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    ACE for OA 1.13

    Im troubling withe planes, when i do a bad landing , i get the unconcius state, and the borders of the screens turn into black, but in a way tha cant be reverted respawning , neither healing with epi, morf medikit.... then only way to recover the screen without the black borders is exiting from server and re-joining Version 1.3.0 522 of the ACE is there any variable to deactivate that effect? or what can i do to solve that problem?
  2. I want to create the ARTY MODULE by script, to include in a dynamic mision. Does someone knows the comand call to create the module?
  3. Hi first of all thankns to Mandoble for this addon and all that are supporting it , I thing one of the bests addons for Arma2.:) Im using mando misiles for airplanes F14(Ikar) and F18 (Meatball0311) . 3 questions about: 1)What is suppose to be the function to the role of gunner in this airplanes?? They only can do is enter into AGM65 Cam or in case of F14 in RIO console... I think they could use AA misiles, JDAM and JSOW (GPS guied) too? 2)Is there any other airplane that can intercept misiles like F14 in RIO console? I m lunchin from mando script a Scud and airplanes mut intercept, but i only knows the F14. i have read that the F18 can too in WSO ... but i cant do it ... any suggestion? 3) Is there a way to change the loadout of the planes? I m not refering to mma rearm with the truck, because in theses cases you are limited to de addon weapons configuration. I am refering to set up my own loadout in a script to aply to the airplanes
  4. hi Jaynus,congratulation for the ADDON, is great!! I have a trouble with the asigned keys. Yesteray I was setting my josystick, and i dont know how but, i changed something that makes my character to stand up when i press CTRL+SHIFT+C to switch the radio. I know that i could change the stand up key or the switch radio keys in the ACRE-KEYS, but i want it all in the default settings...:confused::confused: Anything to do?
  5. Hi all, i am trying to use an addon music sound playable with: _x say3d "musicaddon" as a sound source, becaouse i want to make a mission where you can listen music in 3d enviromet from a speaker source. What can i do? i tryed: say3d say but always the same , the music cant be acceded because it is not in cfgsounds, and say only can see sounds in cfgsound I also try in the description to refer de music ogg as soundcfg with this: class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class wolf1 { name = "musicassound"; // how the sound is referred to in the editor (e.g. trigger effects) sound[] = {"\addonprefix\addonmussic.ogg", 1, 1}; // filename, volume, pitch titles[] = {}; }; }; But dont works, becase: i wish to know if i can refer and addon music song as addon sound source from the my mission
  6. That is very well fandango!!!!!! COJONUTS KINNO ANIMO Y SIGUE ASI, y ya sabes mete un buen edificio!!!!
  7. Thats great!! but i have a noob question, how to start editing with 3d editor??? :confused::confused::confused: I prese ALT+E and the 3d editors opens. But then i am not able to put units or groups,...i can only put objets and empty vehicles... Also i can not save those empty object, because it says that must be there playable units. So, what is the method to get the 3Editor runs correctly??
  8. I mean. I have created some sqf with the mod, in my computer. All is working OK. Then I call for them via a trigger with something like: [] execVm "rte_exported_script.sqf"; In my computer the execution of the script populates correctly a zone with units. The problem comes when i run the mission on the dedicated server.Then the script is not running, or i think so. No one unit is created. The dedicated server is luched with -mod=@RTEditor What is the problem here? Can be used this mod for this pourpose? Thank u
  9. Boreas80

    ArmAlib v1.0

    any progres in porting armalib to arma2? Could it be posible?
  10. Boreas80

    ArmAlib v1.0

    Great!! thanks for you work!! :yay::yay: