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  1. CoolCarlos2002

    Mi-28 havoc 1.0

    im encountering problems with my ISP sry there is the muzzle flash bug
  2. CoolCarlos2002

    Mi-28 havoc 1.0

    Cool, can't wait
  3. CoolCarlos2002

    Bas blackhawks

    Very nice addons BAS two thumbs up, i really enjoy JAM aswell
  4. CoolCarlos2002

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Decided to upload these before leaving
  5. CoolCarlos2002

    Mi-2 east pack by airwolfpl

    Quote from ofp.info Direct link to download : Download courtesy of ofp.info eyoeps, didnt notice author already made a thread, delete this mods
  6. CoolCarlos2002

    [beta] mi-28 rescue

    Fixed, redownload mission delete previous one
  7. CoolCarlos2002

    [beta] mi-28 rescue

    Didnt you lose all your fuel?
  8. CoolCarlos2002

    [beta] mi-28 rescue

    yes i added a playable, but its just 2 player MP
  9. CoolCarlos2002

    [beta] mi-28 rescue

    This mission requires the following addons: DKM Mi-28 Mi-2 Pack by Our weapons (Download link from Ofp.info And the mission: Mi-28N Rescue (Size 2.3 MB, Fixed) Music by Powerman 5000 - Anyone for Doo Feedback would be greatly appreciated and have fun  Note: It is still pretty Beta so expect some bugs around There is no ending, just bring back the pilots and the mission will be done (without End #1 screen)
  10. CoolCarlos2002

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Downed pilot waiting for SAR Helicopter
  11. CoolCarlos2002

    Mi-28 n beta released

    Brilliant addon, excellent job DKM
  12. CoolCarlos2002

    Mi-28 n beta released

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>MP Game @</span> it gets refueled after a while of initalization just be patient  Edit: DKM beat me to it har...
  13. CoolCarlos2002

    Ballistic addon studios

    the fuel probe depends on the mission..
  14. CoolCarlos2002

    Mi-2 pack released

    some pic
  15. CoolCarlos2002

    Mi-2 pack released

    k ill host edit: Gone 2 sleep nice addons from "Nashe"