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  1. thought a comp of that spec would get a better benchmark... The benchmark does only test CPU and RAM speeds, the video card has nothing to do with the benchmark score. If graphics accelerator was tested too, I'd have got 5893 or similar . I've only put it here to give an overall view of my system, and because most other ppl has done so.
  2. ColdShine

    Knowsabout & ai behaviour

    Nevermind, this is not true. I've tried a soldier with accuracy=3.9, it's fired upon when knowsAbout raises above 1.5. Then I can't actually tell where the 1.5 knowsAbout value comes from...
  3. ColdShine

    Knowsabout & ai behaviour

    I know it's a really old post, but I've found those info really useful for a simple mod I needed to create for a mission of mine, so... Btw, I've found why knowsAbout values 1.5 and 4 are important: I took a look in CfgVehicles.hpp, and I've found most units have a line "accuracy=1.5", or inherit from a base class with such line. So it seems when knowsAbout raises above the unit's accuracy value, it's reckonized and fired upon (if enemy combat mode is fit). Snipers have "accuracy=3.5", which is really high (4 is absolute maximum), but since the Sniper base class is a soldier (like in "class SoldierESniper : SoldierEB"), it's fired upon, because an enemy soldier is always a threat. Camouflage soldiers (SoldierEFakeW and similar) have a sligthly raised accuracy value (2), but their base class is the opponent's side, so they are not fired upon until knowsAbout value rises above 2, which takes quite a bit for AI to. This also explains a trick Suma has suggested to make a unit class look identically to its base class to enemy by setting "accuracy=1000", a value knowsAbout will never get to. Here's the example Suma quoted: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> //Western trucks class Truck5t : Truck { Â Â accuracy=0.30; }; class Truck5tOpen : Truck5t { Â Â accuracy=1000; // never recognized }; The "accuracy=1000" causes the Truck5tOpen always to be reported as Truck5t whatever value knowsAbout is. Also, note the low accuracy value Truck5t has, it is to make it get reckonized as enemy if knowsAbout raises above a lowish level, 0.3. As long as knowsAbout is below 0.3, the truck will not be fired upon since its base class Truck has no defined side (which I think causes AI not to fire upon it).
  4. CPU: AMD Athlon 1400 MHz FSB 266 MHz Memory: 512 MB DDR 266 MHz Video: ATi Radeon 9500 128MB @ 9700 Pro Benchmark: 2884 or 2876 (keeps floating between these 2 numbers)
  5. ColdShine

    Ai and dead bodies?

    If you download the ZIP file (the link is a little below the 2 screenshots), you actually find inside a translated version of the page.
  6. You can try<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">gunner your_M2 action ["STR_ACTION_LIGHTOFF", your_M2] I've used this several times in an ambush-like mission.
  7. Thanks a heap guys for your tests. The problem is actually the time needed by AI to figure out you're back captive, as bn880 noticed. I've done the same tests as before, and I found that if I halt a couple mins unnoticed and then pop back in view, enemies will not fire upon me. So it's only a problem of AI units being little reactive, not (pheeew ) a bug in the game. Luckily enough, this could be thought to as an expected behaviour in my mission .
  8. Do you mind to test and see if you get the same behaviour? Please
  9. ColdShine

    Scripting & waypoints

    You can exec the script in the Activation field of waypoint (1), then create a trigger with Condition set to a certain variable your script sets to "true" upon exit, then you sync waypoint (2) to that trigger, and you're done.
  10. Well, this actually results in a crash or in an error, since you are dividing a number by 0 to get its remainder. Did you mean "_num mod 1" ?
  11. Please look at the 2 examples below. Suppose the "setCaptive false" as being triggered by enemy spotting player when he gets near enough (mere sight does NOT trigger it, then). This code sequence leads to the expected result: 1. setCaptive true 2. player kills enemy unit 3. setCaptive false 4. setCaptive true At this point, player is treated as captive. That's right! This is the sequence which leads to an unexpected behaviour (2 & 3 are swapped): 1. setCaptive true 3. setCaptive false 2. player kills enemy unit 4. setCaptive true At this point, enemies will still treat player as enemy instead of captive. Why? I've also tried setting the second group of enemies miles away from the first enemy unit (the one killed in step 2), so they cannot just be thinking "look, that's the bastard who killed James!" or similar ;), but this lead to the same results. Please help TIA, ColdShine
  12. I have searched across 4 search results pages, but nobody seems to have had a similar problem before. Edit: removed all huge scripts as they have proved not to be part of the problem. Of course I can post them back here if needed, but they're somehow distracting now. Please read post below for more info on the problem. TIA, ColdShine
  13. ColdShine

    Weapon info page

    I guess silence means "no way"...
  14. ColdShine

    Weapon info page

    Is it possible to create an info page for a weapon? I mean, the one you see when you click [ i ] under a game base weapon/magazine. I'm asking this, but I think the answer is NO because even BIS official add-ons does not have it.
  15. ColdShine

    Custom actions inside vehicles

    Thank you, what you said is ok, but how do I avoid the duplicate actions when the player is near the car? Should I start a loop which adds the action to player's vehicle only when he's in and removes it when he's out? Or is there a better way? Update: I've written the script, it works great! Wonder if there are better ways of doing the same things...