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    Those trenches are objects i made using the sandbag mlods from Arma and my own "modelling skills". In Bulldozer i lowered the terrain and placed the objects. The mapgrid has to be 5x5m or smaller.
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    Well ... these are some of the trenches i made for my unreleased "sector Dog green" map some years ago. They work great in pvp while AI had some problems. I think i need to port my map over to Arma 3 and test again.
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    hi Scott You have to create your trenches in o2 or whatever first and make them an addon. Then you can use them on your map. They are an addon which has to be loaded with your map. Of course you can not be sure that the AI will use them the way you want.
  4. Everyone who is into Modding will get in contact with this great toolset once in a while. But... at least i have sometimes problems knowing how to use them or even more important what can be done with all these little dll´s and exe´s. Maybe some of the regular and more experienced users could describe how and when they use the toolset and let me and the other Dummies participate in their knowledge. Thanks in advance ... :)
  5. This happens for me too. @ Jakerod First of all a big thank you for your effort and taking all the criticism from people out there. Followed your abc_sample and it works... but in Buldozer i can´t see any Sat-texture. Also in the processing tab of the mapframe the "convert into paa..." is greyed out --> only .png files in my layers folder. The "TB" newly created folders don´t seem to be used anyway... apart from the cache folder. After a complete deinstall and reinstall of the Tools and a run of A3p by mikero i started a try with my own data. It worked out quite well ...apart from the missing Sat in buldozer. So i deleted my project and retried from scratch and now i´m not even able to create the layers because of the "Default Satellite File is Missing" error. Testing your tip at the moment.... thanks again...
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    Breaking BIS autor wrights???

    Maybe someone should tell him which game he ripped his models from ? http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/470-land-rover-defender/ People are strange... :confused:
  7. Hey Steeo, i really don´t understand your Problem. Most people which might play the gamemode have A2 and then can use AiA. If not ... they can still use A3MP or buy A2 and then use AiA. You have to understand that it can be quite annoying if you have released something with a general approach and then ppl come and just want to use and re-release parts of the mod saying it´s too big and i only need a small part. In the end all the players have to download two or threetimes because every mod and mission is using and containing some parts of the original mod. No offence ... but my opinion is just AiA for the ones who have the full arma anyway and a3mp for the ppl who don´t want A2 on thier hd for different reason.
  8. If i remember correctly... you hold the lmb and then press pgup or pgdown to move the object up and down. :) ---------- Post added at 00:05 ---------- Previous post was at 23:56 ---------- Hope i didn´t get you wrong but there are already two scripts for Visitor... one for showing absolute height and one for setting the absolute height of an object.
  9. Hi Alwarren, first of all thank you very much for your effort. I have a question but don´t know if it belongs here. If i want to use multimaterial for my model... is there any way to make the real textures visible in Blender instead of just the rgb mask? This would be important for making the lowres Lod of such a model. Obviously it is possible in max ( http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multimaterial ). I have already been searching some of the Blender-forums but haven´t found a solution.
  10. Hey Kju, first of all a big thanks for your effort.:ok: I think, you know best what to do to achieve what you are aiming for. Since i own all the Arma stuff it doesn´t matter for me if if you just repack or do the full standalone. I don´t know how the serveradministrators think about it. Most important for me as a mapmaker is that the compatibility to the old custommaps is given (like the pondproblem). Another thing that would be great to have was something like a big coordinated pool of gameassets for the mapmakers which are until now spread everywhere. So everyone would just have to update this and every mapmaker could rely on that stuff as if it was the original assets from Bis. Of course this would need people who make and give their stuff and somebody to coordinate and update if needed. That´s my thoughts
  11. Hi everybody, i´m very happy to announce the release of the Summerpack v 1.0 by Bushlurker, Homer Johnston and Beton The intention behind this addon is to give the community a basis of summervegetation to use on chernarus or on custom islands so there is a quasi standard used by the map or missiondesigners which is accepted by hopefully many servers. At the moment this addon replaces the complete vegetation of chernarus with a green summervegetation . As you notice the satmap got an overhaul too (V1.0) so if anybody is able and willing to contribute this would be great. There will be an addonversion for addonmakers out very soon. Mirrors are as always appreciated Links: v1.0 http://www.mediafire.com/?k6977186kcli3wv http://www.mediafire.com/?4kch1w78genktmg http://www.mediafire.com/?tkj8g9i5h5ep939 http://www.mediafire.com/?ce26j9rrrr61fr4 http://www.mediafire.com/?zaxyk3kq13m14gg http://www.mediafire.com/?3achlds19lkgeon armed-assault.de http://dl1.armed-assault.de/a2addons/@sum_rep_1.0.7z armedassault.info http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=addons&id=1614 arma2base.de http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=2896 Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10093 Thanks for the mirrors some pics: have fun...
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    Oh i see you managed to get it up and running.... nice to see the Addon makes someone happy so long after release :)
  13. Well, it´s a shame this plugin was removed. I wish leopotam would at least have let the download persist. The 2.63 version seems to work with the latest 2.66 blender. So if there was an ok by leopotam i could upload them too.
  14. Hey Topas, your units are really very nice. Hope you finish your mod one day... if not for Arma2 then Arma3 maybe.
  15. Thanks for keeping us updated...:)
  16. Hi all, since there has been a little confusion... i would like to inform you that from now on i will post the links to all my addons and to the latest updates of my addons and maps in this thread. So everybody who is interested can find the links on one page. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Betons Addons: These addons contain all the custom made objects like plants, buildings etc. which are needed for my maps. There will be updates every now and then. The updates wil be available as full download and as cumulative patch for the ones who already have the previous version. Ill try to keep the addons downwards compatible so you only need the latest version. Mirrors are always welcome Download Betons Addons: 1.35 - added various WW2 structures - WW2 structures are now useable in the missioneditor - various textures and LoDs reworked 1.45 - added some old style buildings usable in editor - added stairs to some buildings to make entering easyer - added simple sandbags to ww2 structures - Added Path and Pos to all ww2 structures ( AI still doesnt´use them always, don´t know why) - added tree with hidden sniperposition called " Baumschuetzennest" - reworked some plants geometry - changed appearance of sidewalks and cobblestone place v. 1.47 - keys and serverkey is provided - added signs and roadsigns - fixed many errors in geolods Links: due to some problems i had to split it in two parts mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?zjizn2tqmz1 http://www.mediafire.com/?33cjd5kyht5 http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/downloads.php?page_id=345 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8636 Some of the bunkers, there´s some more of course: Patches: no patch Hürtgenwald: My main Project atm. Western front in Germany in November 1944, dark forests in the valleys... plateaus with little cover and some small villages. The winter came early so the upper parts are covered with snow. At this time Americans tried to push the Germans back to the Rhine. Choosing the Hurtgen Forest was not the best decision because the US soldiers encountert Germans that had dug themsevles in deeply in the dark forests. Because of the bad weather there was nearly no airsupport possible. Also nice with modern units as long as there are no ww2 units available. No more Beta! The map has reached it´s final status. This does not mean that no changes or bugfixing will be made in the future. I am always open for suggestions especially from missiondesigners because i don´t know how to make missions. Features: - The map covers an area of 10x10 km roughly based on realworld data if possible - The map features the area between Hürtgen and Schmidt in November 1944 but does not claim to be 100% historically correct - roads and bridges should be used properly by AI - there are many dense german style forrests and also wide plains - You will find many custom buildings, bunkers and of course trees and bushes - Some bunkers and other stuff is already placed on the map but there ist still more than enough room to place your objects available from my addons or other addons according to your own requirements - many of the buildings are open to give the possibility of interesting fights in the villages - on the map you may find some trees that can be climbed on, to give places for snipers (usable also by AI) Huertgenwald 1.11: Addons needed: Betons addons 1.47 v1.11: - keys provided - added more roads - added signs for better orientaion - added more villages and other locations - added more bunkers etc. - many minor changes 1.0: - cleaned some roads from trees - made villages a bit nicer - placed some fortifications - i suggest using JTD skyfog and NIM Weathereffects for better atmosphere - i also suggest to use 31st Normandy mod of course Links: mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?yzzvyfwzmuo http://www.mediafire.com/?tnhnllnn2zy http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/downloads.php?page_id=271 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8635 Some pictures: Hürtgenwald_winter: The Hürtgenwald in winteroutfit, basically the same as above. Some small changes in vegetation etc. Link:http://www.filefront.com/15583781/bet_huertgen_snow.rar/ Armaholic:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9567 Assaultmissionstudio:http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/downloads.php?page_id=316 Arma2base.de:http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=1680 Pictcures: Nome Island: At first it was only for testing. Then i made it a little bit nicer. A small map (4x4km) with with an Island in the middle. Quite suitable for Infantrycombat. Version 1.0: Nome Winter Due to the small terraingrid it is a fpskiller. Caused ctd on some systems especially with viewdistance set too high. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/335092380/winter_nome_1.0.rar Including needed addons Arma2base: http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=1497 Version 1.1: Bigger terraingrid, added and moved some Plants and objects. Better performance. Nome Winter 1.1: Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/338299163/Nome_Island_Winter_1.1.rar Filefront: http://www.filefront.com/15396643/Nome-Island-Winter-1.1.rar/ Armed assault.info: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=islands&id=102 Arma2base: http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=1497 Addons needed: Betons addons 1.32 Nome Summer 1.1: Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/338299158/Nome_Island_1.1.rar Filefront: http://www.filefront.com/15396459/Nome-Island-1.1.rar/ Armed Assault.info:http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=islands&id=103 Arma2base: http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=1532 Assaultmissionstudio: Nome Summer Island [1.1] Addons needed: Betons addons 1.32 Version 1.2: Terrain is rougher again, added and moved some Plants and objects. Better performance than vers. 1.0 Nome Winter 1.2: Addons needed: Bet_addons v. 1.35 Link: Filefront:http://www.filefront.com/15444917/Nome-Island-Winter-1.2.rar/ Assaultmissionstudio: Nome Winter Island [1.2] Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9142 ... have fun
  17. Hi.. id like to show you first pictures from the map im working on at the moment. It will feature the area around Hurtgenwald and Schmidt. I begun with the map with WW2 setting in mind. Since Arma2 gave me autum plants i can not finish Omahabeach at the moment. The Battle for Hurtgenforest began oct. 6th 1944 and ended about five months later. You will find a mixture of dense forests and plains with nearly no tree at all. The higher parts of the map will have snowtextures since the winter came early in 1944.... At the moment i have only roads and a big part of the plants finished... the buildings are yet to come... If anybody is interested in betatesting, pm me :) suggestions, comments and tips are always welcome... have fun
  18. If i remember correctly only the active object is beeing exported. So Maybe try making a backup and join all objects into one before exporting to p3d.
  19. Thank you very much for the fast update... :)
  20. Hi... i just wanted to ask if anybody of you guys has managed to bring his own custom skies into the map. I ask this because i need to get rid of the mountains on the horizon without alterring the horizon on other maps. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi Quincy, Usually you have to use the path which is given in the pboprefix (maybe: p:\opxbuildings\block10.pd3. And never ever put anything in the ca\folder if it´s not originally from BIS.
  22. Yes Bis can use 6 colours but (community)visitor can only handle 4 colours per segment. Would be nice if Bis would update the tools to give the communtity more possibilities... but well this will stay a wish i assume :(
  23. I was thinking about the stuff from mapfact too... :) I have always been waiting for something like that to show up again. But anyway having a tool that allows us to place the roads the easy way would be a great start.
  24. Wow... very impressive. One question, are you using special modified roadparts or did you just define the standard roads as objects as well to import them via script? great work! :)