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  1. im a confer ultimate development supporter and payed 39.99 for acces the beta and get a full game copy from Store.bistudio.com and Steam, plus the digital Gaea Universe soundtrack but i didn`t have got a mail yet, so i wonder how we can download it from steam.
  2. tnks for the update! realy like this mod.. But my GF has arma OA on steam and sixupdater says now that jayArma2lib_new is incompatible .. weird or what :)
  3. Sneaker-78-

    Tripplehead2go digital

    Hi, I just wonder and want to know if there are people that have tripplehead2go and play with arma ofcourse ,like me beacuse its supported by matrox but i don`t see a thing on this forums about it. so im a bit curious whois got it , and what user experience is with tripplehead2go digital. :)
  4. Sneaker-78-


    yeah when i do like you say i`ll get i double check if i used the @JayArma2lib_new.
  5. Sneaker-78-


    So it wont run with the latest update and beta
  6. Sneaker-78-


    hi guys, I installed Arma and OA , and ofc i installed ACE and ACR and beta but i get this error JayArma2Lib: Incompatible version of ArmA2 or unable to check version. 1.sound.dll is in the beta folder 2..dll is is the ts3 plugin folder 3.used the @JayArma2Lib_new folder and tried the @JayArma2Lib folder 4.let sixupdater created the shortcut i tried to run the latest beta ,without succes, also tried to serach the problem but i can only see the same problems
  7. Sneaker-78-

    Multimonitor with one gpu possible?

    or you can use 3 monitors with tripplehead2go
  8. Sneaker-78-

    VACbuilder Arma 2 profile.

    i you use ACRE , they don`t hear you all the time
  9. This video has been removed by the user. Sorry about that.
  10. Sneaker-78-

    Steam - opinions and experiences survey

    I voted no , because there is no way to combine the recent addons with my hard copy of arma ? so i downloaded trough sprocket. but if they fix that i vote yes I personal like steam , because its the future and you don`t have problems anymore with discs that are unreadable.
  11. Sneaker-78-

    VACbuilder Arma 2 profile.

    I love this , this is just perfect and real handy , much much faster !! all thanks to JojoTheSlayer that he mention it in a topic :p so i bought the program !
  12. amen Great work , it works just perfect here , and in de cobra the gunner has control over the gun like in real life ? and in the Apache the pilot have the control right ? Just a thought, but you can make it active only if there are 2 men in the chopper and of course you cant override it with manual fire.
  13. damm i am gonna try that out ! tnks for the tip , didn`t know about voice commands till now tnks
  14. Myke, you are doing just great work here , tnks !