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    Radovan Karadzic sacked

    I will just add that if there weren't the UN 'safe zone' or whatever (as was everything but a 'safe zone' ) in Srebrenica (which why civilians stayed in town and not fled or retreat before the siege) and the Duch UN troops in there, which nicely shit their pants and dishonored themselves by handing over those civilians to the Serb butchers, and which in my eyes are as guilty for the massacre there as the Serbs. If there weren't the arms embargo imposed from EU and USA on Yougoslavia, but in fact on Slovenians, Croats and Muslims as Serbs were armed to the teeth with JLA weapondry and in all ways fully supported by the Yugoslav Army, at the beggining of the conflict(s), later there wouldn't be such a genocidal acts as the massacre in Srebrenica e.g. the ethnic clensing, or at least very very few and in much much smaller proportions. So, sorry for the next words but we all, and especially the eurpoeans, at least now should had some dignity and stfu on that matter, and not being like righteous and smart asses now when thousands and thousands of graves are now down there, quite many as a direct consequence of the eurpoean totally wrongly posed involvement into that sad ordeal. Being triumphant in Europe now when Karadzic is aprehended is a pervert hipocricy of the worst kind, as is Hague War Tribunal nothing but a bandage on Europe's moral(ity); it does NOTHING for the nations being involved in that war, the less some kind of catharsis, so nothing is 'healed'. Except as I said the europen morality ...
  2. Black Sphere

    Mount & Blade: PC RPG.

    Cool. Thnx for the info
  3. Black Sphere

    Scariest/Most atmospheric game

    Hm, many scary and athmospheric games I played so tough to choose from but if I must : Scariest: Alien vs Predator Most atmospheric: Deus Ex
  4. Black Sphere

    International Politics Thread

    Prove it. I'm betting that US is better than Cuba, and so is Mexico and other nations. RalphWiggum, what are you talking about here? About nations? If you're talking about nations then I'm 1000% sure Us nation, with you at the helm, is no better than cuban. And as is obvious you have no clue what you're talking about, you're typical US american, and you're at best on same level as Spokesperson, only on oposite (ideological) bank: So is US, Canada, Mexico. Bullshit. Anyone knows of which 'quality' is US educational system, and how free (of charge) it is. only for preventative healthdcare system at best, and not for anything that is for complex such as diabetes. And you US americans, with your healthcare system, would know. Besides, which country have 'efficient healthcare system' against diabetes? Administering insuline is not really a rocket science you know. Reminds me of a communist propaganda. There are starvations, there is FORCED full emplyment, and there are homeless. And just about other nations around the area have no problem with malaria. As for unemployment, USSR had that done too. Look what happened to them Reminds me on american capitalistic-imperialistic propaganda. Starvations are everywhere, also in US, and it's ten times better forced full employment than chronical, on the capital and profit based unemplyment with no social note, at least in my book, and in US you have for a full nation of homeless people. So US, UK, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Germany, France, and many more. You're demanding from others to prove their point, but yourself are proving nothing, or only that Cuba is no different from countries you listed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki....ums.png Intersting. According to the wiki map, there is no data coming from Cuba(or US). Perhaps Cuban government does not allow such data to be released to begin with. What's interesting here is that there's no data available from the US, and don't tell me now there're no slums and ghetos in the US of friggin' A. keep making up the criteria until you get what you want. Same goes to you. Simple truth is that you americans shouldn't gave a f**k about cubans economy, their political system and way of living, that you should to mind your own business, and not to participate Cuba as your own courtyard or playground or whatever, and to let them be.
  5. Black Sphere

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    Here you go -snafu- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9z9ddmh1tnz
  6. Black Sphere

    Steal the Scud

    Just delete "thersakpack" line from the .sqs addons class (see the first quote from Walter_E_Kurtz's post) and you'll be fine. This mission is, as was your intention, a replica of "Steal a car" mission, it's a bit tougher regarding on a presence of the armor and a bigger number of enemy solders, but that pretty much sums it up. Good mission, was fun to play.
  7. Black Sphere

    Steal the Scud

    After the intro got an error message of 'thersakpack' missing addon.
  8. Black Sphere

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    None unfrendliness or arrogance there but
  9. Black Sphere

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    I know what you mean Baddo (and I support that part about friendly tone - we musn't forget we all were noobs once), but I think in this particular case mods (and some forum members) are right; if there's no that 'reminding attitude' forums can soon be swamped with questions on which were answered 'million times already', became infested, became one big mess and the-rest-of-such-words on such way, just because they didn't read the Rules and its No. 7.
  10. Black Sphere

    Any modern space combat flight sims around?

    They had some serious issues about Black Sun graphic engine ownership so all rights are now transferred to some court and curators or something (maybe they'll make a game )... But I've heard THQ (succesors or something like that of Mythis, the authors of 'Nexus The Jupiter Incident' bouth rights for Homeworld 3, so maybe it's time for new drooling...
  11. Black Sphere

    Any modern space combat flight sims around?

    Playing EVE were awesome expirience, thou I know with 14-day trial I didn't even scratched the surface of this game. But I managed to exercise a Kill Right on regular player, so I think I've been very good in it  Well, if game would be released, everything would be crap in comparison. As it seems it would be not so much of RTS but highly tactical game, as its predecessor. Watch it and drool, sadly that's all you can do regarding this game Â
  12. Black Sphere

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    @bigstone - here's link to my mission where beside HYK are also links for the weapons packs. Hope it helps.
  13. Black Sphere

    Any modern space combat flight sims around?

    The point is, I think, that [ZG]BUZZARD prefer so called 'X-Wing' type of space simulation - where the main unit is a from the 'cockpit' controlled 'Starfighter', and where the main feature are dogfights with (mostly) other fighters, like in games as Freelancer, over the external view 'point and click' fights with capital ships like in EVE, and where the complexity of the game is the main atribute. BTW; it's my first day behind trying EVE. Not bad at all, learning, thanks to the nice, extended and well presented help, is pretty fast and good, so I'm already quite familiar with the game. Shear vastness and the complexity of the game is really breathtaking. Only problem I had my first day was to find out how to log out Â
  14. Black Sphere

    Any modern space combat flight sims around?

    Read and heard many good things about EVE, but I will never pay for playing online. But, 14-day trial for free... I can do that. Â Â
  15. Black Sphere

    Any modern space combat flight sims around?

    Wow, me as a some kind of space RTS and sims fan missed that Starshatter thingy. Playing demo now, not so bad, will buy it... Thanks [ZG]BUZZARD Â