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  1. Hello everyone !! i´ve tried hyakushikis modern units for a while now and i want now remove the gasbags from the soldiers legs ! I´ve tried this for hours but i always got errors with textures and so on !! can please somebody help me to remove those gasbags and edit the units the correct way PS:I´m talking about V 2.05 Of Hyakushikis US Soldiers ! Thank you all !!!!
  2. Bastlwastl

    Howto edit HYK´s Units !!

    thank you for the advice sv50000 but i´ve already tried this !! and the gasbags are only hiddenselections by the officers and so it doesn´t work !! thank you although !!
  3. Bastlwastl

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Hello Everybody !! Does anybody have the problem that the AI shoots really bad und can´t even hit you even when you´re only 3 meters away ??