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    Anyone know how to lock third person

    Is there anyway to lock third person in OFP
  2. Capt Morgan

    Resistance buglist

    on driveing armored vehicles It appears you must have a minum of two ai's in the vehicle Comming from an Armor battilliion I see the point It kind of sucks trying to dirve a tank down a road in real life with no one keeping an eye out for the idiot in the corvet racing down the one lane road trying to pass your 70 ton M1. By the way he was fine, his car well that is another story. Ha and was found not to be at fault.
  3. Capt Morgan

    Resistance buglist

    Here is an update on what might cause units not to get in vehicles I keep playing with this. I found that if thier is a dead Russian soldier in a vehicle, Your soldiers don't want to get in. I guess they don't wan't to get in a vehicle with a burnt crispy body of Russian soldier.
  4. Capt Morgan

    Constructive criticism

    doh wrong area sorry
  5. Capt Morgan

    Custom radio commands

    Still it causes massive delay times And like the people say who have slower connections It down right sucks for them You really should have consideration for your fellow gamers. We did it at fraghaus and just imagine 30 people on the server sending you files. Dude it is a night mare, because you have to download each persons sound file to thier temp folder even if it is the same. *Holds nasty comments back*
  6. Capt Morgan

    Ordering squads to marker in rts2

    ROFL KAR it doesn't matter where they come from They are the same all over the world
  7. Capt Morgan

    1.46 revived

    Well sorry your on such a slow server Frag Haus is supported by tripple OC3 so we don't have that problem Anyway 1.75 ones the ammo and crap starts to spill out Bring on the LAG Also other issues but you can see the bug list
  8. Capt Morgan

    Constructive criticism

    Okay Enigmus anyway Look I was wondering, since BIS is now non direct play, couldn't they put more things from the game server side based. Such as addons and other little tid bits. Now I know alot of games based on non direct play have custom mods or addons that you do not have to download. They are accesable through the server. Actually alot of the game is dependent on the server. Is it not possible to now gear OFP now more towards the server and less away from the individual. Just an Idea
  9. Capt Morgan

    Custom voice files seen in ofpr

    Well I was about to warn you of this pandoras box. But I guess you already found out. We at frag at one point all had custom sound files. Some funny stuff too. But we then realize the draw backs to it and now kick anyone who has them. Oh if you want to if anyone has them just check your temp file. See instead of loading the file to the server. It loads the file to everyone on the server. You know this is a great game, but man some wierd stuff. Personally I like to see more things put to the server side. This way people will have less to download.
  10. Capt Morgan

    1.46 revived

    Me and the guys at Frag Haus have been playing 1.46 Plus the with the bugs of resistance we are trying to keep ofp alive until BIS fixes the problems It is awesome, some of the best games we played in along time. Â Dude plus the voice man is awesome I know some of you say that it cause lag. It does not, shitty connection and slow computers cause lag. They really should bring voice back to the game. Any way we usually are between 9 and 12 if any wants to come and play. Just make sure to grab the addon packs from our FTP at fraghaus.com before. This way you can enjoy the fun of some with some badass addons. "MADE BY OTHERS, READMES WITH THE ADDON" hehe that was for Keg boy
  11. Capt Morgan

    Decrypter for 1.75

    Any one know where to get one. I checked some of the sites like lone wolf and it seems no one has one.
  12. Any one know where to get one. I checked some of the sites like lone wolf and it seems no one has one.
  13. Capt Morgan

    Constructive criticism

    BIS should go back to Direct play. Â It seems that since going to non direct play only more problems a rised. With 1.46 it seemed that bis was on the fast track to fixing the game it seemed very stable and many of the issues had been worked out. Since the introduction of non direct play, it seems that to many bugs have risen. Â Look I like OFP. I think it is a cutting edge game that has great potential. Now the downside. Alot of people who played this game religously and have bought resistance have now become completely frustrated with it and refuse to play it anymore with all the bugs. I hope that BIS patches these problems quickly. Or at least release a patch that shows you are trying to fix many of the issues. I do not mean to seem negative. I am just trying to tell you my feel for many of the people I know in the community. Â Who do not post on these foroums and just play the game. The people who post on these foroums only represent about 25% of the gamers out there who play the game.
  14. Capt Morgan

    Resistance buglist

    okay on the save the hostage mission. Â When ai joins the group they seem to get stupid on you or something. Any way I played with this in multiplayer trying to reproduce it. So this is what I could devise. If you give commans to ai already in your group before the other ai joins. Â The new ai when it joins gets retarded as hell. Â The AI that is already with is not retarded. Also AI getting in vehicles. Â AI refuses to get in a vehicle that has been repaired after damaged. Â Also only if you have been in the vehicle. wow I guess going to Non direct play was smart. OKay sorry just had to do it though.
  15. Capt Morgan

    Support for over twelve units

    Actually you don't really need to scripted it either You can do it in the editor with group command I have done this for mp missions. Pick how many squads you want. Then make all the group leaders playable. The group all the squad leaders Say blue for example Then assign them to a group leader who can have his own squad of ai also or you can make all the people playable. But like someone said FPS goes to crap when every one is together