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  1. Hi! New pics of TOA, still wip! Four version, Ambulance, Hq, and VCZ version! hope you like! http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/toa.jpg (111 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/toa-zapadores-1024x756.jpg (123 kB) Regards!
  2. Those are the criteria published . I meant if those are the true criteria , because I do not see any kind of logic in choosing finalists ..
  3. Hi Sillyflip! Christmassss or later, is not out priorityyyyy! :) lucks7n2 we are working in this too, if you need any classnames there a lot of wat to get it! if you need some and have troubles, just ask! About rg31, we are thinking about that....but we have other things before... Gunny24, thanks for the feedback, we are investigate this right now! hope you have real experience with mg3! Well, now new images of the cougar, still wip, 80%. Hope you like! http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2015-01-28_00006-1024x576.jpg (118 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2015-01-28_00003-1024x576.jpg (104 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2015-01-28_00011-1024x576.jpg (196 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2015-01-28_00009-1024x576.jpg (166 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2015-01-24_00001-1024x576.jpg (154 kB) For more info visit our web www.ffaamod.es regards
  4. Actually, we're a little disappointed, not with the finalists, congratulations to all of them, just with BIS, we would have liked to know the selection criterium chosen. We do not see any kind of logic in choosing the finalists! We have even seen finalists were less than 100 votes, some with 50 votes, and we thought it was a requirement to be in the finals have a minimum of 100 votes. We like to read about that were elected and unelected few others, but we know this will not happen ... regards
  5. Hi there! Sillyflip about tankers, we are working in that....:) BagPiperGuy, yes, leo will have a Mg3 and everything!....:) regards
  6. Hi guys! a few pics from differents angles of Leopard 2E from FFAA mod, now in texturize phase, and still WIP! Hope you like!! :) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/lepardo-2e-trasera-1024x546.png (224 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/leopardo-2e-1024x542.png (302 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/leopardo-2e-lateral-1024x546.png (293 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/leopardo-2e-arriba-1024x547.png (262 kB)
  7. We are agree with you, and we had already thought of that. The addons of IS army (units, vehicles, and weapons) , will be a separate pack of FFAA mod! :)
  8. Hello again friends! as we comment a few weeks ago , we are working on an enemy faction to the FFAA mod, if you remember in the Arma 2 we had the terrorist insurgents in Arma 3 will have the army of IS, here I leave a picture of the units still in WIP phase. Also some pics of our new helicopter Ec-135 and our new Airbus A-400. both in WIP. regards http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/isis-ffamod.jpg (304 kB) http://ffaamod.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/A-400M-2.jpg (282 kB) Follow the FFAA mod work in our web site www.ffaamod.es
  9. Hi Freesets! We are working in this ability too! Thanks for your post! About girls.....we need all our soldiers focus in missions! :)
  10. Hi Defunkt! We will add some units of ISIS Army...with some weapons and vehicles...still WIP. regards
  11. benamaina

    FFAA MOD Spanish army

    Hi SCAjolly! we dont know yet! we are working in finish the model right now, but I will say to the guys! About Seahowk, Im sorry to say you that the model is not avalaible right now becouse the owner is missing and we need to talk with him... Thank you for your comments Baby! :) new pics of our new WIP http://www.arma3.es/Foro/download/file.php?id=177&mode=view (146 kB) http://www.vfasmod.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/rg31_4.jpg (427 kB) http://www.vfasmod.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/rg31_1.jpg (353 kB) http://www.vfasmod.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/rg31_3.jpg (546 kB) http://www.vfasmod.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/rg31_6.jpg (516 kB) http://www.vfasmod.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/rg31_5.jpg (500 kB) http://www.vfasmod.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/rg31_2.jpg (517 kB)
  12. benamaina

    FFAA MOD Spanish army

    Hi there! WIP spanish naval force... With new integrated functionalities of both vehicles to complete naval maneuvers as cargo boats and launching operations from ship Galicia. As you can see the loop can load multiple Lcms and this in turn can charge a variety of vehicles for subsequent landing Buque Galicia Lpd We are also working in the strategical protection ship Juan Carlos I. Juan Carlos I The L61 allow cargo several vehicles, harriers included. Juan Carlos I details more info: http://www.comunidadffaa.es http://www.arma3.es/Foro to suscriptions go to http://www.vfasmod.es/index.php/suscripcion
  13. benamaina

    FFAA MOD Spanish army

    Hi Scajolly! Javi Ba2 is actually missing! Tell me what do you need, or post directly in the web site of the FFAA mod www.ffaa.es we have our new web ready! Also I want to share that we are working in the mod FFAA for Arma 3, here is a video with a little sample! Regards
  14. benamaina

    FFAA MOD Spanish army

    Sounds fine! I will ask! Regards
  15. benamaina

    FFAA MOD Spanish army

    Hi there! Thanks for your coments about FFAA mod! Yes, Lobo is the autor of the Galicia! We are working in a new web site, anyway you can read the news forum in here http://www.arma3.es/Foro/viewforum.php?f=106 we are working to realease a new version with fixed bugs and some interesting things as this addon @yurapetrov, thank you for your kind comments! Really we will be very proud to count with one of your amazing seahawk in our mod! @Yokhanan, if you need something, just use the new forums and sorry for the problem of spam!!! Regards.