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  1. Where do I get these invisible boxes from? Cheers GC
  2. Does anyone know how to get this working again. The latest patch still hasn't fixed it. Cheers GC
  3. 'HitFuel' doesn't work either. Once again, BIS broke something with a patch. Cheers GC
  4. Looks like "HitBody" no longer works since latest patch. Will try "HitFuel" later. Cheers GC
  5. got it working, Put this in the trigger activation, then you can either setdamage or create a bomb at the pos of the truck. truck1 getHitPointDamage "HitBody" > 0.01 Cheers GC
  6. Looks like its something to do with "HitBody" not hit "HitFuel". The damage of the fuel is always 0, but body seems to take a reading from a bullet hit. Will continue testing tomorrow. Cheers GC
  7. This didn't work either. Just kept saying null. Even when I just tried _this (without the select x) the string that came back didn't mention the hitpart, just who shot it and with what ammo and the path of the material it shot. Cheers GC
  8. Doesn't seem to work with "fuel" at least. Any ideas what the section would be for a tempest Fuel Support Truck rear fuel tank? Cheers GC
  9. Will have to wait till 1.31 is the 'Live' release and not on Dev. Cheers GC
  10. Cloughy

    Night Stalker Scope turn off NV

    Any ideas?
  11. Just wondering what the hit points are on a CSAT Tempest Fuel truck are? I want it to blow when the fuel tanks is hit a few times. Cheers GC
  12. How do I turn off the NV on the Night Stalker scope. I have tried the 'N' key. When I respawn as my ai teammate, the scope nv is off but the soldiers nv is on. I have also tried the optics button as well. Cheers GC
  13. This is my new COOP mission. Operation Maxwell Download Here Two US NATO teams make an assault on an CSAT camp, to destroy a cache of PETN before it gets into terrorist hands. It needs 2 human player as group leader, and as many as you can get in the team. See readme for known probs, and issues. I am releasing this as v1.00, but i would say that if you find any probs or bugs let me know. It has been in beta test for a long time and had a few static object errors after updates. But i think they dont change now. But on the final beta test everything worked fine. Anyway enjoy! Cheers GC More Arma2 Missions by me More ArmA Missions by me ******************************************************************************************** Info on addons needed are in the readme, with links to download them from my site, or the authors.
  14. Has anyone had any luck with this. I was hoping the latest patch had added the correct hitpoints, but it hasn't. Cheers Gareth
  15. Doesn't work on these dam things. I only have a gunner in the ZSU, so even setting the unit to danger doesn't work. Bis: Why hasn't the ZSU got a hit point on the light? Cheers GC