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  1. Canalien

    High Velocity Rates of Fire...

    to be honest i'm not really concerned about fps drops. i just want to have the option of having the weapons set up realistically.
  2. Canalien

    High Velocity Rates of Fire...

    yeah typo... should have read 60 rounds per minute
  3. Canalien

    High Velocity Rates of Fire...

    that doesn't sound right to me... by that logic the maximum rate of fire in the game is 60 bullets per second. even rifles fire faster than that and they don't use multipliers.
  4. Canalien

    High Velocity Rates of Fire...

    i really don't know much about scripting, but is it possible to make up a little config.cpp (?) that would alter the appropriate lines in weapons.pbo insteaod trying to mess with it itself?
  5. Hi there, something that's always bugged me about ArmA (I think this was also an issue back OFP as far as I remember) is the way that high velocity rates of fire are 'simulated' or more appropriately... cheated. Take the Vulcan on on the VADS for instance: when firing the smallest possible amount at once (1 projectile) the ammo count drops 6 at a time. I believe this may have been a leftover from BIS' original 'laser' tracers which lit up every round... by dropping the count 6 times and only seeing 1 tracer (because, really, only 1 round is being fire) an intermittent tracer load is somewhat simulated. The same goes with the Shilka; ammo count drop on the smalelst burst possible is much higher than the amount of projectiles that actually leave the barrel. Now that we have wonderful toys like SIX tracers which actually can fire intermittently, this original 'cheat' is really obvious visually and the fact that, for example, the Vulcan on the VADS really only has 350 rounds in it for the supposed 2100 is atrocious. It seems to be the case across all high velocity guns in the game; the majority of the rounds supposedly being fired are disappearing into thin air. Any thoughts on ways of rectifying this?
  6. i can't seem to run buldozer from visitor3... it tries to start but then i get a little 'ArmA' error dialog that says 'No entry bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/Regular/Flags.VonID'. Then when I click out of that I get another 'Arma' error dialog that says 'Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?)' Following that there's the standard 'ArmA has encountered a problem and needs to close etc etc Send error Report? etc' type box. Any help?
  7. Canalien

    Sahrani Life

    did the searchjob from workplace 1... it told me to go find a blackhawk in the forest, so i did and then.... nothing. it doesn't give me any further instructions or options and i can't get a new job.
  8. Canalien

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    Haha sweet crowd mangling fury. Well if that's too easy for you, how about simulating some of that sweet six-way programmable Bofors 3P 40/57mm ammo (not that you can use it any either of these tanks)... just kidding :P
  9. Canalien

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    Ah I see, my mistake... So in the default load out there's no use for the HEAT FCS mode because there are no M830 HEAT-MP-T shells in the tank... only M830A1 and APFSDS. That makes more sense if it's the case... any possibility of having the script detect exactly which shells the tank is equipped with at any given time and restricting FCS modes accordingly? (ie... if there are no M830 shells, don't give the HEAT option at all) Or am i still misunderstanding?
  10. Canalien

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    Alright, thanks... so really is there much difference between the MPAT and HEAT FCS options considering it's using the same shell? Any ideas on the auto-reload problem?
  11. Canalien

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    Still unclear as to what all the different FCS modes actually do... aside from the MPAT Proximity fuze, which is obvious... What exactly is the difference between the APFSDS, HEAT and regualr MPAT FCS modes? I seem to be able to use any of the four modes (excluding the coax obviously) with either type of shell... nothing seems to be mutually exclusive. I can load APFSDS rounds for example, select the MPAT (Proximity) FCS mode and still hit choppers. The other three modes seem to pretty much do exactly the same thing no matter what shell type you load. I can get the same results hitting targets using the appropriate shell without having to switch between FCS modes. Also, I find that I don't have to select or reload the shells manually every time I fire as indicated in the original post... It just does it automatically as per vanilla. early beta bugs or am i doing something wrong here? Also, might we see an M1028 Canister round in the future?
  12. Canalien

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    Yep it's white. Now for my own stupid question... what's the purpose of the non-proximity fuzed MPAT shell?
  13. Canalien

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    Gave it a bash, absolutely love it. This is going to be supremely good by the time it gets a 1.0 release. Made a little youtube demo video of the M1A1 smashing a few moving targets... including the money shot of an MI-17 getting knocked out of the air. http://youtube.com/watch?v=QuQOI5P8Rfw
  14. Canalien

    Working GTLD II Rangefinder

    I'd also like to know if there's a way to get AI to lase targets for other players with this thing...