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    LHD Editoraddon

    you need to use the setpos command in the units initline that you want to put on the carrier :)
  2. maybe some of the tiscaly guys are working on a competing games company on the side? :D And they do everything to bad mouth Bis. I mean its just one reviewer really, in the end I'll make my own decision if the game is good or not but all the previews both the positive and less positive ones and user talk has sure made me hyped enough to buy the game first and a new computer later :D
  3. Commando84

    IAWS standard definition

    man this seems hightech! :) you haven't thought about making a tutorial for making a addon aircraft from start to end? :)
  4. Commando84

    no flying missions!

    put out a playable soldier or pilot or whatever class you want to be, then F1 again on some empty place nearby and click where it says side or faction and tell it to be empty, only works for vehicle section and not soldiers :D click ok and you have placed out your first empty vehicle :) Now go on and click on some other empty spot and repeat and change the vehicle type and hit ok. Now you got two empty vehicles :) drag a box like you can drag a box in windows to select several folders or files and select the empty vehicles and your soldier and move them with by clicking down and holding left mouse button i belive and drag them to where a airfield is located on the map.
  5. Commando84

    Why the USMC?

    the Chernarussians asked for help?
  6. maybe its a optimzation thingy so the game won't be to heavy on the system like LOD's are used for 3d models in the game? Textures are also Loded somehow? :)
  7. I don't get how people can say Arma 1 was better? I haven't tried A2 yet but I sure as hell can see alot of the differences in screens and vids and what people have told me.
  8. Commando84

    List of animals i can use in the editor.

    the zombie dogs from resident evil games/movies have to make it to ARma 2 somehow later on :D
  9. Commando84

    AT Weapons-Whats wrong!?

    Sometimes you find ways to do things that works in the game but would't work irl :D its called having fun or having luck :)
  10. The game has totally run out of stock from here http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=94710 One of sweden's biggest stores for everything gaming and dvd and hardware :D Arma 2 seems to see really good sales
  11. Commando84

    International Politics Thread

    when people cry out for help will you act or stand idle? I dunno If I would sacrifice my life but I understand the common people trying to do the little they can to support the passage ways of free communication , Eg the internet :) And I don't think all the Iranian and other refuges left their countries just because of the Nice swedish winters here :D maybe it was the rumoured swedish blondes? Or was it the undemocratic way their country was being run and people being sent to joil and harrassed all the time?
  12. lol this poll seemed so unecessary :D But I voted demo but now after reading some comments maybe they delayed the demo cause they saw some issues in the demo wich then got fixed and incorporated into the patch wich will make everyone's experience better in the longterm view of course :)
  13. Commando84

    International Politics Thread

    whats your take on the Iran situation? There seems like people are protesting alot and won't stop to do it in the near future. The swedish internet activists are also helping the Iranian people maintain comm's by providing proxy servers so that the Iranian people can access the net and still be able to comunicate even though the regime is trying to block out sites like twitter and facebook ect.
  14. nice work Fromz! The map inside the c hopper was a bit low res but nice work on the big picture :) those PLA choppers look very sexy :) Yeah I tried getting into O2 during ofp but it was such a hassle with having to alt tab constantly between the manual and O2 to read what buttons did what :D I was hoping I could do stuff in max or maya and import it to O2 someday. Got some stuff I would like to do, I just need to get some creative energy to last for the afternoon after work :D
  15. Commando84

    Who's going to resist buying on the 19th?

    man I got it preordered from game on the 19th :D Yeah me and Bis go way back to a demo back in 2001 of ofp 1 :) Sure Bis doesn't release perfect 1.0 versions of games but I know Bis puts down lot of love into their products anyways and that makes me wanna buy their products. Hell I won't have a proper comp to run it until after the summer maybe but Im still buying so I can have it ready when I've saved up the cash for it.
  16. You guys do all you modeling in o2 or you use some other tools sometimes? :) Nice stuff there Scubaman3d! I hope I can get into doing modeling for Arma 2 too sometime :)
  17. Commando84

    Too many servers = small populations

    I dunno RN_Escobar hardware prices are droppin also with the economy :D I just hope there will be some open admined servers around when i get the game and new comp :)
  18. Commando84

    career path into making games for a living.

    there's some really good advice there from Sith! :)
  19. Commando84

    Autokick for Teamkillers

    Man hope those Tk'er stop Tk'ing :P Yeah lol the banan room should be implemented in all missions! :D Only a really twisted person would enjoy that song.... I hate clans! I seriously hope there will be more open servers n Arma 2 than passworded ones... I just wanna jump in and get immersed into the game and the enviroments and not go on Ts and stuff everytime, its always a hassle :P playing clan practice games, clan matches, clan meetings ect.ect...
  20. Commando84

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    lol you guys are over the top :D
  21. hey I just watched the new terminator movie :D there is lots of cool things that could be done but I dunno they seem difficult :D But something are already in Arma 1 and 2 that was in the movie, there was blackhawks, A-10's and huey's and you could probably use some of the defualt weapons from Arma 2 as resistance weapons. M16's m4's m203's and m134's and equip one of the terminators with the minigun from the blackhawk :D
  22. there is a option in steam that you can choose if you want to have the selected game always up to date or not. So you can shut off the auto updater in steam actually :)
  23. Commando84

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    So the more copies we the Pc gamers buy the higher the chance for a 360 version to get approved by MS? :P :D I'll buy 1 copy first and when i can afford I will buy a second then and give to a friend :) I totally dislike console playing but I can't help myself from wanting to help people out :)
  24. Commando84

    International Politics Thread

    About goverment vs capitalism I don't think there is a one perfect way, its just unrealistic to believe one system totally ownz the other.... There will always be compromises in a free democractic country and its just how much does the state intervine in Capitalist business and how much does Capitalists affect the state. There needs to be a balance, ying and yang, when one part of the system pushes the other to much then its time for people to remind the politicians who they work for. Companies ask for incentives or tax reductions and people ask for decent healtcare options and schools for the children so that they at least can try to make sure they kids can have it as good as their parents or better.
  25. Commando84


    I dunno maybe they didn't like the look of it? Or they tought the fans would complain and ask why did they have to take such and vehicle and rip it off from call of duty 4? :D Time constraints maybe? They maybe had to choose wich vehicles they wanted to make it into the game? They got the blackhawk, the uh1, the V-22 and the C-130 so I think they got tons of airtransport for the Blufor :) Imo they could add some more stuff for the other factions rather than the USMC wich got the fatest amount of hardware available compared to the other factions. Im talking from a mission editors view here and not any realism standpoint ;) In my opinion all the worlds vehicles both civilian and military would be cool if BIS made them but they couldn't, It would probably take EA games one of the largest games distributors, games companies all artists to make all the worlds vehicles propably 10 years or so at least... And getting all the art to maintain a consistent art style and all would be a nightmare then :D