is no infrastructure present, not one hospital or school or police station or fireware dept., anything at all. The unit choices are also terrible for armed assault, BIS didn't do any research whatsoever they just used their old unit lists and added a stryker. If the above mistakes get made with G2 too than ok fine keep supporting ArmA i guess... but if G2 will be better then by all means lets forget the arma and move on.
  5. CsonkaPityu

    European Politics Thread.

    Actually the reason he hates immigrants (mainly muslims) is because he's hungarian and greek. No two people hate turks and muslims more then hungarians and greeks. Centuries of hate for all things brown in both countries... mainly because the turks tried to wipe us out. O.o The turks here in hungary don't even dare say they are turkish... they call their doners gyros. :O
  6. CsonkaPityu

    European Politics Thread.

    I can't believe the french voted in Sárközy. He's like a french speaking Gyurcsány... Same pro-american attitude that all corrupt eastern european politicians have (american "marketing agencies" probably helped his campaign)... and the same hypocrisy.
  7. CsonkaPityu

    Dolphin Slaughter... Disturbing

    What's with dolphins and this extra special treatment they deserve? Is it because of Flipper?
  8. CsonkaPityu

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    Actually that's not too far from reality... If you see mortar rounds hit the ground near you you automatically try to get out of there since the spotters are probably correcting the coordinates so the next volley will be ontop of you. Now if you're dug in it's not that big of a problem, but if you're out in the field you can't allow a mortar barrage to hit you. Plus long range artillery shells/missles need a little time to travel to the target.
  9. CsonkaPityu

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    Some info: http://www.joystiq.com/2006....rorists That's the cheesiest storyline i've ever read about... and the game will lack russians (great, Chechnya is just begging to be made into a tactical shooter). My interest is plumeting.
  10. CsonkaPityu

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    You could make it an RPG where you talk to a buncha people, make alliances/enemies, try to persuade others to join your cause, go on tiny fetch quests. You could go on dangerous quests to get better equipment, like for example you would have to sneak into/raid an Iran funded shiite militia's compound to steal some SA-7s or better RPGs and IED materials. All this in a living breathing middle-eastern envirioment. You could also mix in some GTA action. It could be done. 1 star level: iraqi police, 2 stars: iraqi police with better equipment, 3 stars: iraqi national guard, 4: us troops with airforce, tanks and everything else to make your day a bad one.
  11. CsonkaPityu

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    The trailer had russians in it so i'm interested afterall. O.o
  12. CsonkaPityu

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    Oh... well atleast it's news it'll get revealed at some american football draft this Sunday or what. Couldn't find a topic on it here so i thought it's unknown. But I really don't understand how they wanna bring that frantic, over the top, action movie feeling over into modern combat without turning it into some ridiculous game version of a B action movie.
  13. CsonkaPityu

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2006....ent.htm http://kotaku.com/gaming....122.php Has anyone else heard about this? CoD going modern... to a setting that has nothing but low intensity engagements... i wonder how the iraqi insurgents are gonna do trench fighting... >_>
  14. CsonkaPityu

    Video of Colin McRea Dirt using the Neon Engine

    Looks great. But i think i'm seeing 2D backgrounds as part of the skybox... which would mean the areas in OFP2 would be small unless they heavily modify the engine.
  15. CsonkaPityu

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    And here I thought VBS2/Game 2 was new from the ground up and had little to nothing in common with the old OFP engine... silly me... sorry for the whole swearing part, my blood pressure's high because of exams. >_<