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    Real Life Photography/Photo Editing II - NO IMAGES >100kb

    I did, wasn't sure how thorny those thorns really were I can't remember what I did to be honest, I didn't have any filters on me, and it was just a little Canon Powershot thingy. I have been known to take photos through my sunglasses though, that might have been it. I think I was holding my sunglasses up so the lens was looking through one of the eye pieces.
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    Real Life Photography/Photo Editing II - NO IMAGES >100kb

    A few of my thorny chum I was quite pleased with:
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    You just know you're boned really: [im]http://www.arseaboutface.com/stalker/stalker_beasts.jpg[/img][/img]>100kb Radiation from the NPP is currently the least of my worries: img]http://www.arseaboutface.com/stalker/stalker_npp.jpg[/img]>100kb
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    Aye, that bugs me too. Some of the later areas it seems like someone added a zero into the spawn scripts by accident, so instead of one creature you get a pack of ten. Nice to look at from a distance, until they start heading over in your direction...
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    Speaking of hard. Running the Oblivion Lost mod and getting into Chernobyl NPP brings new meaning to the word 'hard'. Don't even get me started on once you get inside. You can see why they hauled some of the stuff out of the release version, that's for sure. Well worth it though.
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    That's the one I've been doing an excellent job of losing all my money in far flung corners of the globe these past few years, back now due to erm.. financial constraints The mod truly is the business, it adds a lot the the overall atmosphere of the thing, as you said. So much so, that I actually find myself climbing to the top of tall structures and tucking myself away in a secretive corner, just to catch some sleep! It's entirely possible to go to sleep wherever you like, but to hell with sleeping in the open. I'm about to head up to the Red Forest type area, god only knows what 'drinkspillingonkeyboard' horrors await. Some of the underground facilities are quite a bit harder now, what with the addition of more (and varied) mutants / zombies. Returning to a camp fire expecting to find someone you had a conversation with earlier, only to find they've been killed by wild dogs and dragged off into the bushes is bloody creepy too. **NOTE** this might just be with my installation, but when you reach the "Army Warehouses" area and meet up with the Freedom faction, make sure you save your game before befriending them. (If that's the route you go down of course) I get a crash to desktop when re-loading quicksaves in the Army Warehouses sector, after befriending Freedom; but they work fine in other areas. Just a little heads up
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    Really? Worked for me. Anyway, the link is http://forums.filefront.com/s-t-l-k....os.html It's a top notch collection of three main mods, along with some tweaking. It's the dog's dangling parts. I just keep going back for more...
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    Best bet for a nice and simple mod would be to go with "Oblivion Lost" (the original game title) It's a collection of mods that restore a lot of the original functionality and features that were either incomplete, or removed for some reason. Things like drivable vehicles, randomised anomalies, free-roaming AI (encounter anything and anyone, anywhere), realistic weapons damage (and weapon names), a handy sleeping bag, new mutants and more zombie types, the list goes on and on. One of the coolest features in my opinion is the re-introduction of randomised "blowouts" from the reactor, get caught in the open when one of those hits and kiss your stalking ass goodnight. The AI actually reacts to these as well, running for cover, or getting fried in the open etc. Details here: Click this link It's a totally different (and better) game after using this mod, although of course some of the things are a little rough around the edges.
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    Real life photography/photo editing

    Not posted here for a while, but there are some good pictures as always in this thread. This is actually a shameless plug. I'm trying to raise cash for the charity Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF) by riding my motorcycle around Australia, all on my lonesome. 15,000km done so far, and a lot further to go. So if you fancy a gander at the blog or some more photos, visit www.arseaboutface.com. Any pennies you donate go straight to the charity, I don't get a chance to spend them on anything tasty. But to keep things on topic, some piccies! For correct operating procedure, please return to upright position This is West Bay on Kangaroo Island Some of the roads are good for a laugh West Bay on Kangaroo Island in luuurv mode Me, lost in the forests south of Perth Sorry for the shameless plug, but I'm trying to get as many people donating as possible, and it's all for a good cause!
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    The Art thread

    Not at the moment, hopefully there will be soon though!
  11. CosmicCastaway

    The Art thread

    A wee thing based on experiences playing Flashpoint with a less than ideal connection Click for full size version Click for full size version
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    War against terror

    Let's see how long it takes for the British 'justice' system to make a mockery of all the hard work and effort by the security forces. Couple of days and they'll probably be out on bail and shacked up in a cushy hotel suite. Nice to see most travellers were taking the increased security measures in their stride though.
  13. Does anyone have any idea why the following might be occuring? I've got a mission designed for multiplayer, with an intro. Now when I export it from the editor to single player, the intro works fine and moves on to the mission as it should. However when I do the same but export it to multiplayer, Flashpoint just skips the intro completely and goes straight into the mission. It does the same if I just copy the missions from the 'missions' directory into the 'MPmissions' directory. Any ideas, as I've been completely stumped?
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    Multiplayer intro...

    Cheers, thats what I did in the end.
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    World's talest bridge!

    I'm not usually that impressed by much modern architecture/structures I've seen recently, but this definately ranks up there as one of the most attractive bridges I've yet to travel across. Â There's some stuff on it over at the BBC too http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4091813.stm
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    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Yup, and you get a lot of trees by planting them one at a time, time after time.
  17. CosmicCastaway

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Sure do, as do adult trees. However the amount they release back through respiration, is generally less than they fix from the atmosphere, meaning that forests are a 'sink' for carbon. 6H20 + 6C02 = C6H12o6(Carbohydrate) +6O2 Plus of course they conveniently convert water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrate and oxygen. Nice of them eh? ;)
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    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Methinks you REALLY need to re-evaluate these so called 'reasons'.
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    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Depressing development that. I would hope that the UK can either exert some sort of pressure to not go down that road, or will at least completely distance itself from any move. Unlikey as it is that the government might consider common sense before being sucked in such a scheme. Allowing the country to be used as a base for such a scheme would only open it up to a greater likelihood of attack. (should such a situation arise)
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    The Iraq thread 4

    3 UK troops from the Blackwatch have just been killed in an ambush: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3983443.stm
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    Us presidential election 2004

    Keep em scared How true... Edit: You'll need Quicktime.
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    Somebody please suggest

    EEP! You can't imagine the shitstorm of comments you're about to stir up I'd recommend Hidden and Dangerous 2 though, not exactly similar to Flashpoint, but I'm definately enjoying it. Also, how about some of the mods for Flashpoint, have you tried any of those? The Finnish Defence Force mod is very good.
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    The Elder Scrolls:Oblivion

    Gothic 2 had me hooked for absolutely ages. Morrowind was good, but didn't have the same sort of grip on me. I'd definately look into this new one though.
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    Lol Still is. Throw in a few bottles of bargain bucket White Lightning, and you've got the makings of a fantastic evening. Plus you're spoilt for choice these days when it comes to Fish n' Chips.
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    I'm currently in the town of Louth, in the county of Lincolnshire, England. On the east coast, just south of Placebo's old home of Grimsby. (Local site )http://www.thisislouth.co.uk/)