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    Mapfact.net releases DAC

    I posted this in the ME&S forum before realising the was a completed thread for the topic... Once again, kickass work to all involved. edit: Also, After a while i notice through the radio sidechat that individual units are being deleted, these are not corpses as it happens if I load a mission and wait, just wondering what's up with this?
  2. Awsome work Silola, MCPXXL and the whole Mapfact Team. I've only had a few minutes to test it out but am very impressed with the included tutorial missions, especially DAC_07_ReduceBigZone.Eden. I have a couple of questions though, I get an error message '...missing addon mfcti11' was this not included in the DAC d/load? Also how do I remove the enemy radio sidechat concerning enemy spotted etc? Sorry if this is covered in the readme I just haven't had time to go through it all yet.
  3. C4P741N

    Missions by Eestikas88

    You beat me to it Placebo, I was going to post this...
  4. C4P741N

    DMA European Resistance

    I don't have all DMA addons but I was wondering why, in the DMA Army Modpack and this addon, that the DMA tag was not added to the pbos?
  5. C4P741N

    DMA European Resistance

    DMA is fast becoming my favourite Mod Team. These units look kickass, unfortunately work will get in the way of my testing of them, downloading now. Thanks Williec and DMA you guys rock.
  6. C4P741N

    RHS Releases: T80 MBT Pack v.1

    Just had a quick test of these tanks in the editor... superb!!!. One thing though, the circling of the tanks is not an OFP glitch, I just plonked down 4 of your T80s against 4 BIS M1A1s and played as both sides. The M1s do not exibit this circling behaviour. Playing in this fashion also showed mme that the 'B' varients armour is weak as piss, is this the case in R/L aswell? The others survive much longer.
  7. C4P741N

    Damn i search somewhat

    when did BAS release an AH-1W? Is/was it a new model, re-tex, what?
  8. C4P741N


    I could be wrong but VBS2 is being produced by BIA and ArmA is being produced by BIS, two seperate groups, so the making of one shouldn't slow the making of the other. As I said I could be wrong.
  9. C4P741N


    The update they said was never coming! Thanks T J and BAS. Hope to see you doing work in either Armed Assault or Game 2, your shit is top notch.
  10. C4P741N

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    Zayfod will be pissed to hear that. I think he (and others) spent a considerable amount of time trying to fix the grenade issues.
  11. I can't see the images you posted MCPXXL.
  12. C4P741N

    NIMOD Dynamic Weather

    What are you shitting me? The falling leaves and blizzard alone are fantastic.
  13. CCE = CoIn Coop Engine. Developed by tacrod and the DMA team. It's a dynamic one mission campaign. CoIn Coop Engine Thread Cap.
  14. Any chance of a DAC/CCE hybrid?
  15. C4P741N

    Us colonial marines

    Please, for the love of whatever god you bow to, Please don't allow this mod to gather dust as the Halo mod has done. All I wanted from the Halo mod was the Pelican and Warthog. In this case I really only seek the Dropship and APC (anything else would be a bonus). If work does cease please consider releasing open source betas of all WIP. Respectfully... Cap.
  16. C4P741N

    Newbie to site

    Actually, jeffb mentioned Tonal in his initial post. In terms of buildings, the Tonal pack comes with BAS_O.pbo which contains all buildings/textures used on the Tonal Isles. Cap.
  17. C4P741N

    Custom notebook

    I've been thinking about doing this for some time. Did you change the model or is it just a retex?. I was also thinking about changing the Notepad with an O2 XDA or some other PDA. Nice work. Cap.
  18. What addons/mods/missions would you most like to see converted or will convert yourself into ArmA? The only things I intend to take/convert (if possible) is JAM3, DMA's CCE and Mapfacts DAC (unreleased). My OFP addon collection is a refined 1gb (compressed) of what I beleive is the flashpoint communities finest work, BAS, DKMM, CBT, RHS, ORCS, LSR and many other single authors/releases. As keen as I am to see these in ArmA I will probably just wait for new shiny toys to come after it's release. The reason for my top 3 choices is that I think standardisation of community addons from the beginning is a must and the other two are just my love of dynamic/random/unpredictable/replayble and easy to create missions. What will you take? Cap.
  19. Any more news on this one Silola? Can't wait to try this out with roaming patrols/MG Jeeps. The preview pdf was very informative and only added to my want for this script set. I'm unsure if I missed this in the readme or thread but does it(DAC) support mechanized infantry who will dismount to engage, then remount thier vehicle(s)? Or is that something that GLII would be needed for? Cap.
  20. C4P741N

    DMA CoIn Coop Engine

    To the best of my knowledge, not being tacrod or even a DMA member, this could be done in about 5 minutes. All you should need to change is the scripts contained in both the cce.Noe\spawn_enemy and the cce.Noe\spawn_friendly folders. Then load up cce in the editor and change the starting units to SFP4 pack... unless I've missed something. edit: I've done this... imported CCE to Afghan_Everon and used HYK units, COMBAT! APCs, INQ M1, BAS MH60 and JJR Rebels (plugin provided ). But I haven't tested it much to see if I broke anything. Cap.
  21. C4P741N

    New Editings Tutorials

    I'm a little confused, you say you are writing a tutorial about groups, ok good. But you want some/everyone else to tell you every little detail about your chosen topic. This is not writing a tutorial, it's compiling one at best. Cap.
  22. C4P741N

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    I can't wait for this pack. Excellent work on the Tie pack aswell Acacyn. I have a few questions/suggestions/requests. Do you have any screenshots of the scout trooper? The clone at the right end of your sig. If you ever update the Tie pack could you modify all bomber varients to allow for the dropping of multiple bombs in quick succession? 1 bomb every 500m is a bit of a let down. Would you consider modifying the speederbike released years ago to carry a passanger and mount lasers on it? or if you're considering making a new model then how about Darth Mauls Swoopbike from ep. 1. Keep up the good work (all GAW members) I will make a modified CCE mission when these troops are available. Cap.
  23. C4P741N

    DMA CoIn Coop Engine

    Whooparse! Thankyou tacrod and the DMA team. *almost tempted to use the dancing banana smilie* Cap.
  24. C4P741N

    Star Wars mod

    ECP and FlashFX both have damaged engine smoke scripts. Cap.