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  1. Consigliere

    War music

    LMAO... I'm listening to that right now Spooky
  2. Consigliere

    War music

    Nick Glennie-Smith's end credits of We Were Soldiers never fails to get me all emotional          Especially: "The Mansions of the Lord" To fallen soldiers let us sing where no rockets fly nor bullets wing Our broken brothers [and sisters] let us bring to the mansions of the Lord No more bleeding no more fight No prayers pleading through the night just divine embrace, eternal light in the mansions of the Lord Where no mothers cry and no children weep We will stand and guard tho the angels sleep All through the ages safely keep the mansions of the Lord
  3. Consigliere

    War music

    Who can forget Ride of the Valkyries
  4. Consigliere

    War music

    Hans Zimmer hands down, although John Williams is also a good movie composer. I agree that the MOH theme tune is very good too
  5. Consigliere

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    No...That is what I was referring to
  6. Consigliere

    Eax, 5.1 speakers, headphones and games

    We are not able to distinguish between forward hemisphere and rear hemisphere sounds anyway
  7. Consigliere

    Nogovan army?

    It was 1 Euro for the lot, according to AFM Â Oh and Bmgarcangel, I don't think you're thinking straight.
  8. Consigliere

    Wargames addpak

    Errrm...Are you blind or something?
  9. Consigliere

    Wargames addpak

    I almost mean the same as you. Question: How can I use the CAS? Aircraft don´t attack. Any script? It creates an invisible target for any other HUMAN pilot to be able to lock onto, so that he knows precisely where to attack. It doesn't do anything in SP.
  10. Consigliere

    What militaria do you own?

    Nice, looks well used ( the Land Rover ) Oh and...Why the FOOK did you buy 9(?) geiger counters??
  11. Consigliere

    Absolutely tasteless

    I signed the one which has 72 signatures. Is that the right one?
  12. Consigliere

    What militaria do you own?

    You're bonkers Blackdog
  13. Consigliere

    Women in the military

    I shan't be flying Tornados I'll either be flying Hercs or Chinooks, or if I was to fly a combat aircraft, it'd be the Typhoon But look, your attitude is that of an anti-military person, and as such, your reasoning and points is/are questionable to say the least, for anybody who is either currently serving, or who has, or who will. As I said before, servicemen do not generally sign up to go kill people/to get killed. They accept that this is part of being in the military, but they don't sign up because of this. The military isn't just about killing/getting killed. It is practically the opposite, as it basically teaches you how to live, how to fend for yourself. My father learnt tons from being in the military. From sewing, to driving an M60, to night vision techniques.
  14. Consigliere

    Dear egm

    Simple ; copy what you wrote and paste it into Word, then run a spell and grammar check
  15. Consigliere

    Dear egm

    Consigliere - <consigliere1982@Hotmail.com> Currently student pilot in the RAFVR ( Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve ). Will join a service when university degree is completed. You have made a few grammatical and spelling errors, but overall a pretty good letter. Ran suggested that a brief but detailed 'picture' of the conditions in Chechnya be included in the letter, which I said I would help him with if he was interested. Perhaps this should be added in when it has been written.