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  1. what I am trying to do is scirpt soldiers riding in a landing craft. ( have them start in-cargo) then I would like then to seperate and follow there own waypoints. Any help would be great.
  2. Canadianmade

    Changing amount of ammo

    How do you edit the amount of ammo a weapon has. Also how can you edit the amount of damage a vehicle can take?
  3. Canadianmade

    Use artillerie mod on other maps

    I have sent a message through the forums but I will send another through his website
  4. Canadianmade

    Use artillerie mod on other maps

    Yes thats the one, it would be a big help to know how?
  5. I would like to create the Artillerie units on a desert battle that I have.Can anyone help me on how I program it onto my map. Thank You
  6. Can you use this mod in another map? If it is possible can you explain how? Thank You
  7. Is there a manual for the mission editor, or do you just have to guess how it works. I have made very simple missions, using only the units, groups, waypoints, and I just learned about sync but the other options I have no idea what they are for can anyone help me understand what they are?
  8. Canadianmade

    Bradely IFV

    Was does the Bradely have only HE ammo and the BMP2 have both AP and HE?