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  1. Hey Kempko, thanks for your awsome work!! Ive run into a problem though...was running v1.2 flawlessly up until the latest CBA update, where you have to delete CBA, CBA_A2, and CBA_OA, update to the new CBA_CO, and then enable the latest beta expansion to get the game to finally run(what a PITA!).....after finally getting my game to run without any errors, I come to find the JTK suppressors no longer work :( I imagine it has something to do with the new version of CBA, or possibly its looking for something it needs to run in the wrong place??? Thanks for any help you can give me to get this going again!!
  2. CSS_Hayzee

    A2/A2F/A2OA Tweak Guide

    This is what i was wondering about...have these parameters in my target line(from long ago), but forget what settings for each were...tried to search for info on these, but turned up nothing.
  3. Just used the six-updater to update ACE...and when i went to launch the game i got a popup box with this message...updated to 1.07 about a week ago...no problems....six updated last on 7/5 and played with out any problems....update today and get this message...steam version of game...any thoughts???
  4. Since the latest update, getting an error when trying to load up Domination Duala or Domination Podagorsk missions on the crackhouse server: "cannot play/edit mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. acex_men_usarmy Mission ran fine just prior to updating.
  5. Hello...Ive been modifying the Panthera Domination West AI (117) mission created by Xeno/bushlurker...etc. Ive put all the ACE weapons in the x_weaponcargo.sqf, as well as adding in the PLA weapons...Also put in the revive script. All works as it should when i run the mission with _AI_ and _REVIVE_ uncommented out in the x_setup file (preprocessor command), but when I try to run it with _ACE_ uncommented out(activated).....when i drive the MHQ to the ammo load point, the ammo box wont load:confused:.... Im kinda new to mission editing, so any help would be appreciated....I could send you the mission pbo if you need to look at what ive done. THANKS!!
  6. How do i add this to my launch shortcut if im launching thru steam??? My target for the ArmA 2 shortcut is this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 33900
  7. CSS_Hayzee

    Problems moving AI

    New install, everything works as it should i guess, but when i try to move my AI with the mouse, (selecting unit with either tilde key or F_ key, and using mouse to pick a place to move) instead of "MOVE TO__" i get a "WATCH DIRECTION" command.....Mouse cursor looks different than what im used to also....has arrows around a box pointing outwards.  Looked thru controls, and didnt see anything i might have changed that would cause this, and dont know how to get it back to what im used to. Intel Pentium4 2.8Ghz w/hyperthreading HIS Radeon X1550 512Mb Hypermemory  Catalyst 812 Audigy 2 platnum W/latest drivers 2 gig PC5400 DDR2 WinXP Pro SP3 ArmA Gold 1.14 DirectX 9.0c
  8. CSS_Hayzee

    Cannot reinstall....getting file copy error

    thanks lou....had already erased all data...not sure what i did, but it finally took..
  9. uninstalled game...trying to reinstall, will not finish installing....getting this error message: file copy error (CRC does not match) C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\Campaigns\ca.pbo anyone have any idea whats going on here???
  10. CSS_Hayzee

    Rudder pedal support???

    recently got a pair of ch pro pedals usb. Â Hadnt used rudder pedals in about a year since old set was gameport, and new system running xp doesnt support gameport pedals. Â The pedals work fine in everything else, Â but cant get the control setting for "rudder air" to switch from "stick z-rotate" to rudder pedals z axis. Â If i remember correctly (dont hold me to this) the old gameport pedals worked with win98se. Â Have i just been away too long, and overlooking the obvious, or arent rudder pedals supported? Â Any help would be appreciated.
  11. CSS_Hayzee

    Satchels sound replacement+v1.55

    sorry...you're right(blonde moment) gettin ready to retest...checkin on the lag issue...will keep informed ~CSS_Hayzee~
  12. CSS_Hayzee

    Satchels sound replacement+v1.55

    when using the 1.55 version, Â satchels sound replacement that i had installed previously no longer works.....all the sounds seem to have defaulted to stock sounds. Â Is this normal, and is there any way to enable the custom sounds again? Â I know there are other sound replacements out there, will any of these others work, and if so, which would you reccomend? ps...also having lag issues similar to whats posted in another thread...need to test furthur, but others i play with are experiencing this also....will comment more after continued testing!! Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â ~CSS_Hayzee~
  13. CSS_Hayzee

    Seagull spies

    wouldnt make much difference if they're usin rogerwilco or similar voice coms..be better if you were lookin thru players eyes like rogue spear etc...at least they couldnt scout ahead btw......does in game voice comms cause any lag for anyone(server or players)? Â never got a straight answer..
  14. CSS_Hayzee

    Request for future patch

    Hello all, Â just something a great deal of people who I play CO-OP missions with would like to see in the future. Â Is it possible that somehow you could enable players to join a game already in session??? (at host's descretion) Â Microsofts Combat flight simulator (1 & 2) has this option if you're familiar with it. Â The reason for this is to allow people to join a game without having to return all players to the ready room, thereby eliminating the waiting that goes on for people already in game. Â I dont know if this is something that is even possible for BIS to enable in the game... anyone else???? Â Comments??? Â Feedback??? Â Possible???? Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â ~CSS_Hayzee~ Â ???
  15. CSS_Hayzee

    Satchels sound replacement

    Ive found that in MP, if host has the mod, anyone who doesnt have it cannot join, and if player has it and host does not, the player will be booted to desktop as soon as one of the "modified" sound files plays. Placebo, ill test it with you if you like....i emailed you...lemme know! ~CSS_Hayzee~