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    definate mental problem. i got 51% in statistics with an old, cruddy lecturer, maybe your's may have inspired me to work just that little bit more.
  2. Camel

    human rights for the al-queda terrorists

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Red Oct @ Jan. 14 2002,08:52)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">if you just killed all the terrorists there wouldnt be a problem<span id='postcolor'> Then who is being a terrorist? That would be a fine simple solution to a simple problem, but its not a simple problem. Many Americans seem to forget that the motivation behind Osama Bin Laden lies in his -and some muslim peoples- sense of betrayal at the abuse of their respective countries by America. It backed middle eastern occupation of their countries and has since imposed sanctions and taken out covert bombing raids for over 40 years. You cannot say "they pushed me first so we're pushing them back harder" because US foreign policy over the past 40 years in Israel and Iraq and Afghanistan (Supplying arms to the Taliban) has actively encouraged fomentation of muslim hatred and enabled the rise of terrorist-harbouring groups. Maybe Wobble (above) would look at it differently if she/he recognised that less than 10 years ago it was the US who gave the Taliban heaps of money to attempt (vainly) to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. Regards, a particularly pissed off Australian who has to put up with his current government backing a futile and pointless war which will only continue to encourage xenophobic hatred on both sides of the conflict.
  3. Camel

    Taking out base in Valley, help!

    i tried attcking with the other squad but there were other guys i couldn't find somewhere so the mission wouldn't end. The best way i tried was to take an M60 and LAW and crawl al the way through the valley wasting everyone then when you get near the camp, call in the other squad and move left and attack the camp from the side. I managed to finish it without losing a single guy.
  4. Camel

    4X4 Fun

    It needs something like the instant replay utility in Carmageddon 2. I just love getting a bit of that action and hooning all over the place in a humvee squishing all the enemy I also reckon there need to be more racing missions. i have a few, but there are bugger all. Sort of like the campaign mission where you escort the trucks to the airport, but with sports cars and a few AT soldiers to spice it up a bit. That would be mad.
  5. Camel

    Air to Air combat

    not in red dawn, but in the mission with the cobra attchking St Pierre, i found its hard to target the hind even looking straight at it and looking at its profile. I would keep clicking right on it and miss every time. I eventually put it manual fire and blasted it with FFAR's.
  6. Camel

    Help with mission - destroying tanks with mines

    one time the M113 got blown up but i still managed to finish the mission just by running to where i should have met it. weird eh? oh yeah- i think the enemy seeing through bushes is fixed in version 1.30 dowload it and see.
  7. Camel

    Killing the Scud

    a guy in another thread relating to this reckoned that you could just sit where you are, call in the tanks and the cobrasand put the tie on 4x speed and the shilkas wouldn't be able to shoot them down. Then, when everyone is wasted, you can pretty much walk up and get the scud.
  8. Camel

    Montignac Must Fall

    I got less than 50 m into montignac before my commander tells us to retreat then we all run back to the truck and we leave. then i get "strange meeting"
  9. Camel

    Strange Meeting

    yeah- don bother about going to the farm, go straight to the new evac point, that way, after you're taken captive you can go say hello to your old squad leader while resistance is attacking the camp!
  10. Camel

    Secret helicopter base

    I was pretty pissed off when i got to the base and one hind took off and just hovered there through the whole mission for some weird reason. Anyway, i placed satchels under the other 3 and when i detonated them one of the blown up Hinds flew up into the air, collided with the still hovering chopper and took it out as well. It is pretty crap you dont get credit for it seeing as i.....ahhh........planned it and all:)
  11. Camel

    I\'m Stuck in a mission who can help me??

    Thye russian guys are probably green because at the beginning the spetz natz was your group leader, though i have no idea why the yanks would shoot at you.
  12. Camel

    Search & Destroy

    Hang on- the Carl Gustav seeks??? and it has a sight.......soo......that should make things much easier:)
  13. Camel

    peaceminded gunner?

    it wont kil them if you drive over them to slowly. So go fast. hehe- tank racing
  14. Camel

    How would a Real BlackOp Team Do it

    i have no idea how a real team would do it, but i found the easiest way was to get undetected to the western shilka (Zhilka- whatever) take it out with a LAW then when the other 2 come charging in to find out whats going on- blow them up too.
  15. Camel


    If you dont want to get shot down before you have to bail out go straight for the shilkas. Its difficult to kill all the tanks but it can be done. Its just you dont have that much time.