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  1. yakavetta

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Awesome, thank you for adding this. I was tempted to make a quick config to allow this, but I'm glad you tackled it so quickly!
  2. yakavetta

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    I generally play on a server that uses both your mod, and CSE, which causes some major conflicts. I have been testing both your mod, and CSE together, and learned that "cse_sys_winddeflection," is not causing problems. It's actually "cse_f_eh," due to their proprietary eventhandlers, and your use of extended_eventhandlers. So I went through the cse_f_eh file and changed the proprietary eventhandlers to XEH. Here's a video I shot using CSE and your mod, demonstrating how far off the mils are: Here's a hotfix for these two mods, signed with server and client signatures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5byq6o0zqe9pld/Advanced%20Ballistics%20CSE%20Fix.rar?dl=0 It basically eliminates the CSE eventhandlers for "fired" commands, and replaces it with XEH, so your mod plays nice with it. Thanks for your work, great mod.
  3. yakavetta

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    I might be missing something with the mirage effect. I'm running this mod, but can't seem to view the mirage, regardless of my parallax adjustment. I'll look at something 1500m away with the LRPS or SOS, at 75x, but can't view any mirage. I can see trace, wind effects, atmospherics, etc. I just can't seem to see the mirage, no matter how I adjust the parallax (100->infinity). I've checked my userconfig and see that it's enabled, and I am definitely seeing parallax adjustments in the top left (I'm not seeing any on screen, though...should the focus change?), and they click from 100->1000, then infinity. It is in red, if that matters. Is there anything I'm missing?
  4. Got it. I've never used numpad 0 to zoom in, but it would explain the issue I've had with a few mounted weapons when rmb would only work a couple of times.
  5. I'd like to bump this one back to the top. I'm having this issue too. I can place the spotting scope, and enter it, but I can't see anything while inside of it. Here's what I am able to do: I've tried searching but everything I've come across basically says once you enter the scope, you're golden. Obviously I'm not having that luck.
  6. yakavetta

    US Soldier Template

    Nicely done, Bink. Another great release, as always.
  7. Thanks Manzilla! I appreciate all feedback. Armaholic also updated their mirror: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6817 I've added this to the first post as well.
  8. Alright, I've updated this reticle pack to version 2.0. It's been a while, but here are the latest updates: 1) Made this compliant with ACE 2. I've included a userconfig file. If you want to play with this reticle pack and ACE, simply extract your desired reticle pack into the root ArmA 2 directory, and viola. It will work. If you are not using ACE 2, you will need to go to ArmA 2\userconfig\31stMEU\ and open up the .hpp in there. You will then need to change the last line from "#define RETICLE_ACE" to "//#define RETICLE_ACE" This will make it so you don't receive any errors when you are not running ACE. 2) Tweaked the optics on a few weapons. The M107 now has a true 4.5-14x optic. Before this update, it was actually about 5.6-14x, but now it's 4.5 as it should be. The TAC-50, M109, and AS50 all have the same optic, 4.5-14x, as well. Also, I changed the M110 from a fixed 10x optic to a variable powered 3-10x. 3) Fixed the config dependencies. I have updated the readme to reflect these changes. The readme is long, so if you do not feel like reading everything or at least looking at the pretty pictures I presented in it, at least read the installation notes on page 3. It's a pretty straight forward install: Pick, and Extract, then add to your shortcut or ArmA 2 launcher. If you do not have ACE 2, then you will need to modify the userconfig. Some of the reticles will not change in ACE, specifically most of the OpFor weapons because the ACE Team is using the same reticles in their mod. But for non-ACE users, they will change. For ACE users, as well as non-ace, the bluefor weapons will change. Download: http://fs05n4.sendspace.com/dl/7eeab6c1be6338c0a0a22d2aea1c7e1f/4b5776233213a145/bu08z9/31st%20MEU%20Replacement%20Reticles.7z Or try this: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bu08z9
  9. Hmmm...interesting. Didn't know that. I'll have to tinker around with our server. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Another wind question...is it possible to make the wind be controlled server-side? The reason I request this is for the teamwork aspect...right now, the spotter can't read the shooter's wind, and vice-versa. So the spotter can call the distance, but not the windage. I like having wind, but I would prefer if everybody on the server "felt" the same wind, if that's possible. Great job to everyone on ACE, thus far it's lived up to expectations.
  11. Thanks kju. I've already fixed the config. I'm working on two other projects right now, and I haven't released an updated version yet. I'm actually working on another major update to this too, before I release an update. So make that 3 other projects... @MirindoR - First off, that ACOG doesn't have a 4x magnification, so I'm not even considering it. Second, in order to do something like that, you should read this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=84407
  12. yakavetta

    Caliber calculation

    It's based on the initspeed, typicalspeed, airFriction, and hit.
  13. @STGN - Correct, which is what the second youtube was demonstrating. However, it would be nice to be able to create some first focal plane reticles for the variable powered scopes. Right now, everything is in the second focal plane, in-game.
  14. @kju - I'll check it out @vilas - I've got a little bit on my plate at the moment, as I'm working with another mod creator on their mod and working on a stand alone mod of my own, but if you want to send me some stuff to start with, I can look into it and see what you're looking for. I can't make any promises at this time, though, since my hands are a bit full, but I will definitely let you know!
  15. 1) I like the way I1944 did that. I'll probably see how they did it, and may include this in future updates. 2) This addon does include the NWD ballistics for ArmA 1, although I tweaked them a little for ArmA 2, including adding several of the new rifles. @RUKH - I typically just use 1.8m for each soldier, and I get pretty darn accurate results. I created a map and placed targets at 100m increments for each range card. It may not be 100% accurate out to farther ranges, but out to about 700-800, those cards should be pretty darn close. @kju - what error are you receiving? Are you using the latest version?