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  1. No, you need to change the optics .p3d file, too. It's quite easy to do. Just look in the config.cpp file of the weapon and copy the path modelOptics="??"
  2. Chip

    IM:UC Mod Thread

    this setDammage 1, perhaps?
  3. I see that some ppl don't know the proper designations of gulf conflicts. The first gulf war was actually the Iran-Iraq war, not the 'desert storm'.
  4. Chip

    Armed Assault trailer

    It is quite nice to finally have more visibility and better lighting. But I see the FPS are still low and choppy during action. Hope to see some major improvement in that department.
  5. Chip

    dynamic optics

    That's the kind of weapon systems we need in OFP!
  6. Chip

    dynamic optics

    The missile was still in flight at the time the vehicles drove on the bridge.
  7. Chip

    Mi - 8 pack v 1.0 relased

    I believe it has already been made! http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....zil+131 http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=6330
  8. Chip

    Mi - 8 pack v 1.0 relased

    Again an absolutely excellent addon!
  9. Chip

    Mi-8 pack - work in progress

    True, as we can see both addons will be top quality.
  10. Chip

    Sgt. Andy Stevens (Warpig) has died in Iraq

    There's no Retry button in RL.
  11. Chip

    release over steam

    You must be running a steaming fever. Stop that nonsense!
  12. Chip

    Question on Animations

    Where did the devs get the silly original animations from, anyway? The gun on the elbow is a classic, as is the civilian grenade throwing.
  13. Chip

    Retextured Shilka Anyone

    Afganka, with radar removed and with additional ammo? Yes. Sweet! And it actually shoots from all four guns! Can't wait for it.
  14. Chip

    Retextured Shilka Anyone

    Afganka, with radar removed and with additional ammo?
  15. Chip

    Release Thread 2

    Let's hope so. It's starting to look bad.