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  1. Found a temporary solution. Do the following to retore your game: Left Shift + Numpad Minus, then type: F L U S H Hopefully we can get a permenate solution in the future.
  2. I'm getting dumped to desktop while in the middle of play (even once in the UI just after loading). The game acts as though it's minimized and I can't restore it... I can hear the game continuing through the speakers but I cannot restore video. I don't think this is a heating problem. My GPU temp is fine and the graphic settings have been lowered to help, too no affect. I re-installed the game, and it's still the same problem. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas? (I'm running Win7 64bit OS, Intel Q9550, 8GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 285) *Perhaps it's DX11??* Any ideas/solutions welcomed.
  3. Cam51

    WTF with the AI?

    LOL.. have you played ArmA1?
  4. Cam51

    Idea: Rambo Buster

    Just a hunch... KFC member? Some rules are put in place to make something MORE enjoyable, not less. But like you said, you don't have to play on those servers.
  5. Maybe Codemasters will learn from BIS's mistakes, and make a knockout OFP2. Heres hope'n.
  6. Cam51

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    Damn, I don't like such an attitude. I played OFP from the day it was released. I contributed a lot to the community. I played in a clan. I quit before RTS3 became so popular, so I don't know the beacon term... Still, it'd be nice if someone explained it a bit. It's great to have a devoted community... Still, it's better to have an unexperienced community, than to not to have it at all. I'm not shure there would be enought people to play RTS with addons - not 15vs15, but even 4 on 4. The balance is very important here. I think current version of RTS did a great thing advertising this type of play. Hopefully, there will be less evolutions, and a bit more RTS's in the future. Anyway, this what I'd love to see in the future would be a few RTS clans. Beacons were used in RTS3. They required a player from the opposite team to infiltrate the enemy base, and 'tag' the base building with a beacon for choppers, missiles, bombs, and anything that required a lock on. They could then fire at the structure till it was destroyed or built somewhere else. I'm not a a very big fan of the beacon, but I guess it requires a more stealthy approach than hiding int he hills with a laser designator. I'm a fan of noise makers (mg > sniper), so anything that requires a brute assault is my weapon of choice.
  7. yeah, thats subtle! LMAO IMO, this thread only makes the situation worse. Conduct your talks on pm or your respective clan forums, but please give it a rest here. It was meant to be a joke. Talking about it in a public forum shows that people are concerned about this situation. Taking it under ground will only cool the flame. We need ever hacker and cheater to know that this community won't stand for this crap, and if we make enough noise then maybe BIS will hear us too.
  8. Maybe we should designate someone as a hacker spy, and have them try and infiltrate the scum sucking cheating groups group and destroy this virus from the inside-out. scum sucking cheating groups/All cheaters
  9. Cam51

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    Yes... I was there, what a great battle. I was sitting on the hill in the castle tower watching it all and commanding my tanks and infantry at the same time. That was a great fight. Those are the kind of matches I don't mind losing at all. I'll say "great game" and we'll go again. Very fun. I usually ask the teams before I join, who needs help, then I join that team. Guys like you Colligpip make playing online much more enjoyable. Nothing kills me more than people that spam the winning side of the team, or switch mid-game b.c they can't fly the best vehicles.
  10. Cam51

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    WWIIOL is based during WW2! ArmA has choppers, laser guided bombs, heat seeking missiles, and fast armored tanks. The setting ArmA is based in shrinks the battlefield and allows for "Rambos". WWIIOL did nothing to "enforce" teamwork, and when they added the mobile spawn point on the trucks, they dropped the need for teamwork even further. As far as RTS goes, get on karr's teamspeak when playing or join a teamspeak with your friends and work as a team like that. Expecting random "Joe's" that you meet in a server to work as one is more than likely not going to happen.
  11. Cam51

    Idea for BI: Autobalance

    Are you kidden me? Creating a built in Auto-Balance feature would not turn this GAME into bf2. Besides... it would probably be set as an OPTION, to be disabled or enabled. Thats a pretty stupid statement right there. Theres more to a game than just the 3D portion of it. The menus, features and tools all contribute. Lot's of popular games have it as an option, and whats the harm at having an option. Saying that its fine the way it is, is just selfish.
  12. Cam51

    Crosshares ?? PLEASE help

    You must be describing the floating feature that ArmA comes with stock. Go to: Option/Controls ... at the bottom look for the slider bar called "FLOATING ZONE". Move it all the way to the LEFT.
  13. Cam51

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    This is a negative experience and complaint. Unless you weren't talking to me?
  14. Cam51

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Tanks and armor values, what in the **** did you do BIS!? I know there are a few ex or current military in these forums. And having sent 4 years in the US Army as a linebacker crewmember, I was wondering why you have lowered the armor values so far!? 2 rpgs to destroy an m1 now? 1 rpg to completely disable an m1? Our bradley took 3 rpg hits in iraq, and no one ever died, nor was our equipment destroyed or disabled. Now, if our M6 linebacker can withstand hits like we took, I highly doubt an M1 would go down so easy. I hope a tanker will chime in on this. I don't know which vehicle I would rather take in Armed Assault now: the M1, or the M113. Please BIS, fix the armor values on the tanks and armored vechiles. Not only armored, but a hummvee can have survivors of rpg hits. Why is everyone declared instantly dead if a hummvee takes an rpg hit. I can see a 50% kill of the crew, but certainly not all. Please look into this BIS.
  15. Cam51

    Kicked or banned off the server

    Many thanks, I think you are right, but where is my profile folder? C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ArmA?? <running vista> I do not see a profile or something, just a <my-game-name>.ArmAProfile, delete that? C:/My Documents/ArmA Other Profiles/<profile name>/ Remove a folder called "sounds" or a the custom face folder (i don't use custom faces, so not sure where they are contained. DO NOT delete the "missions" "saved" "mpmissions" "user saved" folders, and DO NOT delete the "<username>.armaprofile". *To Celery: Just because it says that doesn't mean that thats the only option. You recieve the "Kicked off" message if u have any custom files larger than the server allows.