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  1. CrunchyFrog

    Automatic Gunfire Sound

    New faster CPU and more or better RAM.
  2. CrunchyFrog

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    Head over to WrpTool forum topic to check out how to unpack this addon pbo. Thank you
  3. CrunchyFrog

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    Is it me, or is this PBO some how protected? I cant DePBO it with PboX or PBO Decrypter 1.5
  4. Could anyone slap Llaumas(I think thats his name) head model on RHS infantry, upload it somewhere and post a link? Probably not gonna happen... But I thought it was worth the effort.
  5. CrunchyFrog

    Battle Tank/APC Preference

    Someones BMP-3... Thats a APC with firepower!
  6. CrunchyFrog

    Some Siege Equipment

    Wasnt the crossbow invented in the feudal/middle ages?
  7. CrunchyFrog

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Yep, we do http://community.webshots.com/photo/397463456/397500274uouGSu I think Frandsen made one, in his DDAM pack
  8. CrunchyFrog

    Screenshoots of Soviet era soldiers

    Thank you all for the informations!!! Do you know where i can download that reskinned tank crew? Well it was nearly 4 years ago so i have no clue where you could find them. I think they were called "Säbelzahntiger Spetsnaz" there were few variants with mixed cammo, one of them was the one i mentioned. Heh... Yeah, i remember that addon, gave him an AKS-74U and balaclava, and looked pretty much like the russians from the cargoship in MGS. Nice units... Can't remember what they were called, addon name or author though... And doesnt seem to one of these. http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?oblast=addons&search=sabel
  9. CrunchyFrog

    FFUR Incoming HUGE RELEASE !!!

    What computer do you have? Must be a monster...
  10. CrunchyFrog

    Jon Doe

  11. CrunchyFrog

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Hey Jackal... Why dont you use the Elcan from the Diemaco pack by Mattjis (Spelling?)... And for the AK, the optics from by Earl from the Marine pack. Crunchy
  12. CrunchyFrog

    RPGs in OFP or ArmA

    Well, for OFP2, they said something about dialogues etc. That would be nice feature for RPG mod
  13. CrunchyFrog

    T-90 and T-80U RELEASED!!!

    How about something like this? http://img318.imageshack.us/img318/8655/0188ly.jpg woops just over 100kb
  14. Yeah, winter uniforms would definantly be nice