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  1. Bravo0246

    MP problems

    Alot of the time you will get red chain on join, think it's because your downloading custom sounds(radio sounds) for players who have them and squad xml faces etc should only last for about 30seconds max though. That's just a guess to what happens though.
  2. to quickly test is i just put this into Unit init line. this Addweapon "ACE_Wirecutter"; Though the slot it's put into is primary weapon, but still have your weapon just overlaps it. Then cycle through weapons, F, go upto a fence post then select cut wire might have to be crouched not sure. Then wall fence falls down and you're free to break and enter as you please.
  3. I just tried it now, what your problem is, well what i found is that there's a long wait time before they become loaded. I sped up time to 4 times and took about 10-20 sec for them to become loaded. Using this also. this removeweapon "Hellfirelauncher"; This removemagazine "8Rnd_Hellfire"; This addweapon "Sidewinderlaucher_AH64"; This addmagazine "8Rnd_Sidewinder_AH64";
  4. Bravo0246

    Patch 1.05 "Announced". Includes AH-64

    Well what ever timezone that is, Awesome! Guessing CZ timezone, i'll check what that is now. Time now in CZ 1300 Tuesday.
  5. The m109 takes the Tung's turret out in 3-5 shots. 3 i think vertical movement, then 5 horizontal movement.
  6. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but i noticed you can now drive tanks(Abrams/MLRS so far tested) on the sea floor and take no damage. Makes some hectic beach assaults though, when you see an M1A1 emerge out of the water.
  7. Bravo0246

    Operation Arrowhead Needs to add a cover system.

    I believe the new Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad has pretty good cover system, not out yet though but i'll find video. About 3 minutes shows cover.
  8. Bravo0246

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    I love how this thing flies, and how it doesn't magically fly when you have wings folded up.
  9. A map based from somewhere in Alaska would be cool. Mostly snow covered with the, - occasional small town, research facilty depots - Oil mine/rig - Airstrips/runway but not major one just one just with snow surface.
  10. Bravo0246

    Just when you thought the M107 was big...

    Watching this just makes me want physics destruction models even more in arma 2. Hmm i wonder if Bad Company 2 on PC will be moddable, sure hope so.
  11. Bravo0246

    ARMA 2 operation Arrowhead Website

    English might not be his native, main spoken language? And if so, i reakon he did a damn good attempt at punctuation and spelling.
  12. Should just need to add the USEC ammo box. Under ammo in the list.
  13. Yeah your gonna have to spawn it as empty or change the config of the addon which you can't really do if binarized, i think. This is cause i'm assuming your trying to run an arma 1 vehicle addon in arma 2, or something with a seat?
  14. Not added cause USMC don't use them, but you may be interested in Operation Arrowhead Expansion, Coming Soon! As it includes the Bradley, can't quite remember if an M113 also though.
  15. Bravo0246

    My wishes for Arma2:OA

    -Fast Roping, can't remember if it has already been confirmed for OA. I know VBS2 had it implented and with physX/physics to go along to make it look good.