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  1. Ceriy

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Are helicopters predefined to always be the same? Can they be changed it using addons? Thank you for the great mission.
  2. There is a thread Addon Request Thread for requesting or posting ideas about addons you want in game.
  3. Ceriy

    - Final patch 1.08

    Final meaning latest patch available
  4. Ceriy

    ArmA now found in Wal-Mart

    WalMart had them in Nebraska since first day of sales, but in Best Buy I only saw 1 copy today. Was there yesterday they still didn't have it.
  5. I've seen ArmA in walmart in Lincoln, Nebraska on Monday, 14 May. They had 3 copies on shelf.
  6. Ceriy

    Retail Store Availability?

    Walmart and BestBuy will have it on shelves after 8th. You can order it online from walmart now.
  7. Ceriy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Has anyone in US found a store that has ArmA?
  8. Ceriy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Atari.com/us Get it there... the download can be bought in Canada. Don't need a download. I'd rather buy it on a cd/dvd.
  9. Ceriy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I went to 4 stores today, and the only answer I got, was: "Don't carry it, and don't plan on it in near future."
  10. You could contact the members of OFP Civil War mod and find out if they were going to continue working on their mod. If they will you could work with them. That would save you a lot of time, by using their addons, and only creating extra units you would like in game, instead of creating everything from scratch.
  11. Try to leave your troops protecting engineers, and run to the right, try to kill all the attackers from that side from as far away as possible. Then run back an shoot anything that comes close.
  12. Ceriy

    US Demo Released

    It's the same result with or without the process explorer
  13. Ceriy

    US Demo Released

    Trying to launch the demo and get this message: SecuROMâ„¢ has determined that a File/Reg Mon program is present is running in the background. Please close this program before you start the application. http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=module&c=5024 I don't have any emulation software or any virtual drives. What could be causing this problem? Here is a list of all running processes:
  14. Ceriy

    WANTED: texture template

    Save it as a .tga and then convert to .paa with TexView
  15. That version of kraz came only with one model? and it wasn't very good.