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  1. Thanks for that! I was thinking of doing that myself, now you've saved me the effort! :D
  2. Yes, I did try 3DE, about a year ago. It's a great program, and it was much easier than Visitor to build good looking stuff in. Then we tried to get the output from 3DE onto the same .pew as everyone else's work. It took about a week and a half of stuffing around & manually editing the export files, and even then things that were beautifully aligned & placed in 3DE didn't quite turn out that way in Visitor (there seemed to be some 'noise' introduced to the coordinates - perhaps they didn't have enough precision or something). So while 3DE had promise, and I think it is an excellent tool when you're building an island by yourself, it turned out to not be so good for a collaborative project, in our experience. Some of that is probably due to the import functions in Visitor, I'll admit, but we decided to just stick with Visitor, as we could get consistent results across the team. It seemed like the path of least resistance at the time, but maybe if we'd stuck at it we'd have been able to get 3DE to do what we wanted. As for WRPtool & WRPEdit - I didn't even know they worked with ArmA & ArmA2 islands! I don't have enough experience with either to comment with any authority, but it seemed easy enough to build OFP islands with WRPtool back in the day! Anyway, here are a couple of examples of what I built with 3DE in the ArmA days. None of my walls or fences quite lined up after importing to Visitor, I had to do a lot of additional tweaking. http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af149/OGNBern/AusMod/20090917suburbia1.jpg http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af149/OGNBern/AusMod/20090917suburbia2.jpg
  3. Not quite sure what you mean there, can you elaborate?
  4. Bern

    Space Project

    I'm not sure what the story is with ArmA2, but with ArmA 1 you couldn't really use objects bigger than about 65m across. I suspect the same limitation is in ArmA2, because the LHD is made of about six separate sections... To give you an idea - the bridge in my sig pic below is made of 19 separate pieces.
  5. No, I think they mean the pics from Aussie's first post - I can't see them either, any more. Your pics are working fine. It's based on that - I was going to draw up my own from plan & elevation drawings or photos of the place (as I did for the bridge), but remembered that model. It's been somewhat simplified, though. The original sample drawing had something like 15,000-20,000 polys, from memory, and was 2D shells only, whereas my Oxygen2 version (shown in the screenie) built as solid objects is coming in at under 6,000 so far, with some changes to make everything closed & convex. Not looking forward to doing the UV map... :rolleyes:
  6. What, you mean like this? :p Lots of work still to be done on that - need to finish the view & geometry LODs, then break it into pieces less than 50m across, then texture the bugger... :rolleyes:
  7. Great stuff, Gnat. I look forward to seeing the rest, so I can learn how to make addons that *work*... :p
  8. That's funny, I've got an ATI HD4870, and I've never had the kind of problems you guys are talking about... although I used to on ArmA I with my old 8800GTS 320MB. I'll have to go read that thread, so I'll know what to do if I do get issues.
  9. Bern

    Bridges Bugs

    Hmm, now that I think about it, I think I had that exact problem originally (grenades falling through the bridge). Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember how I fixed it. :( Hmm, but the BIS bridges don't have a Path LOD, from memory, just a Roadway LOD (looking at the samples they provided, plus the de-PBO'd ones from the game. I might add a Path LOD anyway, see how it goes.
  10. Bern

    Bridges Bugs

    I think it might be an issue with your view geometry - that gets used if you don't have a fire geometry defined explicitly. Make sure your view geometry is closed & convex. The AI units walk on the roadway LOD... BTW, how do you go with getting the AI to cross it? I can't get the buggers to cross my Sydney Harbour Bridge... grrr! :mad: Some types of units will start to cross, some wont, but they all balk when the get to the bits with high structures on either side, despite the roadway in the middle being 16m wide and unobstructed. No difficulty with driving vehicles (of any type) across manually, but the AI don't like it.
  11. That pretty much worked, thanks - I think I might have lost a few items in the process, probably ones that didn't already have a template loaded. Will continue to work on it. I tried making a copy of the .vis script file generated by 3DE and deleting all the .p3d extensions, but that didn't work.
  12. Hi there. Â Having some issues with the import to Visitor. Â I did the import templates thing, saved & closed & reopened, imported the objects. Â Everything seemed to work ok, and all of the objects showed up in Buldozer, I was very happy. Â I did note that all of the objects imported from 3DE appeared in Visitor as green circles/ovals, though, instead of the usual red boxes for buildings. Then I tried to copy/paste some of the objects to another .pew file (working on a collaborative project, most of the guys are just using Visitor), and got an error on every object imported from 3DE, saying "unknown object template, object will not be imported". After a bit of investigating, I've noticed that the objects imported from 3DE all have .p3d after the end of the name (when viewed in object properties), whereas the ones placed in Visitor don't. If I do a search/replace in Visitor and replace the 3DE versions with the equivalent Visitor versions, I can then copy/paste the objects just fine between .pew files, and they show up correctly in Visitor as red boxes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid or easily fix this problem? Â Perhaps another Visitor script (to strip the .p3d extension on the object reference) might help, but I don't know how to do that.
  13. Bern

    Ammo Box Config

    Have you looked at the config for the BIS ammocrate? That should give you a clue, I would think.
  14. Bern

    Aircraft Carrier slideyness

    Scars09 - I commented out that simulation=road line, made no difference (and the BIS buildings with working lights don't have a simulation property at all). Gnat - yeah, that would probably work, but I'd much prefer to have the lights integrated into the model, to save the amount of stuffing around that would have to be done in Visitor to get them in the right places.
  15. Bern

    Pic of Sydney

    I hear ya brother! I may sometime get around to building the Story Bridge, if'n I can get the Sydney Harbour one working properly...