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  1. ChopperSpirit

    Sling load missions

    Rgr that. I'll try that next time. But still, why does the cargo detach when i switch positions? And why does it attach that early? Thanks for the quick response. Regards Chop
  2. ChopperSpirit

    Sling load missions

    Hi again, I uploaded a for a detailed explaination of my problem. Mabby it helps finding a solution.Kind regards ChopperSpirit
  3. Shorten the skids with a saw to get a bigger angle to fire a net gun, fire a net upon a deer, chop off some trees with the main rotor to make some space in the woods where you can drop off the guy that tights the deer and attaches it as sling load underneath your chopper and pick him back up. Ridicolous? Check out...:eek:Best regards Chop
  4. ChopperSpirit

    Sling load missions

    Thanks a lot DnA. For your information: I just tested it a minute ago and watched very closely. Following happened in detail: - I started a sling load challenge mission - I started in Pilot's position and was able to pick up the sling load - On destination I put down the cargo and hovered. <--- nothing happened - I landed next to the cargo box. <--- nothing happened - I disembarked the helicopter with running engines (don't think the running engines have anything to do with it just wanted to be detailed) - I got into the chopper in copilot's seat and before i could take over the controll unleashing cargo started. - I then disembarked again before unleashing was completed and got into pilot position again <--- nothing happened - Once again got into copilots position and unleashing began again. <--- cargo successfully delivered. Furthermore i noticed that when i fly the chopper from copilot's position the attaching of the sling load begins already when i am far away (<100m). And if I stay that far the load bounces to the chopper as if it was attached with a bungee rope :bounce3: The weird thing is that it's just me who is facing this effect :confused: Once again, thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards ChopperSpirit Ps.: Forgot to mention... the training missions about sling loads work just fine. But i think the cargo is not really detached in those is it? As far as i remember task in the training is just to put it on the ground?
  5. ChopperSpirit

    Sling load missions

    Thank you guess who, that is the way i expected it. But that only works when i get in the co pilots place and take over control. At least in the challenges missions. I tried it several time by now and can confirm that it is working only when i am using the co pilot's seat. Could it be the mission is bugged since the patch? I mean as it seems it is only me who is facing this. Greets ChopperSpirit
  6. Hello everyone, I searched the forum for some solution to the following: when i play a sling load mission i can pick up the cargo but can't release it. Rope interaction button doesn't do anything. By mistake i noticed that unloading only works when i get out of the chopper and board it as gunner. Is that the way it should be? Am I the only one who faced this effect? Greets and a happy new year ChopperSpirit
  7. ChopperSpirit

    Laser Designator

    I got some results when you make sure that the target is iluminated from the same direction the AI plane is aproaching. Also you should let the plane fly slow and higher than usual (something between 200 and 500m). This does not garantee a successful attack. but it is much more likely that it will be. Greets Chopper
  8. ChopperSpirit

    Weird Graphic Errors

    As it seems i solved the problem. I added the maxmem command to the Arma link. Now i can play with antialiasing and antisop...trlblabla. U know what i mean. I have 1024MB Ram and the graphic card has 512MB. I the value i put behind maxmem is 600. So far there are no more weird graphics here. Hope this info will help you all. Cya later
  9. ChopperSpirit

    Graphical abnormalities

    I read in the german support forums that that for the ATI Cards the Driver V 5.8 seems to solve the problem. At least for some of them. You can get it here. I got the same trouble. But didn't find a driver for my nVidia card that solves the problem yet. Greetz Chop
  10. ChopperSpirit

    Weird Graphic Errors

    Did anyone find a solution for this problem for nVidia cards yet? I own this game since it's out. But couldn't play i yet. Help would be very apreciated. Anyone found a driver?
  11. ChopperSpirit

    Weird Graphic Errors

    Hey ppl. I just read in the german support forums that that for the ATI Cards the Driver V 5.8 seems to solve the problem. At least for some of them. Click me (German language) Unfortunately I've got the problem with my brandnew and pretty expensive Nvidia Card which i've bought especially for ArmA. I got the game b4 i bought the Card. It's really a shame that i pay 40 bugs for the Game, 300 for a new Graphics card and still cannot play. I hope to find a driver for nVidia as well. Here is a link for you ATI users where you can find older drivers: ATI drivers
  12. ChopperSpirit

    Weird Graphic Errors

    Yes! This all makes me wonder if one is better of with more DDR ram on the gfx card ... perhaps even a 7600GS+512 is 'better' than a 7600GT+256 ... Don't know. Anyway, i'm very contend with the 7600GT (AGP, XFX) Nope. I got the same trouble mate. I have the 7800GS+ (512MB)
  13. ChopperSpirit

    1.95 problems

    it should be possible to choose wether you want this behaviour or not. Right. Please do something about that. It's veeeery important to me, too. Ps.: Thx for still supporting this game by patches. BIS, ur the best Â
  14. ChopperSpirit

    Admin commands do not work...

    Hey folks, I've got trouble with being admin on dedicated servers. When players vote me for admin the server doesn't take my commands. Example: -ppl voted me for admin (my name in pool reads: ChopperSpirit ping, Admin) -i open global chat line and enter: #missions (nothing happens) -i open global chat line and enter: #mission (nothing happens) -i open global chat line and enter: #logout (nothing happens) If i'm no admin my votings work. Example: - i'm the only player on a server, open global chat line and enter: #vote mission (the server switches mission) so that works. Can anybody help me? Or does anyone have similar problems? Thx in advance. Regards ChopperSpirit
  15. ChopperSpirit

    No entry  config.bin ?

    I am close to a heart attack. i just solved the "Cannot memory-map....." prob, and now i get this one... I think in one or two lifes b4 i must have been a very bad guy... Whatever... just to overwrite the config.bin didn't help. The Last days i didn't download any addons, so it can't be something with that. The strange thing is, that the error just appears in some missions. Some misions work, some don't... think it depends on if the AK47SU is present in the mission (tank crew, speznaz etc.) Really strange is that i played those missions b4. I think this will keep me occupied again for some days. BabaZed: do you still have the 1985 campaign in the campaigns folder? regards Chop